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That was the most stressful last few weeks I have ever endured. But huge congratulations to the @Raptors. #RaptorsNation.

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Two professional sports teams have won their first championship in franchise history. What a historic week for sports. #Blues #RaptorsNation.

I got more laughs tonight remind people on the streets of Toronto that we drafted Andrea Bargnani than I’ve ever got in my life! Can’t believe this city got its Chip #RapsIn6ix #RaptorsNation.

@StephenCurry30 loves this game and knows how it feels to conquer the impossible dream! All class. Raptors World Champions! Canada it’s finally happened! #nba #RaptorsNation.

Currently watching the actual #JurassicPark because it feels fitting for the #RaptorsNation win.

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Finally, thank you @superfan_nav for inspiring me and so many other Raptors fans with your story. To use your own words, “We are ALL Superfans tonight.” Cannot wait to celebrate with you during the championship parade on MONDAY. #RaptorsNation #WeTheNorth.

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Raptors are your NBA🏀Champs #WeTheNorth #RaptorsNation.

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WE are the Champions. Toronto Raptors pela 1ª vez Campeões da NBA. Pela 1ª vez uma equipa que não é dos Estados Unidos ganha a NBA. A história a escrever-se no Basquetebol Mundial. #RaptorsNation.

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@daveanthony It was a great series, the Warriors were awesome, so were the Raptors. But a team had to lose. #RaptorsNation.

👍🏻🎼🦖🇨🇦🏀#RaptorsNation Drake celebrates Raptors championship win with two new tracks.

The two guys that was talking shit to that man in the hallway after Game 2 both out next year. Don’t fuck with Drake. #NBAFinals #RaptorsNation.

What a NIGHT for Canada. Basketball has come a long way since the @Raptors early days at SkyDome. This championship moment will never be forgotten. The Toronto Raptors are NBA Champions. And Canada is a BASKETBALL COUNTRY. Good night. #RaptorsNation #RapsIn6ix 🏀🇨🇦.

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@minionlvr98 Love watching the Stanley Cup! The Bruins didn’t stand a chance #RaptorsNation.

@mattgallowaycbc Really Matt how you can you sleep at a time like this? #RaptorsNation.

@Raptors congrats to the team , city , fans all organisation well done 1st one always special #RaptorsNation.

Ez cop on championship gear with discount thanks @SoleSavy it pays to be a member #WeTheNorth #RaptorsNation.

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Robin Scherbatsky’den sonra oluşan Kanada boşluğunu Raptors ile doldurduk. #RaptorsNation #NBAFinals.

@SportsCenter Nothing to prove. You dominated the game for the last 5 years. Whats the point of winning if KD and Klay are down with career ending injuries? Hats off #Warriors ! Let the #RaptorsNation celebrate!.

@Raptors @NBA The Championship Parade needs to be coast to coast along the entire length of the Trans Canada Hwy!! #RaptorsNation.

A desempolvar el Jersey de Vince Carter! #RaptorsNation 😂😂😂🦖🦖🦖.

🏀 Winning away from home is awkward! #RaptorsNation 🇨🇦.

No le voy a los Raptors pero bien por la NBA. Refs queriendo protagonizar para variar. Green Ranger casi me matas de un infarto, Kawhi MVP, te hubieras quedado DeMar 🦖🏆🏀 👏🏽#WeTheNorh #RaptorsNation.

Congrats to Kawhi and the Raptors! #NBAChamps #RaptorsNation.

Wow, from their inception to a championship! #WeTheNorth #RaptorsNation.

“Balance has been restored because team lightskin is no more” #RaptorsNation.

That was the most stressful last few weeks I have ever endured. But huge congratulations to the @Raptors. #RaptorsNation.

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