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300 career point for Petey was, of course, trademark Elias Pettersson..


Sorry Siri: Meet Petey, the New ChatGPT App for Apple Watch.

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@Canucks @McDonaldsCanada When you have myers instead of petey in the 6 on 5, you know team tank is on.

As great as Petey has been, this kid is the story of the season. Incredible..

obsessed with this video of mika talking about petey when the interviewer asked who was the best swede in the nhl during the 2020 season and how he just kept getting better and better.

@patersonjeff Indeed…I was screaming at him (through the TV) to go change for Petey..

@Canucks @BudweiserCanada Petey points is literally everything i care about in regards to thos team anymore lmao.

@Stealth40k I’d be so happy with pauline and king bob- omb, with the king being my personal pick. Funky or Diddy would be cool too, Petey is chill as well.

@BlankSamuel @Sephiroth1204 Pauline is a very likely possibility since they seem to be embracing that character a lot since Odyssey. Diddy is obv Petey is a good choice. I think the very bottom one is probably not a Mario character as well, so harder to predict. Maybe Capt Falcon or some shit..

@venom_cipher Okay my predictions are -Funky Kong -Pauline -Petey -Either Diddy Kong or Kamek - ROB.

@stewartbooks2 @ellav96 I said it in another Bure generated 90% of his goals on his Kuzmenko maybe 25%. Love Kuz but Petey is closer to Bure than he is..

@samanthacp_ I loved this game lol 😆 Petey and Kuz scored and lost to a team below you in the standings!.

@SadClubCommish Just curious why Petey would actually want to resign here if we aren’t going to be real competitive for 3–4 years. Why waste his career with all of this losing? He can get paid anywhere, why settle for this gross unprofessional ownership and all of their meddling..

@rude_canuck Honestly. Kuz and Petey scored. We lost to Arizona AND kept that 0-29-0 run of winless when scoring 2 or less goals whooooooooo.

@SadClubCommish It would not surprise me one bit if Petey & Hughes both refuse to sign long term deals after watching the SHIT SHOW this owner and his management group has put on the past year or two. Why would anyone have faith in anything they say? #Canucks.

Tightest captaincy race of all time?? I can see JT, Petey or Hughes as Captain.

@ThomasDrance @TommyMofo19 It’s the definition of insanity!! Petey, Hughes and Demko are good enough to keep us outta basement but not good enough supporting cast to be contenders.

@ThomasDrance @Boddy604 Success story. 30 goals, good contract, likeable teammate, good chemistry with Petey, and you *still* think they should’ve just dealt him for picks (presumably). They recruited him! It’s ok to be wrong sometimes. You’re not actually running the team..

Not Giants fans trying to justify why Daniel Jones deserves his extension and Lamar doesn’t 😂😂.

@battlehuntz I definitely see Diddy and Pauline for sure, Petey is probable. I think Funky and Dixie have just as equal chances as eachother, given they both made it to Tour. The final character might be another non-Mario character, because the entire last row is that kind of character..

@its_kceee Petey for gamecube, cranky for wii, pauline and bob omb for tour, and maybe dk jr for snes?.

@BernieSanders You act as if students don’t understand what debt is or what they are getting into in general. If they don’t understand these things then how the hell did they get accepted to a college to begin with!?🤣🤣. Socialists smh🤡.

@NicholasGlorio2 definitely thinking Funky, Diddy, Pauline, and Petey are in. last one is either King Bob-omb or Kamek.

Personally, I want , Dixie, Pauline, Nabbit & King Bob-omb/Petey or Funky. Realistically, it is probably Diddy, Pauline, Kamek, Wiggler & Paratroopa. I also forgot Peachette. She has a chance..


@sekeresandprice @BodogCA Umm, not Petey. Everyone knows he’s having a mind-blowing season.

@PhantasmaSage I feel like it’ll be Pauline, Diddy, Kamek, Petey and King Bob-omb. Nabbit or Dixie instead of King Bob-omb potentially.

@YellowFlashGuy Most say Donatello but if it was based off of whom they were named after it should be Michelangelo..

Il y aura donc 5 personnages en plus de Birdo. À votre avis, qui sera de la partie ? Je me lance: 1: 2: Reine abeille 3: Kamek 4: Petey Pirhana 5: Funky Kong #MarioKart8Deluxe #MK8D.

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@HassardNigel It’s disgraceful and I feel like packing it in to be honest sorry for all the big losers, I really am, and hope Adam cant head gets his just desserts( cant should have a u not an A).

@_PapayaMaya_ If King Bob-omb somehow makes it then I’ll ascend. Only characters that I think are 100% are Petey due to his course and either both Funky/Diddy or just one..

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