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Same Earth Different Worlds dropped a year ago today. New raps this Friday.

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Raptors take center Christian Koloko 33rd overall out of Arizona 👀 Thoughts on this pick Raps fans? #WeTheNorth #NBADraft.


Doja Cat rapped one of her Nicki Minaj songs from her hospital bed after tonsil surgery..


when lil wayne stopped making people right down their raps mfs was fighting for they life. im happy ppl stop listening and opened that notes app back up.

Rewatching that Dingo School ep where Chaeryeong half-raps her debate argument and Lia calls for someone to give her a beat and Yeji mainly says me too.

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The Raps being connected to Gobert/Turner/PickYourMovingCenter and then snagging Koloko is pretty hilarious I love it Honestly think he could play 10-15 minutes next year (about how much actual 5 play they need imo) and with the right lineups, yeah man I’m in.

Energy Sec Alfonso Cusi withdraws libel, cyberlibel raps vs journalists and news orgs over articles regarding the Malampaya deal.

I low key feel like Snoop Dogg saved this song. The way he raps is soo timeless. Unmatched flow and delivery combo..

Btw the achievements and craze he got after doing this only one show>>>>.. He did only one show but he was the one who took that show to international level and abt raps it was on times So better check ur #AsimRiaz.

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@DejaaLeeann_ Doja Cat is a rapper. She has MANY rap songs, she’s classed as one by various award shows such as the grammys. She raps in literally nearly all her songs. If you don’t want to accept the truth and reality then just say so 🫶🏾.

Cusi withdraws libel, cyberlibel complaints vs ABS-CBN, other news orgs.

I now see Omar Sterling got some new fans. It’s funny to me cos’ y’all late!!!!! 😂😂😂 Paedae the problem 😅The greatest rapper of all time in our generation. Flow so deep…. Raps not for the illiterate. ❤️❤️❤️.


Saying he now wants to “mend relationships,” Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi has withdrawn libel charges that he filed against several news reporters and media outfits over allegations of publishing unverified reports on graft cases involving him. READ:.

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Vechathe kakure kuthathil mathiyile Nallathe solli parthen ..yethum maraville ✍️#writingmode.

NEW RAPS OUT NOW!! Prod @rileylamarre Mixed by me!!! new shit otw run this on repeat in the meantime!!!!!.

Remember the Name The latest Toronto Raptor to join the fold is Christian Koloko, picked 33rd overall tonight at the NBA draft After Scottie Barnes’ rookie season, we know the Raps know how to pick ‘em 👏.

Not my daughter asking if Omarion raps at all and saying he should try that instead #verzuz.


i really just love it when haruto goes brr grrr bark growl bark woof whenever he raps.

Outgoing Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi withdrew the libel and cyber libel complaints he filed against seven news organizations who reported on the graft complaint filed against him over the controversial Malampaya gas field buyout..

Imagine being in an iron chef competition and see the judges crying of happiness from eating the competitors meal before you serve urs.

@ambsenicxx sexuality hc: canon lesbian gender hc: honestly idk but she is not cis ship: CASSUNZEL!! brotp: platonic cassunzel is also great!! also her and eugene bc they are the frenemies ever notp: cass x any men random hc: she taught raps how to swordfight! general opinion: I LOVE HER SM.

I will say that I absolutely hated the idea of offloading the pick, Hart, AND Nas, so if that’s what the Raps wanted for OG, I’m glad we just made em talk to the hand..

@JalenAndFriends @pacarkiIIua When you’re broke Apple: remember that time you had money and you were spending like bill gate’s child? Here are some pictures to jog your memory.

@akumahaitani That’s so true!!!They both got more lines too❤️🧡 And the raps are so POG!.

pop - nayeon (9/10) - lotta old kpop vibes from the mv direction to the song arrangement and production which i LOVE - melody of the chorus is so addictive! - lil rappy breakdown was cute and quirky. definitely refreshing amidst all the girl crush bad bitch raps today.

si me aprendí el rap de changbin en just breathe, y el de han en miroh, obviamente me voy a aprender el de felix en no problem, soy una adicta a los raps de los pibes si.

Gracias a felix porque puedo cantar sus raps sin invocar demonios 🥺🥺 FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보.

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@raps_hellion hehe this is not mine but someone else who follows u!! @/wh0sana heheheheh.

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This is a Raptors fan. Raptors were not beating Cleveland in 2016, and he’s happy they won a game. Only Raptor fans believe Raps folded in the bubble, non Raptor fans don’t realize how good that team was. And Siakam made everyone mad in the bubble. 10/10 one of us..

I need 2018-2020 Money Man back, them raps had a hustler spirit. That run of projects: TraumaMan, Paranoia, State of Emergency & Epidemic was FIRE..

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