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The last time @_EPettersson was in Chicago, he was drafted by the #Canucks. Tonight Petey makes his debut at the Madhouse on Madison. 🤩 #tbt.

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gritty #Canucks come back to beat the Kings 4-3 in a SOut!! Petey and Gaudette each with a goal and an assist, Boeser scores. Sharks next. 🏒.

@HalfordTSN Imagine Quinn breaking someone’s ankles on a zone exit, passing to Petey who breaks someone’s ankles on a zone entry, who sauces it to Brock who goes bar down 🤤.

Somehow, #canucks Gaudette 🚨🍏, +2 in just 10:02. Nevertheless, lots of forwards had that time. Flow, Petey, Leivo, Horvat, and Goldy with tons of time. Yes. Goldy with 16:31, 5th for F on the team. No pts, a glorious chance, some good moments, some bad ones. +1..

Petey on fire tonight: another 2 points and another shootout goal. #Canucks.

YAAASSSS!!! Pettersson, Boeser and Gaudette all scored!! And Petey and Boeser both scored in SO!! The youth movement!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥.

Boeser FTW! Another solid performance from Jacob Markstrom, big nights from Petey, Boeser and Gaudette as they snap the losing streak. Post-game coming up as the #Canucks head to San Jose Saturday night.

@Canucks Two guys I got autographs from Petey & Brock get the win in shootout.

#Canucks postgame haiku for @BasketballPhil Another debut Boeser, Petey, and Gaudette Lead the way to win.

I just wonder if some key #canucks players are not getting worn down. Horvat, Petey, and Boeser have played a lot of hard minutes this season. Being overused upon..

@ChrisFaber39 @kpelly With the west doing so bad this year and Petey doing so good, I think that fans are forgetting that we are still in a rebuild. WE NEED HIGH PICKS!.

Canucks should redo their PP units PP1: Boeser, Pettersson, Stecher, Virtanen, Goldobin Stecher point Petey & Brock shoot. Jake net front. Goldy to roam and cycle PP2: Horvat, Eriksson, Leivo, Gaudette, Hutton Leivo, Gaudette shoot. Eriksson net, Horvat roamer, Hutton point.

@xBraedenn It seems like everybody on the Canucks is waiting for petey to do something..

This is pretty bad. Mgmt should look at the last 2 games and realize where this team is at. Sell at the deadline. Probably wont get much but the d needs a huge boost. The offence needs life outside of petey. Also, trade goldy of hes not being utilized. #Canucks.

We pray to the Holy Alien Dekey Petey to bring us a holy red light and tie this game! “We pray to you Petey to bring us a holy red light!” “We pray to you Petey to bring us a holy red light!” “We pray to you Petey to bring us a holy red light!” #ChurchOfPettersson.


I love the way Boeser and Petey are giving it to Kesler around the net! #Canucks.

Petey and Li’l Petey wish you a SUPA AWESOME Valentine’s Day!.

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@GISHammer @RiotSquadcast i Kieran Gibbs? come on. thats TAM capable players. theyd be DPs if they were scouted for the Gs under Petey..

@jmmacewen We are excited and blessed to have disciple MacEwen on the ice with our Holy Alien Dekey Petey. We are proud of the play MacEwen has provided. #ChurchOfPettersson.

@Canucks #Canucks⁠ ⁠ fought hard against Flames, Capitals, Flyers, and Blackhawks. Losing by ONE POINT since bye week.!!! This game doesn’t seem like we’re a contender at all!! 👏🏼 Marky and Petey can’t save our ass everytime.!!! 👏🏼.

All I want for the rest of the season is for Petey to get a point or few every game..

Sure you can tie up petey on a breakaway but God forbid you touch a shitty ass shark. Lol.

On the Horvat goal I was about to give Bo shit for not stopping up and giving petey a trailer lane to pass too but I now realize, that’s an insult to Petey. He can pass anywhere. Unreal..

Horvat makes amends for his own goal. Long road ahead, but that’s a huge late goal and something to build on. Also, holy crap, Petey!.

The last time @_EPettersson was in Chicago, he was drafted by the #Canucks. Tonight Petey makes his debut at the Madhouse on Madison. 🤩 #tbt.

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