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American conservatism in 2020: Demonstrating that you’re a manly patriot by tweeting angrily at Pottery Barn, because it’s closing early for public health reasons.

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Captain America 🇺🇸 Moody Loner ()

If you told me to name a store, the closing of which two hours early due to the global pandemic that is on track to kill 100,000 Americans *this weekend* would piss right-wingers off, it would take me some time to come up with Pottery Barn. #potterybarn

Concerned for grandbabies ()

@scottdstone @NPR But your Pottery Barn rant didnt get buried. And it shows what a shallow, overprivleged lump of lard you think you are! 100,000 Anericans have died & you cant browse Pottery Barn?? Shame on you!

Pearl Polanski ()

@scottdstone @NPR Did you delete this tweet you made about Pottery Barn? Why are you attacking them for doing the right thing and trying to save people from sickness and death?

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Susan J. Demas 🏔 ()

Why have we decided that it’s an acceptable viewpoint for Republicans not to give a damn about 100,000 people dying and to spend their time bitching about Pottery Barn not being open long enough and pretending they’re getting angry texts from real people not business lobbyists?

M Sipher ()

@tara_atrandom Like this ratfucker would actually stoop to shop at a mall pottery barn like a mere peasant.

📰The_News_DIVA📰 ()

Ex-North Carolina Representative Damn You, Pottery Barn ... F*** Appointments, Let Me In!!!

Merlisa ()

@scottdstone @potterybarn Pottery Barn is not my style. But I do purchase items from other Williams Sonoma brands, including West Elm, Williams Sonoma Home, Mark and Graham (great gifts) and PB Teens (awesome accessories for the office).

J ()

Idk why Pottery Barn is trending but my moms eyes just turned red and she walkin like a robot

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Palmer Report ()

Kudos to Pottery Barn for putting lives before profits. It’s easy to see why Rep. Scott Stone is a *former* member of the NC House.

Jordan Weissmann ()

American conservatism in 2020: Demonstrating that you’re a manly patriot by tweeting angrily at Pottery Barn, because it’s closing early for public health reasons.

Billy Howell ()

@GOPgrabber Umm, whose side do you think I’m on in it’s definitely not the guy going off on Pottery Barn.

Sh!pper 💙🌻 ()

@scottdstone @potterybarn Also, Scott, you might not know, but Pottery Barn also has a catalogue and a website where you can shop any time, anywhere, at your infinite convenience. You can even arrange store pickup or delivery. 🙄

Theoretical nonsense 🧙‍♀️♿️♏️🐶🍿🚠👩‍🌾🚞 ()

Does anybody besides me strong suspect that the people at Pottery Barn made this policy up on the hope that Rep Stone would go away?

JoJo Love ()

@scottdstone @potterybarn Thanks Pottery Barn for all your doing - greatly appreciated. I’m happy to say I’m a long time customer #Tocca ✊🏽for life!

Pdx Tweeter ()

@scottdstone @potterybarn Must be nice to be able to shop for pottery barn stuff while there are food lines everywhere. Bravo Scott.

Friendly hermit ()

@scottdstone @potterybarn When Pottery Barn cares more about their employees and their customers that their representative does.

Mary Miller 🌟 🌟 🌟 ()

@Nolo4dolo @MickeyBlowtorch Soup bowls, Pottery barn outlet years ago. Pig corn holders, thrift store.

Andy richter ()

This is what a snowflake looks like. This guy can’t even handle adversity in pottery barn.

Amy "Social Distancing" Hoy ()

@scottdstone you were screaming for access to a pottery barn my dude. literally nothing anyone can say could be any more embarrassing for you

Sheologian ()

@scottdstone NC citizen here, and my only frustration with the reopening is that we are doing it too soon. Imagine having a life so privileged that SHOPPING BY APPOINTMENT AT POTTERY BARN is something you bitch about. Get a grip.

Serco ()

كوبون تخفيض رهيب من متجر بوتري بارن إستخدم كود خصمبوتري بارن بان الكود A661 - يخصم لكل طلبك - على جميع المنتجات - متاح لمدة محدودة كود خصم بوتري بارن Pottery Barn

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Jeanne Merchant ()

@scottdstone @potterybarn “I am NOT shopping by appointment [at POTTERY BARN!!].” Ah yes, the pride of the flag-lovin’ GOP on Memorial Day weekend. Bitching about not being able to drop into a luxury homestore at 7pm during a pandemic. NEVER let them claim to be the party of strength or patriotism again.

Pretty Annoyed ()

It’s absolutely amazing how the same people screaming “things need to open” have zero care or simple human decency to be a bit nimble in order to protect workers and fellow shopping humans. Yesterday Pottery Barn, today Hallmark store… Calm down, absurd entitled weirdos

Quinn ()

please shut the fuck up and find something better to do than bitch and moan about pottery barn requiring appointments during a global pandemic, Representative :)

T.J. ()

@scottdstone “96k US deaths are tragic, ” HEY FUCKSTICK!!! 96k AMERICANS are dead. PERIOD. You think this makes you look noble? Fuckin Pottery Barn? Grow the fuck up!

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Rodrigo 🤘🏽 ()

Full grown man crying about not shopping at Pottery Barn. People really out here trying to be oppressed.

🌊 no visigoths, no spiders 🌊 ()

@2Taurean2U I demand access to a $3300 patio buffet this instant! Please, pottery barn, my family is dying!

DaBean ()

You could have stopped at 96k US deaths are tragic but. Thank you for showing you don’t give a fuck and god damn pottery barn is more fucking important you miserable bitch.

Dist 5 Coalition ()

@scottdstone @potterybarn This is a private business. They can make their own rules in how they feel safe and in making their employees feel safe. Thank you Pottery Barn.

Marlo Hampton ()

Girl it’s Pottery need some drawer knobs and overpriced bookshelves that bad???

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