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Pedro Pascal to host #SNL on February 4 with musical guest Coldplay..

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Joel and Ellie forever. Pedro Pascal and @BellaRamsey from #TheLastofUs talk about how they were first cast, which items they would bring from the Game of Thrones world to their new series, their best survival attributes, and more..

Pas besoin de rappel en image pour Pedro Pascal dans The Last of Us, car il reste encore 8 épisodes pour le découvrir..

There was a time I felt very wronged earlier in my life. White hot anger. Didn’t sleep for two days anger. Not tossing and turning. Pacing in a room angry. The quote that got me to settle down was this: “To understand is to forgive.” - Pascal Here’s what I did next….

Je remercie particulièrement Pascal Wozniak qui était parmi nous ce matin. Il est le fondateur du Collectif pour la survie des boulangeries et de l’artisanat et organisateur du rassemblement des artisans qui a eu lieu aujourd’hui à Paris. Il a tout mon soutien dans son combat..

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García Luna y la DEA Mi Bitácora de este miércoles en ⁦@Excelsior⁩ 👉.

tiktok… I can only handle so many Pedro pascal fan cams…...

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This sounds so weird but 2017-2021 OG makes that extra pass to a wide-open Pascal in the corner 99/100 times. The shit we’re all witnessing is sad at this point.

pedro pascal is one of those men I look at and just instantly feel reminded that oh, yes, I /am/ bisexual..

Aubrey Plaza, Steve Martin & Martin Short, AND Pedro Pascal this season of SNL was made for me.

Marius Trésor BOLEKO ( MTB ) se présente comme la troisième voix pour les prochaines échéances électorales dans le territoire de Kiri sous le leadership de Aimé Pascal MONGO Lokonda avec le soutien de tout CNARC..

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Starring Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller banner ideas (by me) from #TheLastOfUs.

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🦅 NEW EPISODE 🦅 @InsideBirds - Eagles Feeling Super Again, Blast the Giants 🏈Big Game for Jalen Hurts 🏈Trench Dominance 🏈Zach Pascal in the Slot 🏈2 TEs #FlyEaglesFly | #NFLPlayoffs.

Chilenos trolean a revista que aseguró que Pedro Pascal tiene raíces españolas: ¿Qué tan cierto es?.


Why did I burden myself trying to make an actual Copia edit based on that Pedro Pascal edit….

Pascal saved himself from the ban list but he need to quit shooting them nut ass 3s 😭.

@trucehar io ho letto un mix dei due tweet e ho letto paul pascal, il mio cervello confuso.

“No nos quiten a Pedrito”: chilenos repudian a revista Hola tras asegurar que Pedro Pascal tiene “raíces españolas”.

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@JonKrawczynski Pascal was off. He didn’t seem focused. I would not read too much into it. Watch the film closely and you will see that Pascal made poor reads and attacked at all the wrong times..


@hanpen_F 待ってます💕そして再掲の方もありがとうございます🙏✨.

i have nothing against pedro pascal but i keep seeing him every day on every social media I WANT SOME DIFFERENT CONTENT PLEASE.

@DaneMooreNBA Pascal made some really poor decisions. He was clearly not focused. I wouldn’t give Ant too much credit..


If you want to write Pascal, you must first master incomprehensible OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE.

there’s people under my pedro pascal post talking about destroying capitalism 🧍🏻‍♀️.

@louiseburne_ @IrishMirror Great Headline for Posters = = Any chance Pascal Donohoe could arrange a low cost ~ Poster Hanging Campaign ! !.

meudeus o pedro pascal é tao [censurado] [inaudível] [barulho de escapamento] [UEPA] [trovões altos] [] [aplausos] [bebê gritando] [panelas caindo] [sons de buzina] [xaropinho falando RAPAZ].

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La producción de HBO llegará este domingo. Pedro Pascal y Bella Ramsey interpretan a Joel y Ellie, los protagonistas..

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