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Rayman fête ses 25 ans cette année ! 🎉 Joyeux anniversaire à notre héros !.

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@FutaMommyMelony Oooo nice I would love for crash, Dante and spyro to get in I would love for rayman to get in as well.

@Zozooeee Niiiice! I decided to check if Rayman 2’s theme ever got played by an orchestra OF COURSE IT DID AND IT SOUNDS AMAZING (you might’ve already seen it but it’s worth listening to again haha)..

The fighters I hope to see in fighter pass 2 for smash is 6) TY from TY The Tasmanian Tiger 5) Master Chief from Halo 4) Rayman from Rayman 3) Scaler from Scaler 2) Cynder from The Legend Of Spyro Trilogy 1) Spyro from Spyro.

@InfiniteDrillz On the brightside, there’s a chance Rayman could be added in as an actual fighter. Just gotta wait and see..

characters we could’ve gotten that weren’t fire emblem characters - travis touchdown (no more heroes) - master chief - geno (super mario rpg) - conker (conker’s bad fur day) - rayman - blaziken - jack caymen (madworld).

@5darklu igual tío, y luego estaba hyped por que después de tanto ubisoft igual metian anuncio de rayman al final.

Dante Reimu Doomslayer Rayman Travis Touchdown Geno Hire me Nintendo.

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Smash: Saca trajes de los rabbits. La gente que sabe porqué se canceló Rayman 4:.

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Que por cierto ahora que han puesto disfraces mii de cosas de ubisoft y entre estas no está Rayman pues toca subirse al carro de Rayman para Smash (?).

Put Rayman in Super Smash Bros. you cowards. Give him a sword if you want. Just put the thingamajig in the fighting game..

@__Chaparrito__ Espero que ahora sí entren un Pokémon, Crash y Rayman, ya con eso quedó feliz. Tres doritos después: 6 Personajes que no conozco, 3 de Fire Emblem y 3 de Juegos de monos chinos que solo conoce Sakurai.

@Ryemanni @RayForSmash Pssst you missed one small little detail thats happening this year for Rayman as well 😉.

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@graaaybird @Bombenstein Well, i think Rayman is better and more appealing than Mario and Sonic..

@YurianYoshisaur Yeah and maybe Rayman,Crash,Geno,Sora,Dante and Bandana Waddle Dee might have a shot.

@The_Iron_Finn @Bombenstein AGREED but Rayman is not edgy in my opinion and I hate that the Ubisoft milks Assasin creed and tom Clancy games instead of Rayman..

I also think Rayman has a chance because Nintendo probably contacted Ubisoft again for the rabbids mii costumes and they could’ve done that when they asked for Rayman in pass 2 (same with Steve and the Cuphead costume). All of this is just speculation but I think it’s possible..

@graaaybird @Bombenstein I really hate Ubisoft rn. WHY did they add those cringy af characters instead of something edgy like Rayman? Pathetic..

@strawberryzelly There’s so much potential for him because of rayman 3 where he got like different power ups and shit.

6. Rayman 7. Spyro 8. Ring Fit 9. Castle Crashers 10. Cool to see Scorpion or a MK character 11. Sephiroth.

@RadDoodCoolTude It’s the last fighter in the 1st dlc pass and fire emblem characters are already represented heavily in smash brothers. The character is from the latest release in the franchise but many were expecting/wanting a character from a 3rd party series such as Rayman, or Dante from DMC.

Yo @GenosPapa & @RayForSmash! So we got 2 Ubisoft Mii Fighter costumes, but we’re mysteriously missing Rayman from this line could it be? #SmashBros.

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@ConnorD60546505 This just gives Rayman a better chance. There’s no other Ubisoft reps to take his place. He’s happening, I can feel it.

Two new Mii Costumes got added that belong to Ubisoft Could this mean Rayman has the chance?.

SANNA RAYMAN: Det barnen vet om Donald Trump är att han är hemsk och dum i huvudet. Att de inte har något att säga om Vladimir Putin eller Kim Jong-Un gör mig bekymrad..

Rayman fête ses 25 ans cette année ! 🎉 Joyeux anniversaire à notre héros !.

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