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The Knicks have the opportunity to make two “MAJOR” trades in the offseason while keeping Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle. (via @WindhorstESPN).

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The faces Jimmy Butler made at Julius Randle late in Heat-Knicks 🤣.

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5 Intriguing Boxscores 3/20 🏆 Julius Randle What intrigued YOU?.

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One thing I love about Randle, man, he hates to lose. In an era of so much hugging and kissing after games he’s not about that..

toda fez q eu abro o tt e um portal grande tá postando algo q o DILLON BROOKS falou eu tenho vontade de desinstalar o app não é possível q essa temporada esteja chata nesse ponto. ontem o randle meteu 57 pts e só se fala do q o esse brooks falou pro kyrie.

I’m just having some fun here these are my predictions of the people that will accompany the Ring of Honor players Randy Moss -Randall Cunningham -John Randle -Warren Sapp -Bryant McKinnie -Wes Welker Deion Sanders -Emmitt Smith -Jerry Rice -Darren Woodson -Larry Allen -Leon….

“I wasn’t guarding him last night so IDK what happened…when he was here he made tough shots…only thing you can do is make guys take tough shots. Sometimes guys make tough shots. He did that vs us” —Bam Adebayo on Julius Randle (57 last night; 43 vs Heat).

Most offensive fouls this season: 52 – Giannis Antetokounmpo 52 – Domantas Sabonis 47 – Bam Adebayo 47 – Jonas Valančiūnas 40 – Julius Randle #NBA.

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I know Randle is gonna regress the minute I say this but idc Y’all mfers still hating on him are extra weird. With a side of loser sauce.

NBA Latam
NBA Latam

Julius Randle rompió su récord de anotación 🗽 🔥 57 Puntos 🔥 19/29 TC 🔥 8/14 T3 🔥 11/13 TL ¡Qué temporada la de la estrella de los Knicks!.

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The Playible Eliminator Round is underway! User is currently in first behind a ridiculous fantasy points from Julius Randle last night! There are 6 days left before anyone is eliminated! We also have 6 games tonight!.

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What Burna Boy doesn’t understand is that if ppl are going to reconnect with a home base in the year of our Lord Julius Randle 2023, that made has to have INTERNATIONAL POWER. Name one African country that has military and economic power comparable to China..

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FYI Julius Randle is +19 on the night. I don’t want to hear anything about him if the Knicks lose tonight..

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Resultados da rodada. O Knicks conseguiu perder para o Wolves SEM EDWARDS com o Randle fazendo 57 pontos. Jazz ganhou do Kings. Mavs perdeu para o Grizzlies. Apenas UM resultado favoreceu o Lakers que agora está fora do Play-in..

Julius Randle 57 sayı ile KARİYER REKORUNU kırdı! 🔥 Knicks tarihinde 55 sayıyı geçen 4. oyuncu oldu; bunu 8 üçlük ile yapan ilk oyuncu oldu..

NBA Top 10: Toco da vitória dos Bulls, cravada de Randle e jogadaça de Kyrie #NBAnaESPN.


@IQfor3 This dude refuses to hold Randle accountable….he needs to stop coddling him and send a message Randle play right now is exactly what happened last year. Going to cost us in the playoffs.

a mickey mouse performance, amongst other things, causes the Knicks to lose 134-140 despite a special game from Julius. -5 Knicks in double figures! -Randle amongst 3 other Knicks to score 55+ the Knicks play Miami on Wednesday @OnlyOneJandro singing off.

❌CAEMOS CONTRA MINNESOTA KNICKS 134-140 TIMBERWOLVES A pesar de los 57 puntos de Randle, caemos frente a una buena Minnesota. Toca mirar al siguiente partido. #NewYorkForever.

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Le squadre contro cui Julius Randle ha segnato 8 triple in carriere (career-high): vs Kings (marzo 2022) vs Wolves (novembre 2022) vs Cavs (gennaio 2023) vs Heat (marzo 2023) vs Wolves (marzo 2023) Randle se il 3-point contest si svolgesse a marzo:.

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Julius Randle anotó 57 puntos en la derrota de los Knicks frente a Minesota 140-136. Julius tiene un promedio de PPJ en la temporada. Los Knicks mantienen el 5to puesto del Este con récord de 42-31. Minesota se coloca con récord de 36-37, ocupan el 8vo del Oeste..

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Special night for Julius Randle to kick off GW43 on Sorare: NBA. 🔥 57 PTS 🔥 4 REB 🔥 63 Sorare: NBA points.

US Monastir’s Jerome Randle was full of praise for Adonis Filer’s fighting display despite his side, REG, losing Monday night’s encounter to the Tunisian giants at Dakar Arena..

I think a player needs to be better than Julius Randle or whatever @mullrainee says.

Relive last night’s battle with 2 new Moments cards in 🔥 Retweet to get Galaxy Opal Moments Julius Randle and Pink Diamond Moments Taurean Prince now!.

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Thibs is Randle’s bitch. This is nothing new. Publicly calls out players for their play, but uses “we” for Randle’s inappropriate behavior. Fire Thibs. He can’t lead this team and that much is clear..

@IQfor3 Gotta call Randle out and hold him accountable. Thibs’ refusal to do so is bad..

Malgré 57 points de Julius Randle, les Wolves braquent le Madison Square Garden !.

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Malgré le record en carrière de Julius Randle (57 pts), les Knicks s’inclinent à domicile face aux Wolves (140-134). Randle: 57 pts (19/29 FG-8/14 à 3 pts, dont 26 pts dans le 3 ème QT, record de franchise. Brunson: 23 pts-10 rbds Quickley: 19 pts Barrett: 13 pts.

Utah vince con Fontecchio in quintetto. Knicks, non basta un Randle da 57 punti #nba.

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