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#NHLJets line rushes at morning skate in Carolina: Connor-Scheifele-Niederreiter Ehlers-Namestnikov-Wheeler Barron-Lowry-Appleton Gustafsson-Stenlund-Maenalanen Morrissey-Pionk Dillon-DeMelo Samberg-Schmidt.

I know Morrissey is injured, but if Boweness wants to walk what he talks, Pionk gets sat next game..

#NHLJets line rushes in warm-up in Tampa. No Morrissey, but Lowry took line rushes, so a good sign: Connor-Scheifele-Niederreiter Ehlers-Namestnikov-Wheeler Barron-Lowry-Appleton Maenalanen-Stenlund-Gustafsson Samberg-DeMelo Dillon-Pionk Stanley-Schmidt Hellebuyck starts..

#NHLJets line rushes in warm-up in NSH: Connor-Scheifele-Niederreiter Ehlers-Dubois-Wheeler Namestnikov-Lowry-Appleton Barron-Stenlund-Maenalanen Morrissey-DeMelo Dillon-Pionk Samberg-Schmidt Hellebuyck starts..

#NHLJets line rushes in warm-up in Carolina. No Josh Morrissey: Connor-Scheifele-Niederreiter Ehlers-Namestnikov-Wheeler Barron-Lowry-Appleton Gustafsson-Stenlund-Maenalanen Dillon-Pionk Samberg-DeMelo Capobianco-Schmidt Rittich starts..

@ScottBilleck That’s on Wheeler. Bonehead pass back to Pionk when the lightning player was right on him.

Jets had a chance to put the Lightning in a hole but Wheeler makes a brutal decision to pass back to Pionk resulting in SHG by Tampa. Then Kyle Connor take bad penalty. More bad decisions by some veteran players that know better.

Even the GWG in OT couldn’t resurrect Pionk game score #NHLJets.

Pionk Photo,Pionk Photo by Aavco Cup,Aavco Cup on twitter tweets Pionk Photo

he has been freed and is sporting the signed neal pionk hat.

Pionk Photo,Pionk Photo by jess,jess on twitter tweets Pionk Photo

Jets claw out OT win – Pionk scores winner in Nashville, Winnipeg leaves Music City with valuable two points #wfp.

my second period intermission analysis is complete. Conclusion: Neal Pionk makes this team worse in every single possession metric, and the jets do significantly better when he’s on the bench. #ScratchPionk.

Pionk Photo,Pionk Photo by Justin 😵‍💫🫶 - Flip The Switch,Justin 😵‍💫🫶 - Flip The Switch on twitter tweets Pionk Photo

#NHLJets lines, D pairs in warmup: Connor-Scheifele-Niederreiter Ehlers-Namestnikov-Wheeler Barron-Lowry-Appleton Gustafsson-Stenlund-Maenalanen Samberg-DeMelo Dillon-Pionk Capobianco-Schmidt Rittich OUCH: Morrissey, Dubois, Perfetti SCRATCH: Stanley, Gagner, Kuhlman, AJF #wfp.

@mikemcintyrewpg That was on Wheeler imo. Why is 26 passing to a covered D-man? Pointless high risk pass. Pionk just tried to get the puck in deep because Wheeler put him in a bad position at the blue line #NHLJets.

What an outstanding play by Pierre-Luc Dubois on the winner, beating two defenders and giving Pionk a tap-in. #NHLJets.

It wasn’t a clean 2 point win by the Jets over Predators. But better than alternative. Jets rally twice for 3-2 OT victory as Neal Pionk makes up for some defensive lapses with the winner set up by PLD. But still worrisome is the power play and lack of desperation from the Jets.

Neal Pionk scored 55 seconds into overtime to lead the Winnipeg Jets to a 3-2 victory over the hometown Nashville Predators on Saturday.

#NHLJets cough up the puck in their own end, and Jack Drury, just called up from the AHL, makes them pay. 4-2 Carolina. Kevin Stenlund with a bit of a grenade towards Neal Pionk, the puck bounces over his stick, and very quickly ends up behind David Rittich..

Kevin Stenlund tries to feed the puck to Neal Pionk and the turnover ends up in the back of the net. #NHLJets trail 4-2 with 10:26 to go..

@mikemcintyrewpg I wished he benched individual players. Pionk and Connor have been dreadful this game and both should be benched individually, instead of the whole line with Scheif and Nino suffering as a result..

@mikemcintyrewpg What about Pionk 😂 how many turnovers will he finish with again tonight and get rewarded with more ice time?!.

Pionk is just a train wreck … can the coaches not see it? I don’t think Ville Heinola would make as many dumb passes and poor decisions in 10 games as #4 makes in 1 game.

Can’t wait for Pionk to face zero criticism because he scored the game winner (necessary only because of his own gaffs).


@AavcoCup Wheeler gave him a bouncing pass, not on Pionk this time. Brutal division by 26.

That was less than Cirelli with a shorthanded goal. Pionk with an ill advised pass. #NHLJets.

@WPGMurat Some on-ice metrics for Pionk, pre- and Oct 2020 through Dec 7 56% GF (+ relative) 51% CF (+) 49% xGF (+) Since December 7, 48% CF () GF () xGF () Trend is visible in his career trajectory..

Pionk Photo,Pionk Photo by BFJ_MB,BFJ_MB on twitter tweets Pionk Photo

@ScottBilleck All on wheeler. Bouncing pass. Pionk had to hit it as 2 tbay players were coming at him.

@ScottBilleck i’d say pionk giveth, pionk taketh away, but what does pionk even do at this point? Tyler Myers.

My 2 whipping boys causing me grief again … Pionk and KC need to get they’re heads out of their asses.

@ScottBilleck Why is Pionk on the ice….. he sits #88 but won’t sit #4… I think Bones is overrated..

@ScottBilleck Can you please Hammer bones in this, and on his refusal to hold Pionk accountable..

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