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Pickens trying to 1 hand TD catches and chirping at his own sideline lol. Claypool waiting his turn. Someone needs to write a book on Steelers WRs over the past 20 years.

QUE ESPETÁCULO 🤯 George Pickens a fazer o seu melhor OBJ 🤭 #NFLELEVEN.

Still a nice Thursday here! Pickens over long catch ✅ .5u: Pickens 45+ and TD ❌ + We will hit a sweat free SGP soon. Those who have been joining me since Week 1 know how close we have been.

I got @obj…… who you got? Spectacular catch by George Pickens last night!!!.

Pickens Photo,Pickens Photo by Braylon Edwards,Braylon Edwards on twitter tweets Pickens Photo

George Pickens is so gifted. Give him more targets! He made arguably the best catch since Odell 8 years ago. He can be a star in this league if he’s got the ball in his hands. The #Steelers may have steal..

Post Game 💭s: 📈: - OL is improving week over week (was Myles Garrett even mentioned??) - Najee ran with a purpose and danced noticeably less in the backfield - George Pickens’s picking it out the sky - 2nd Quarter Mitch - Alex Highsmith quietly leading the league in sacks.

@JHartman_PIT they need to put Kenny in. If he throws that ball in the end zone to Pickens, Pickens would have used 2 hands..

2 hands Pickens. But if you calling for Kenny due to this game I’m not sure you can really explain why outside of the fact you just don’t want Mitch in there. The guy didn’t play bad at all..

Recepción brutal de Pickens anoche. Pero no. No es mejor que la de Odell contra Cowboys..

George Pickens out here doing George Pickens things! #DawgsInTheNFL #GoDawgs.

@lceman_Kazansky @kieferyoung6 Let’s also not forget that Skyy came into week 3 with more yards than Pickens. I feel like everyone is just waiting to pounce cause they had Pickens in their mock drafts 🤣.

One catch and all the Pickens talk starts up. Dude has done nothing. Before you tell me QB look at AJ Brown, he turned Tannehill and Hurts into stars. Pickens may be great but he hasn’t done anything yet so pump the brakes closet GM’s..

Dawg the degree of difficulty of Odell’s catch was much higher. It was a PI, there was the sideline, and going against the grain of the ball to snag it. Pickens was going in the direction of the ball and pushed off himself a little..

@Rafael_Kutter Sou um grande fã do Pickens desde o Fr year, achava que era merecedor de pick no fim da 1ª ronda, mas era claramente cru e o hype da Pre-Season não fazia sentido, especialmente fantasy wise Muita concorrência por targets, má OL e mau QB.

@colinbarrett77 Because it’s points in the board. What do you mean why’s that validate it? I will take a TD catch over a regular catch any day. What does Pickens do that makes it better?.

Reels & Wheels XL Jackpot is up to $162,000! That could buy you 1,246 George Pickens jerseys (now that he’s your favorite player)! 🔁 if that sounds like the catch of the year! 💰🎰➡️ #Slots.

Pickens Photo,Pickens Photo by Bovada Casino,Bovada Casino on twitter tweets Pickens Photo

George Pickens just set social media ablaze with a highlight-reel one-handed catch to spark a TD drive against the Browns. Watch it here ⬇️.

If u watched, you saw @GDAWG5000 give away Njoku anytime TD and @VegasRefund give Pickens rec yards. And now you’d be having a relaxing evening..

I see Pickens finally made a play in the regular season, it’s about time for the man declared a hall of famer for shoving people.

Pickens Catch at Field Level🤯: NFL Youngboy’s incredible one-handed catch looks even better from this angle 🎥.

Packers and Giant drafted different WR than Pickens where their hate ? The Packers traded up to lol.

@THEChrisMack Meanwhile Pickens gets double face masked with no call….🤦🏼‍♂️.

Esta atrapada de Pickens es fenomenal, hace recordar a #TNF #NFL.

@Blitz_Burgh To busy thinking dionte Johnson good and throwing him the ball 😂😂 meanwhile claypool Pickens and friermuth better.


george pickens got anger issues , I’m not liking that . he gotta control his temper.

Hurry up offense worked. Pickens involved worked. Trubisky moving worked. Canada abandoning all of that in the second half did not work. Be better, Steelers. Canada has to go..

@SeymourJohn39 @Alex_Kozora Catchable ball. If Pickens tries to catch it with 2 hands, he probably makes the catch.

@MarranRich @nflrums Also, two hospital passes by Mitch. Why Kirk is going to bat so hard for him is beyond me. Even blamed Pickens for the near int..

@Ferd_Turgeson @AaronNagler Not sure I can deal with an entire season of “the Packers should have drafted Pickens.” Jesus H Christ. Based on what so far? Unbelievable..

@RenegadeAdam Might actually be Kenny Time. Canada is to blame as well for this offense not moving. Tempo seems to work, we rarely use it. Diontae did drop that beautiful ball and Pickens tried to one hand that almost int.

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