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Updated: October 14th, 2021 11:42 PM IST

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Pierre Dorion on Cap Friendly trying to figure out how to reach cap floor 💀

Pierre Dorion Twitter

Pierre Dorion va rencontrer les medias à 17h pour parler de l’entente avec Tkachuk. Le jeune joueur devrait être à larena également plus tard. #Sens #iciottgat

The recurring theme of GM Pierre Dorion not paying his top players and ultimately being reluctant to do so temporarily ends here, signing the 2018 4th overall pick through 2027-2028. Tkachuk is a player every fan would want on their favourite team.

@jtbourne Pierre Dorion has done a tremendous job rebuilding this team over the last 4 years

Pierre Dorion, you did it. Brady, throw that C on and get cracking. Can’t wait for this wild ride 😍. #GoSensGo

Pierre Dorion has to operate under different rules but he seems to do a pretty good job despite the restrictions. Big win for Sens fans.

Pierre Dorion a réussi à conserver les services de son attaquant vedette :

Pierre Dorion deserves a it of credit on this. He stood his ground and got a deal done. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

They just gave Tkachuk realistically 3 times his market value for 7 years AND made the contract unmovable during his UFA years (even tho it already is due to the price tag) Pierre Dorion is now clearly among the worst GMs in the sport

Ce ne sont pas toutes les équipes qui ont la chance d’avoir un gars de même. Gros travail(une fois de plus) de Pierre Dorion.

If they announce this today, I take back everything I ever said about Pierre Dorion. EVERYTHING. #Sens

@ace_o_blades To be honest I like you more now that your not a Sens that blueline (2-6) is cringe worthy. Pierre Dorion is a car salesman puppet to his old clueless owner

I want Pierre Dorion to walk by my house again so I can scream at him to give Brady his bridge deal. God this is so stupid.

“A captain will be named during some point of the year” - Pierre Dorion #GoSensGo

Pierre Dorion on Cap Friendly trying to figure out how to reach cap floor 💀

Pierre Dorion Photo,Pierre Dorion Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@EttedguiDavid Parles-en à Pierre Dorion qui aimerait tant sécuriser Brady Tkachuk à long terme pour 8x8,000,000$ avec une saison record de 45

*Me walking into Pierre Dorion’s office and demanding a job as a pro scout* “So you see you look for guys who are ranked as ‘elite low’ and are flagged as ‘interested in giving away’ by their team. Also we have to remember to go into the settings and turn down trade difficulty”

@frank_seravalli Send that to Pierre dorion, bergavain knows how to get sh*t done lol

I sincerely believe that if Pierre Dorion had an unlimited budget and Melnyk was out of the picture he would be a top 3 GM easily.

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