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Real time footage of everyone mad that @pewdiepie donated to the Anti-Defamation League.

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hate me but ive never subscribed to PewDiePie, never liked him and most likely will neVER understand the hype about that guy sozzles.

No but seriously @pewdiepie some of your fans are real doo doo brains..

like how can u fuckin defend pewdiepie but say contra was “irresponsible with her platform”. make it make sense pick a side.

@Lost_Pause_ I perfer The Whole Population of The Earth Was Hit by a Truck and Turn Into Stone and Got Reincarnated 3,700 Years Later Into a Pewdiepie Minecraft Lets Play without Any Science.

pewdiepie could murder a Jewish person live on camera and his meme addled teen fan base would just yell “pewds is being ironic!!” And all articles about it would be filled with “clickbait!!!” comments.

gilt das mit #ShitstormAnHerrPanTau auch, wenn ich sag, dass pewdiepie ein fascho ist?.

can somebody explain what happened with pewdiepie @diredeclan im looking at you x.

@Brainmage i feel like they’re the *exact* person you described and you didn’t even have to say pewdiepie the other two times.

Pewdiepie conspiracy time. He donated to the ADL knowing his fans would spread alt right propaganda indoctrinating more people who watch his videos. He never planned on donating, the plan the whole time was to spread fascist propaganda while not actually doing it himself.

The champion of our people Soon we will have catgirls, everyone.

@pewdiepie Guys I don’t see the issue I’m playing 8Ball pool???.

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@pewdiepie once again getting ridiculed for doing nothing wrong. maybe if the people were big brain enough to actually watch the video explaining that he’s just choosing a different charity they would realized he simply switched because he was uneducated on the previous.

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PewDiePie cancels his £40,000 donation to Jewish anti-hate group after backlash from fans.

@Vahn16 Also 100 and 23 are symbols of hate, according to the ADL. I wonder why Fox News decided to use this image for their 100 million subscribers article about him? 🤔.

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@daccipucci @pewdiepie Are you actually this retarded? Alt right = no power / influence. Shady mafia buisnesses like ADL = alot of power and influence. He isnt caving in to alt right pressure, because there is none..

Pewdiepie ist Fler von YouTube nur dass ich bei Fler noch die Hoffnung hab, dass 1% Menschlichkeit in ihm steckt..

@Semiogogue @pewdiepie IMO he is dangling $ in front of their watering mouths. It is hilarious..

Pewdiepie: *Wears a sweater with a stylized cross* People with pronouns in their bios: iS tHaT a NaZi sYmBoL??¿.

@pewdiepie. If you wanna promote your Snapchat, Instagram, cosplay,Patreon,twitch, & YouTube join this group! And promote in the promote only chat we will help send links to people!.

@NamelessFreaky @KosWildfire First of all, nobody is asking PewDiePie to ask for forgiveness for the Christchurch shooting. They are just asking him to take responsibility for the community he fosters and take a stance and try to kick Nazis out of it. 1/2.

@pewdiepie Hey Pewds, I’m sorry for this, but can you rise awareness about Borneo forest fire? The government turn blind eyes on this, and the situation is really bad there, it’s on hazardous stage. If you see this thank you for your time #RiauDibakarBukanTerbakar #RiauDaruratAsap.

Wie nervig sind die Leute, die nach der ganzen Scheiße immer noch rausziehen und überall Pewdiepie verteidigen, wo er erwähnt wird oder scheiß Boomer XDd drunter schreiben..

PewDiePie Accidentally Puts on Entire KKK Uniform in Middle of Game Stream.

Pewdiepie Apologizes for Accidentally Promoting Alt Right Figure Pewdiepie.

Real time footage of everyone mad that @pewdiepie donated to the Anti-Defamation League.

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