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Updated: January 15th, 2022 05:41 PM IST

Boris Johnson and Prince Andrew - what an image the world is getting of Global Britain.

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Virginia Giuffre, l’accusatrice du prince Andrew, est déterminée à faire connaître la vérité

Prince Andrew Photo,Prince Andrew Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

ما الذي يعنيه تجريد نجل الملكة إليزابيث من ألقابه؟ وماذا سيحل به بعدها؟


Prince Andrew and Boris: Bad week for these poor excuses Follow us on Telegram

Newspapers: @BorisJohnson, partygate and Prince Andrew dominate front pages

It seems Barack Obama and Prince Andrew were hanging out in the same Jeffrey Epstein club

Prince Andrew Photo,Prince Andrew Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Very interesting that it took the queen 2 years to half condemn Prince Andrew for pedophilia and andrenochrome farming, but exiled Harry within a month of marrying a non-white person


It appears Facebook has removed all our articles (and @newsthump) relating to Prince Andrew. Including the

Prince Andrew Photo,Prince Andrew Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Prince Andrew has been stripped of his military affiliations and royal patronages with the approval of his mother Queen Elizabeth

PRINCE ANDREW LOSES MILITARY TITLES: Prince Andrew has lost his military titles and royal patronages one day after a federal judge allowed a sexual assault lawsuit against him to go forward. @MaggieRulli reports.

Prince Andrew stripped of military affiliations by Queen Elizabeth, a day after his lawyers failed to persuade a US judge to dismiss a civil lawsuit accusing him of sexual abuse.

I don’t feel sorry for Prince Andrew losing his royal title and all military honors. You?

I’m pleased with Judge Kaplan’s ruling yesterday that allows my case against Prince Andrew to go forward. I’m glad I will have the chance to continue to expose the truth & I am deeply grateful to my extraordinary legal team. 1/3

Sorry. Infantile of me. But it’s been a long week: “it is understood Andrew, as a former member of the armed services, will retain his current military rank of vice admiral.” 😬

If Prince Andrew committed crimes he did it as His Royal Highness, not as a private citizen. The Royal Family should take responsibility for the alleged behaviour their privilege enabled.

Prince Andrew gives up military titles, privileges over sexual assault case in US

Prince Andrew: Which military titles and patronages could he lose?

One for your next secret garden Boris x Usher - There 🍷🥴 Bit late because I wanted to give a to the Prince Andrew news :) #Boris #PrinceAndrew @Usher

Prince Andrew loses military titles and patronages, and will no longer be called HRH

My goodness !! Prince Andrew tried to meddle with child protection laws…listen to this quick explanation. They were children fgs!!

Stern-looking Prince Andrew breaks cover at Windsor after legal blow

Federal Judge Refuses to Dismiss Lawsuit Accusing Prince Andrew of Sexually Abusing a 17-Year-Old

Yes, that Newsnight interview has confirmed it for me. Rees-Mogg is the worst of them. Most patronising, most entitled and with a level of self-satisfied smugness that would make Prince Andrew cringe. #Newsnight

Prince Andrew faces trial after judge refuses to dismiss Giuffre case

Boris Johnson, Prince Andrew, Novak Djokovic. All entitled, arrogant men who believe the world should bow to them. Well I hope they all finally get what they deserve.


Top three nationals news stories tonight are centred on the selfishness of men: Boris Johnson, Prince Andrew, Novak Djokovic. Women, there are reasons for hope. The tide is turning.

I need the media to more furious about Prince Andrew’s alleged actions. They had so much vim for Meghan for no good reason. Is the passion not there because their bosses have also done similar things?

A lawsuit against Prince Andrew brought by Virginia Giuffre, a woman who claimed he raped her when she was a teenager, will be allowed to proceed after a federal judge in Manhattan denied Andrew’s request to dismiss the suit.

Boris Johnson and Prince Andrew - what an image the world is getting of Global Britain.

Prince Andrew fails in his bid to get US judge to dismiss civil case which alleges he sexually assaulted Virginia Giuffre

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