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Paul George has been in a ZONE. His last 11 games: 31 PTS, W 31 PTS, W 36 PTS, W 23 PTS, W 36 PTS, W 37 PTS, W 43 PTS, W 37 PTS, L 39 PTS, W 27 PTS, W 45 PTS, W.

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Paul George had the quote of the night when mentioning James Harden. #NBAAllStar.

Paul George was having some fun tonight. On giving James Harden the step-back 3: “What move did I use?” “Yeah, I gave him his s***.” “I’ve got that in my package too, so there ain’t no travels over here.”.

Paul George has the best comeback from one of the worst injuries I ever seen in the NBA!.

Hard to believe how good Paul George is right now. Didnt see that coming at all. Mvp right at this second..

Remember the whole Magic Johnson and Paul George tampering thing? Lakers prez is in the spotlight again..


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[📺 FOCUS VIDÉO] 🏀 #NBA 💥💥 Un Paul George historique contre les Blazers ! 👉 Un triple-double stratosphérique à 47 points ! 🤔 En route vers le titre de MVP ?.

@PG13Burner Paul George stats PPG RPG APG SPG FG% FT% DPOY Leader 37-19 third in the west 9-1 in last 10 games Leading league in SPG Leading league in total steals (123).

Russell Westbrook and Paul George are now the 9th pair of teammates to have a triple-double in the same game in NBA history..

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Probably not going to be a triple-double night for Russell Westbrook (he needs five assists), but Paul George could be headed for one -- 35-10-8 with 8 minutes to go..

Paul George is ahead of James Harden on my MVP ballot don’t @ Dude is arguably the best wing defender in the NBA and is more efficient than Harden on O.

Paul George might get the triple-double tonight. He has 35 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists..

In my opinion I would put Paul George over James Harden in the MVP race just because George been consistent and his defense this year on another level.

Paul George is feeling it 🔥 25 pts on 8-11 FG at the half..

Paul George, James Harden ou Antetokounmpo o verdadeiro sentido de tanto faz!!! @nbanosportv.

2nd half is coming up. Paul George said on Saturday that they knew Rockets would let them back in it, Mavericks know this too. Do not let it happen tonight..

Roby e @rodrigo77alves Fofelton tá ofuscando Paul George e Russel Westbrook. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #NBAnoSporTV.

Watching Paul George take his game to the next level has been dope to watch! He has been cooking this last last month! #mvpcandidate.

Imagine slandering Paul George when you worship Jared.

Hop off the Paul George bandwagon. We don’t want y’all wishy washy fans, leave us be..

My internet explorer just got done loading but did y’all hear Paul George stayed in OKC? Wow he’s gonna regret not going to LA..

Paul George is the smoothest player in the NBA Don’t @, everything he does looks effortless.

Paul George has been in a ZONE. His last 11 games: 31 PTS, W 31 PTS, W 36 PTS, W 23 PTS, W 36 PTS, W 37 PTS, W 43 PTS, W 37 PTS, L 39 PTS, W 27 PTS, W 45 PTS, W.

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MVP Candidate Paul George 🔥 Last 10 games: 45 PTS, 11 REB 27 PTS, 31 MIN 39 PTS, 8 REB 37 PTS, 5 3PT 43 PTS, 10-16 3PT 37 PTS, 6 REB 36 PTS, 13 REB, 8 3PT 23 PTS, 11 REB, 7 AST 36 PTS, 5 STL 31 PTS, 4 3PT.

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