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Just a friendly reminder that you can celebrate FDU without putting down Purdue. Make it about the win, not the loss. These are college kids playing a game..


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FDU won four games last they just UPSET No. 1 Purdue 🤯🤯🤯.

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⚠️ BEWARE⚠️ The Red Storm is 𝒓𝒐𝒍𝒍𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒊𝒏 @StJohnsWBB takes down Purdue, 66-64, to advance to the First Round! #MarchMadness.

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Tom Izzo said he talked to Matt Painter last night after Purdue’s loss. Said he has some idea what he’s going through after Michigan State’s Middle Tennessee State loss.

CBB FREE PLAY Michigan State ML (+130) 2U Really like the spot for the Spartans here, think they can make a push for the East with Purdue is out. Izzo will have his guys prepared. MSU has been great on both sides of the ball lately, I see them winning outright #GamblingTwitter.

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This is a great listen. The Purdue game analysis is PURE GOLD..

Considering our brackets are dumpster fires seeing Princeton in the Sweet Sixteen and KU, Purdue, Duke, Arizona and Virginia all losing already is kind of funny. Embrace the chaos..

No. 16 FDU up 3 on No. 1 Purdue, 15 minutes remaining. Before the game, FDU was 20/1 to win..

If it happens once, twice maybe, it’s a fluke. But Purdue’s and Matt Painter’s March flops are too frequent to dismiss. ⁦@bkravitz⁩ column. via @TheAthletic.

I missed the update because I hate Purdue. This is Day 3/7 and we are down 4 lbs..

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The amount of joy @BoilerBall has brought us this year makes me excited for the next season. I’ve said this before, but of course it’s easy to be jaded, but it’s more fun to believe. And I like to have a lot of fun. Don’t stop believing. #purdue.

March Madness: FDU stunner over Purdue is another glorious moment for Jersey hoops.

El jueves hablamos en #PepeDiario de lo falso que era Purdue como #1, de que ojito con Arkansas, de que Houston y Alabama eran los verdaderos líderes este año en el March Madness. No, no me estoy poniendo Medallón Magic Andreu, se lo estoy poniendo a @epeidro.

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Check out stories about exceptional #Boilermakers (plus photos, videos and podcasts) on The Persistent Pursuit..

the more i sit with it and read things like this @BFQuinn bit on FDU’s season, the more i think purdue is responsible for the single most embarrassing sports L in at least US history:.

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@KBowen1070 Glad you admitted this!! But gotta pull for them the rest of the season now!!! Oh and Purdue is a joke can’t wait to hear you guys talk about it Monday 😂😂😂.

@Irishrule88 I think its entirely chalked up to a bad game against a team that already was building momentum with a play-in win. We saw that work out for Pitt too. Purdue barely lost and FDU really dominated. If their shots fell like normal that game is a 10 point win. The tournament is tough.

This is nuts! To win 3 years in a row and lose your last one would be devestating! That win for Ramos was possibly the biggest championship Win in college wrestling ever right??(I typed this then listened to the commentary so I’m leaving it) 🤣 Gotta give Ramos his credit #Purdue.

I had Purdue winning just one game in the tournament. Unfortunately, I used them in my survivor pool, times two, Friday. March madness, indeed..

Memphis and Purdue absolutely took a dump on my face today as far as bets go. I’d be bezos if it weren’t for those fucks.

Shirts Philadelphia eagles 🦅😍 Hoosiers Waco billie Hyunjin #TrumpIndictment Memphis Purdue Waco BDSP Betty.

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@johannanba Not good comme beaucoup pas vue Purdue perdu ...Montana State perd aussi de 12 honnête lol.

Young #Pistons rookie learned to be VERY specific on Twitter! Purdue made some history for sure.

Crazy that fdu beat Purdue, half of me is so happy for flu, and half of me is pissed because all of my brackets are busted now lol.

Purdue’s locker room whiteboard sums up how the game went for the Boilermakers.

@JayBarnes77 @wsubrady27 UMBC was like 188 in KenPom at least, FDU is in the 300’s. That’s insane. Virginia plays a style where if a team to ever lose as a 1, it’s them. Purdue doesn’t play that way..

Purdue really pulled off the greatest upset last night (wrestling) and had the greatest upset pulled off against them (BBall)… impressive stuff.

Purdue has to be the first team in history to get bounced by a team that didn’t even qualify for the tournament, right?.

@BatteredVawl516 Just like I would’ve sent somebody in to clothesline that guy from Purdue a couple years ago… this is also why I’m not a coach lol.

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