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Here is Pat King, a leader of the convoy @PierrePoilievre supported, spreading the dangerous white supremacist “White Replacement” conspiracy theory which was reported to have been in the Buffalo shooter’s manifesto. I condemn this hate & call on Pierre to do the same. #cdnpoli.

Pat King, an organizer of freedom convoy openly spoke of white replacement theory and ethnic cleansing. Families were terrorized and murdered in London and Quebec in the name of white supremacy. We need every politician to condemn this terror knowing it’s been happening here..

Hey. Remember Pat King? Here he is talking about in his deeply held belief in the Great Replacement Theory. The same theory that pushed Payton Gendron into killing 10 black people at Tops in Buffalo..

Pat King, lest we forget, was a prominent figure and voice during the Ottawa occupation..

“I supported the peaceful and law-abiding truckers who protested for their livelihoods and freedoms while simultaneously condemning any individuals who broke laws, behaved badly or blocked critical infrastructure,” said Poilievre..

What Do The Buffalo Shooter, Pat King, Freedom Fighters, And Pierre Poilievre Have In Common? The Great Replacement Theory..

Pierre hasn’t condemned Payton Gendron for murdering ten black people. He shares the Great Replacement theory as fact and uses it and the racist cowards who believe it for clout..

What Do The Buffalo Shooter, Pat King, Freedom Fighters, And Pierre Poilievre Have In Common? The Great Replacement Theory.

Haha. Cause Poilievre is looking like the a-hole that he is for pushing the conspiracy theory. Its all damage control. Distancing himself from Pat King. And he knows his base isn’t watching CTV anyway. His base are Fox News folks..


Alt-history: 23rd of April 1014, Clontarf, Mehole I, high king of Ireland, helps fight back xenophobic anti-Viking elements, citing the economic benefits Scandinavian trade and expertise had brought to Ireland. He was later given with a nice pat on the head by king Sigtrygg..

Pat King Photo,Pat King Photo by JRD,JRD on twitter tweets Pat King Photo

Regardless of what you think about Pat King, If you think indefinite detention for political reasons is justified in Canada, You are the Fascist..

@Scribulatora Pat King openly and freely threatened JustinTrudeau on several digital platforms and needs to held accountable for it,violent threats against any elected official is wrong in so many ways.

Hey conservatives … @patrickbrownont managed to do what no one else was able: get @PierrePoilievre to denounce Pat King and his replacement theory bs. Sounds to me like Brown is a leader and Poilievre is a follower. You know what to do..

Breaking: Months late, Little Peter Popinjay finally gets shamed into condemning Ku Klux Konvoy leader Pat King and his espousal of racist ‘replacement theory’. It took a mass shooting in the 🇺🇸USA and a ⁦@CPC_HQ⁩ leadership rival to get him there.🙄.

On the heels of a mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre has denounced “white replacement theory” after opponents accused him of supporting conspiracy theorist Pat King. #cdnpoli.

Poilievre reluctantly unhitches from the Pat King ... but then immediately sends out another very loud dog whistle to the white supremacists he hopes will vote for him..

Pat Bev already working on his second career. If he does a pod or sumn…I would tap in! 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

M fe yon post nou tout ap pale kk lè king nn t malad m pat we atis ki t kanpe avel nn, nan moman li t bezwen sa li pat jwenn okenn mesaj younn nn nou konnya jounen Jodi an anpaket nan ap di nu pase kom viktim bann trèt makiye.

@duke_canuck Never heard of the guy. I supported the convoy against federal mandates and this pat king character had nothing to do with that..

Nou te Zanmil lè sa te bon dim kote nou te ye lè maladi a? Se trip nou tap trip sou Li bann ipokrit menm nèg ki pat nan sen King nan te ekril pandan nou menm nan fè mizik sou Li. Épi nou vle poul klarifye klarifye kisa bann trèt. Nou pap janm mennen ankò @wendyyyytraka pitit BD👑.

It’s really gross the way Canadians are piling on Pat King & wishing harm on him. A million times worse then anything said to @theJagmeetSingh . Same people that cried for Jag. Bunch of unhinged, hypocrites. You are the only people giving any weight to words he said🤷🏼‍♀️Seek help🇨🇦.

Pat King and the Replacement Theory sounds an awful lot like Charles Manson and his theory..

@Scribulatora @Cdnvotr 👍Listen to jailed Convoytrucker Pat king’s oral vomit as he cries about depopulation of White people. Also the 18 boy who killed 14 BIPoC in🇺🇸Buffalo. Their hate oozes from their mouths & bodies! #NeverVote Conservative ✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️.

@SmirkingWombat We need to keep reminding people that this great replacement theory was a major driver behind the convoy and Pat King & Co. was behind the wheel the whole time..

@bobbyhighside @CTVNews Right, I must be thinking of another Pat King..

5. One of my sources has sent me this post published by Dave Freedom. This person notably claims that Pat King will try to self-represented.

Pat King Photo,Pat King Photo by Jennie: Live coverage OCDC Juris Doctor, reporter,Jennie: Live coverage OCDC Juris Doctor, reporter on twitter tweets Pat King Photo

@JaroGiesbrecht @PierrePoilievre He is messaging to white supremacists and Pat King’s whole rant about Great Replacement and specifically, “Anglo Saxons”. These are Pat King’s actual words PP is using..

@PatBruc No wonder conservatives are trying to separate PierreP from Pat King, saying PP only supports the convoy..

Is anyone going to address the fact that a Pat King is what happens when a bunch of nazis rub their butts together too much and then their butts get all tangled up and they become one big nazi with a big weird amalgamated butt that makes gross nazi squishing noises?.

@dubsndoo Hello Terry, notice the NUANCE of language. Patrick Brown said PP supported Pat King, the leader of the covoy. WHICH HE DID. Pierre P has not condemned Pat King. And neither have you. So sit down..

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