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Can #49ers Brock Purdy continue his improbable rise to the top? 📸 @ESPNNFL || #FTTB.

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When healthy, Brock Purdy has earned right to take first snap, says 49ers GM.

This is what the 4th or 5th time an elite QB has become available? They can’t afford to let this one go to another team and Trey turn out to be a bust and Purdy be just alright. This team could run the NFL with elite level QB talent..

@beefcake_180 Lynch drafts well, can’t do a fucking thing right past that. It as spoiled as a fan can be, but if the team isn’t competing for a Super Bowl just let us tank for 4 years again. Thisis Super Bowl or bust fandom. Purdy gonna sophomore slump BAD, and have less room to grow than Trey.

@AdamC559 @nwagoner Nahh you use this shit as motivation take the job and take it outta mfs hands because I wholeheartedly believe lance is the most talented Qb on the team just how lance lost the job to injury same thing can happen to purdy all lance gotta do is win and show he’s the guy.

@AGaggleOfKids No, trade Purdy. Trey is the kind of back up you want if you land Lamar..

@Nestradaumus1 Purdy earned the right. And Lynch still even left it open with his phrasing. Fair or unfair, Purdy proved way more than Lance and the 49ers are going about this the right way..

This is a tough situation Purdy earned the job. He should keep it until he loses it. If Lance is good enough for that trade up deal, he should be starting before Camp ends.

@HarryBerezin Idk why people think Trey should start. Dude had a whole year and an off-season of training to get the playbook down. Purdy came in less then a season and looked light years better then Trey running the offense.

Y’all named Jimmy G the franchise after 5 games Then learned your lesson by naming Brock Purdy after the franchise after 8.

@Parry_FF @Shawn_Foss I offered for Lance or Love and was essentially laughed at. Now the news broke that purdy is lead man in SF is kinda funny.

@akashanav Deebo is being traded next offseason no doubt in my mind . IMO Purdy is going to make kittle and Aiyuk look like complete superstars next season and deebo will barely be involved.

@49erscap @UFGatorEngineer Agreed, no way I’d send a haul like that for Lamar. He’s great but we’d be hurting ourselves. Purdy and Lance need to stay healthy for the Niners to have a shot at 6. If not, I see no reason to shoot high for a QB next season or the year after. This talent won’t be around forever.

@MaioccoNBCS But I was told by several twitter weirdos that TREY is the starter 🤦‍♂️ And again IF Purdy is the starter what is Treys value going forward? 3 1st rounders netted a back up to a 7th rounder? Seems like no one asks JL or Kyle important questions during these Q&A’s..

@D____Ford Purdy is developing Just fine so far let’s see what else he got, he didn’t lose no games for us and helped us win a lot. We complained about a QB , we got one , he’s got playoff experience now to let’s see if he gets even better.

@lukesawhook There is zero feeling bad for a guy that gets way over draft and over paid - the guy to feel bad for us their true #1 purdy who’s NOT getting paid for how many years? Lance will get his second shot because of his privileged draft status, purdy has to perform for Pennies or gone.

Big Board #8. I actually like this one a decent amount. Herbert/Ekeler, Carr/Thomas/Johnson, and Purdy/Samuel were the stacks. I prefer waiting on TE like the overall build of the team better.

Purdy Photo,Purdy Photo by Dirty J, The Dynasty Degenerate,Dirty J, The Dynasty Degenerate on twitter tweets Purdy Photo

@DC_709 @StatsOnFire Lance sucks. Darnold is a retread. Purdy led them on a run. He was always gonna get the shot..

From NFL Now: #49ers QB Brock Purdy is the leader in the clubhouse to be their starter..

@lukesawhook is it not possible the 49ers are just saying the right things by Purdy, but also hoping to motivate Lance to win the job? If Lance starts the first 1-2 weeks and goes nuts, why would the Niners bench him?.

Healthy Brock Purdy ‘leader in the clubhouse’ to be 49ers’ starting QB, GM says.

@VikesCentral Should get trey while you can. He is not going to want backup Purdy. He will want out and has better potential Than Levis or Hooker.

@itsnotright484 Right that makes sense to me. I just can’t see even a healthy Purdy beating out a 1st rd pick, dual threat QB.

@ryanghensley Rooting for Purdy. But I hate this. Feel bad for the person that is being shut out from play time. He needs reps but can’t get them. They must feel like this is the do or die season for a ring..

@ATXLions @TheOGfantasy Im still rolling with a rusty Purdy over the other options. The guy prepares well and has a juggernaut defense behind him.

@nateblanchard59 @B_Willijax didn’t someone in the FO say the job was purdy’s earlier today.

@Nestradaumus1 What has Lance done to deman anything? If Purdy did for Bears what he did for Niners, we would want to offer him an extension. He has earned top spot.

Klingt derzeit nach einem Plan bei den Niners, bin allerdings gespannt obs auch so bleibt, da doch einige Faktoren mitspielen🤔 hab allerdings immer mehr des Gefühl das für Trey nicht das richtige Team 🤷🏻‍♂️ was ma leid tut für ihn🤷🏻‍♂️ #FTTB #NFLTwitter.

@jpep20 Purdy has great coaching and a full complement of weapons around him. I think most would agree anyone would succeed in the spot he was in. The belief internally has to be that Lance (a way better talent) should be way better if he can progress the way they want him to.

@HectorCantu_ @El_Profe_49 O sea mandamos a la jodida a Purdy que fue pieza clave en nuestro avance.

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