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#PresidentsCup Twitter

Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are in attendance on the first tee 🇺🇸 #PresidentsCup.

#PresidentsCup Photo,#PresidentsCup Photo by PGA TOUR,PGA TOUR on twitter tweets #PresidentsCup Photo

Undefeated. @JordanSpieth wins his Singles match and becomes the sixth player in @PresidentsCup history to go 5-0-0..

#PresidentsCup Photo,#PresidentsCup Photo by PGA TOUR,PGA TOUR on twitter tweets #PresidentsCup Photo

Kings in the Queen City 👑🇺🇸 The #USTeam has won the @PresidentsCup..

#PresidentsCup Photo,#PresidentsCup Photo by PGA TOUR,PGA TOUR on twitter tweets #PresidentsCup Photo

This is just insane from Cam Davis. 😱 #PresidentsCup || #IntlTeam.

#PresidentsCup Photo,#PresidentsCup Photo by Presidents Cup,Presidents Cup on twitter tweets #PresidentsCup Photo

Memories being made with my girls. Thank you Captain @TrevorImmelman for the tix! #presidentscup.

#PresidentsCup Photo,#PresidentsCup Photo by Mark Immelman,Mark Immelman on twitter tweets #PresidentsCup Photo

This pairing.👌 Undefeated so far this week, @JordanSpieth also became the first player in @PresidentsCup history today to win his first 7⃣ career foursome matches..

Well-represented on and off the course at the @PresidentsCup 🏆.

#PresidentsCup Photo,#PresidentsCup Photo by PGA TOUR Canada - Fortinet Cup,PGA TOUR Canada - Fortinet Cup on twitter tweets #PresidentsCup Photo

🚨 Thomas & Spieth remain 2UP as they’re thru 8 holes this afternoon. #PresidentsCup.

This young man is something else!!! Absolute electric factory! 🚂🇰🇷⚡️.

Hopefully by the end of the #PresidentsCup that girl in the Genesis commercial will find out how big the ocean is..

After taking an airboat tour last weekend, I realized that @maxhoma23 glides with a Bayou vibe. But when he needs to amp it up, he flips the switch with aplomb. And now he’s a budding @PresidentsCup hero..

Team getting tanked and this is the Captain on the 1st tee 🥴 #PresidentsCup #inspiring.

#PresidentsCup Photo,#PresidentsCup Photo by LIV Golf GO,LIV Golf GO on twitter tweets #PresidentsCup Photo

Time to be merciful and call the #presidentscup like they do in little league. An already hapless tournament drifting into obscure irrelevance..

Was there. Front row. Fun to watch the finish!!! #presidentscup.

Can I just say that the way that NBC televises golf is stupid and dumb? Because it is stupid and dumb. #PresidentsCup.

⁦@PresidentsCup⁩ did not disappoint! Great show and USA for the win..

#PresidentsCup Photo,#PresidentsCup Photo by Colon Moore,Colon Moore on twitter tweets #PresidentsCup Photo

#PresidentsCup | Ana Belac | H8-S0 Belac is -1 for the round heading to Hole 9. Next hole is a par 4 playing to , the 2nd easiest hole on the course. It is the 2nd easiest hole to avoid bogey on the course. of the field is hitting driver on Hole 9 today..

#PresidentsCup | Ana Belac | H8-S0 On Hole 8 Belac made par. This moved Belac to -1 for the round..

Loved following our 🇺🇸 guys around #quailhollowclub at the @presidentscup today! At the end of the day the US team is up 8-2 and the atmosphere is ⚡️ @ Presidents Cup.

@GolfDigest @PresidentsCup These two? Please. Competition is competition and these guys experience it directly. You…spectators…do not..

A walk to remember forever, thanks @PresidentsCup ! #turflife #GoUSA.

#PresidentsCup 2022: equipo de #EEUU se impuso en su arranque..

#PresidentsCup Photo,#PresidentsCup Photo by Progresohispanonews,Progresohispanonews on twitter tweets #PresidentsCup Photo

@ColtKnost @PresidentsCup To be fair, I was there at Liberty National in 2017 and the US squad almost won on day 3. Same shit, different year, regardless of the LIV defectors.

@GolfDigest @PresidentsCup Nervous? For meaningless exhibition that was created to be a money grab for the PGA Tour..

The thing about the #presidentscup is that the international team has so many likable dudes on it that it’s almost hard to watch the Americans mop the floor with em. However, it’s still awesome watching Team 🇺🇸 come together..

@IntlTeam @PresidentsCup Si Woo is the Tom Kim secret. Unlocking Si Woo is like finding your keys in a hurricane. Young TK is the right side of the pendulum.

@GolfDigest @PresidentsCup Billy was lucky that wasn’t Cam and Leish, let’s be honest . He hit like 17 bunker shots today..

@SwimOutDaily @PresidentsCup No doubt you’re having fun at the event. Would love to see the international team flip a couple of these matches and make this very competitive tomorrow. I think it could happen. It either way, wow what some incredible golf today on a really tough course..

What prestige did #PresidentsCup have in 1994? That was the year it was invented as a profit making venture in Ryder Cup off years. Listening to these announcers you would think it was invented by George Washington.🙂.

Regarding #presidentscup, could NBC / Golf change the darn graphic in the bottom right to summarize the current matches other than the overall score which won’t change until to 4 hours into the session? @NBCSports @GolfChannel.

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