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Penguins’ Malkin ejected after swinging stick at head of Flyers’ Raffl.

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@NHLPlayerSafety Everyone calling for raffl to be suspended should watch a hockey game once or twice. What raffl did is a two minute penalty. What malkin did, whether he made contact or not, is intent to injure. Bush league play from malkin.

Penguins center Evgeni Malkin will have a hearing with the NHL Department of Player Safety on Tuesday for high-sticking/slashing Flyers forward Michael Raffl..

There are penguins fans responding who actually think this shouldn’t be a suspension because Raffl threw that baby punch to a helmet Malkin barely felt and Malkin swung his stick at his head like he was ripping homers to left field. What absolute degenerates..

I have to stop reading the comments because the amount of people saying “Raffl wasn’t injured, what’s the big deal” are pissing me don’t see the clear intent in that swing? Sure the shove to the back of the head isn’t right but Malkin could’ve done serious damage.

HEARING SCHEDULED: @emalkin71geno has a hearing Tuesday and could face a suspension after he was given a match penalty for swinging his stick at the head of forward Michael Raffl late in Monday’s win vs. @NHLFlyers. #LetsGoPens.

Malkin to have hearing for slash on Raffl. MORE:.

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@AnthonyDiGrazio raffl committed assault and malkin acted in self defense -some western PA scumbag.

Give Malkin 5 and Raffl 2. But Sheriff George would never want to make punches punishable. Otherwise it would undermine how he made his living, which wasn’t about being a skilled hockey player..

Malkin gets punched. Swings his stick at Raffl. Match penalty..

@wyshynski Depends on how the NHL wants to play this. Geno’s stick didn’t hit Raffl’s head (good sell by Raffl) but that was definitely Geno’s intent. Raffl cross checked & punched Geno beforehand with no call. But Geno has to control his temper. That was stupid & dangerous..

@wyshynski Crosscheck, grab of the arm, then the punch to the head. I’m a #Flyers fan but Raffl was all over Malkin. Malkin was careless with stick so it is up to the league now..

@snidelyhazel @BroadStHockey If you think the Raffl punch is the most egregious thing there then apparently you can take the sports out of the girl..

@evanhuber46 Did the stick even hit him? I know for sure Raffl’s fist hit Malkin in the back of the.

Penguins’ Malkin ejected after swinging stick at head of Flyers’ Raffl.

Penguins’ Malkin ejected after swinging stick at head of Flyers’ Raffl.

Penguins’ Malkin ejected after swinging stick at head of Flyers’ Raffl.

@ronlextall Weeks and JR both said it should just be a fine since it only grazed him and both said Raffl sold it well. Props to whoever the other guy was who said the intent was still the same, regardless of outcome. Malkin=flaming hot trash.

@ronlextall Pens fans saying because he barely made contact he should just be fined. It’s still the intent that he tried to take Raffl’s head off his shoulders.

@ronlextall If Malkins stick is an inch longer, Raffl probably would have lost an eye. That is disgusting no matter what team you root for..

@snidelyhazel @BroadStHockey Raffl deserved a penalty, Malkin deserves a suspension. He easily could have blinded Raffl or even slashed his jugular..

@AnthonyDiGrazio Oh dear god. Who implied it was warranted?? I will say, give Raffl 2 for roughing. But I am sick and tired of fuckin cheap shot artist Malkin..

@AnthonyDiGrazio If Malkin’s stick made contact w Raffl’s visor that’s a potentially career ending play..

@snidelyhazel @BroadStHockey Because that rabbit punch to the back of the head did SO much damage. That backswing from Malkin could have concussed Raffl. Apples and oranges, right and wrong, and you’re wrong. Malkin is a POS. Done..

Hm. I hope @NHL Player Safety is looking at Raffl’s repeated crosschecks and punch to Malkin’s head when they also look at Malkin’s match penalty. They should have both been rung up..

Malkin high-sticks Raffl and we’ll takeover on a five-minute PP with 4:54 remaining. #PITvsPHI.

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