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All the space-suitable arms you could ever need. #PerksOfMovingToCanada.

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#PerksOfMovingToCanada Where diversity is healthcare is a fundamental foreign and public policy are not done in 280 fries and cheese are married with where ‘la langue de Molière’ is one of our official languages..

#PerksOfMovingToCanada Second biggest country in the world and we have a lot of natural beauty. Also poutine..

#PerksOfMovingToCanada is trending and Elli has something to say about that. #hawaiitotoronto.

What? You don’t shovel snow in a suit, tie, and bowler? Peasant. 🎩🌨️ #PerksOfMovingToCanada #ottweather.

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be mine. Arsenal or nothing. Yes, I have got to decide that 😃 #PerksOfMovingToCanada.

#PerksOfMovingToCanada Tobogganing, everyone must try it! 🇨🇦.

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#PerksOfMovingToCanada The Sorry stereotype is real🥰🥰🥰🥰 The “Apology Act“, passed in 2009, is a direct result of🇨🇦’s overuse of the word “sorry”..

#PerksOfMovingToCanada On the rare (😉)occasion when we have an argument with you, we’ll apologize afterward, shake your hand, and buy you a martini..

Coz it’s the most beautiful country in the world from coast to coast , and amazing people around here 🇨🇦#PerksOfMovingToCanada.

We know all about the #PerksOfMovingToCanada so much so that we set up our 1st International office there! We’ve really embraced the Canadian staples - poutine, hockey & maple syrup on just about everything. Fancy joining us? We’re adding to our team!.

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#PerksOfMovingToCanada - mini hippopotamuses that eat your dust bunnies - giants that pull a chair up to comfy spot for you - German Shepherd that solves your life problems - combers that keep our beaches clean - someone always willing to get your Timmies for ya!!!.

Our highway patrol is just a bunch of cute and cuddly woodland creatures. #PerksOfMovingToCanada.

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Why is this trending? I’d sandpaper my ass to the bone to get the fuck outta here #PerksOfMovingToCanada #PolarVortex.

@skier_girl88 Considering it’s -32C (-44C with the wind chill) here, I’ll just leave the #PerksOfMovingToCanada alone for a few days🤣🤣🤣🤣🥶🥶🥶🥶.

My absolute favourite #PerksOfMovingToCanada is people often pay for the person behind them in the drive-thru 😍.

Where else could this be a clothesline pasttime? #PerksOfMovingToCanada #Canada.

Highly recommend checking out this hashtag #PerksOfMovingToCanada & please Canada can you annex Minnesota.

Swell feeling in knowledge that Mr. Trebek is from there. #PerksOfMovingToCanada.

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Disagreements, name calling, tense moments, brawls and fighting mainly done on the ice. Beers follow. #PerksOfMovingToCanada.

#PerksOfMovingToCanada People don’t care about what you dress or the way you live your life. Everyone takes care of their own business. 🇨🇦❤️👏🏻.

#PerksOfMovingToCanada Snow like this in Vancouver is cross country news.

All the space-suitable arms you could ever need. #PerksOfMovingToCanada.

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#PerksOfMovingToCanada Might actually get to see my friend Meghan!!! 😊😊😊.

Their government pays top dollar to run their maple syrup pipelines through your property. #PerksOfMovingToCanada.

The Canadian version of Rush is so much better than the US version. #PerksOfMovingToCanada #MyMindIsNotForRentToAnyGodOrGovernment.

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