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Let’s be clear here. It’s not *Ottawa*blocking the RCMP. It’s Trudeau. Let’s not sugar coat what’s happening. We have a man who is using his power and position as PM of Canada to protect himself from investigation. It’s unprecedented in our history.

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Lavscam should leave beyond any doubt that the prime minister has too much power. He controls the attorney general, the membership of his caucus, the votes of committees, and the disclosure of facts to the RCMP, among other things. His ethics commissioner is weak and useless..

Extremely concerning that a senior RCMP intelligence officer has been arrested for leaking national security information. This is another reminder of the threats we face from foreign actors. As Prime Minister, I will not hesitate to identify these threats and act accordingly..

Full details here on the evolving story of the arrest of Cameron Ortis, a director general in an RCMP intelligence unit in Ottawa, on multiple charges under the Security of Information Act and the Criminal Code..

BREAKING: A senior member of the RCMP has been arrested and charged under the Security of Information Act. The rarely used national security act deals with cases of espionage by foreign powers..

Today the Codiac RCMP joined former Moncton Police officers and the community to re-dedicate a memorial for 3 Moncton Police Force officers who died in the line of duty. We remember: Cst. Joseph Steadman Aug. 1 1892 , Cpl. Aurèle Bourgeois & Cst. Michael O’Leary Dec. 13, 1974..

Prime Ministers Mulroney, Martin, Harper released Cabinet Confidentiality when Trudeau will not, this preventing an RCMP investigation..

My problem with much of the SNC-Lavalin coverage is that those calling for an RCMP investigation say they believe Jody Wilson-Raybould — but choose not to believe her when she said what Trudeau did was not illegal. #elxn19 #cdnpoli.

RCMP Veterans join the fine people of Saskatchewan in celebrating the installation of former RCMP “F” Div Commanding Officer Russell Mirasty as the 23rd Lt Gov of Saskatchewan @RCMPSK.

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What is unbecoming is giving the gov a free pass on obstruction of the RCMP investigation. Maybe some unbiased reporting might be warranted?.


A group of Canadians must compose a public letter to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth asking for her help to investigate Justin Trudeau ifor criminality because the #RCMP Commisioner refuses to act. Bypass our GG. British army? Or British Parliament?.

Scheer brings up the SNC-Lavalin affair, calls on Trudeau to waive cabinet privilege to allow people to testify and May calls for an inquiry outside of the RCMP investigation. Meanwhile, Singh said he believes Scheer would have done the same thing the Trudeau did. #FirstDebate.

Russ and Donna Mirasty make their home on Lac La Ronge First Nation. Russ is former commanding Officer of the RCMP in Saskatchewan. Donna is originally from Cumberland House. Congratulations!.

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@gmbutts Distraction From an internal liberal problem where liberals broke the law, liberals lied, liberals fired women, liberals shut down the ethics & justice committees, liberals didn’t cooperate with the liberal ethics commissioner & liberals blocked the RCMP Liberals proven corrupt.

Justin Trudeau always respects the decisions of public servants [except for the Director of Public Prosecutions] especially when they prevent the RCMP from fully investigating whether he committed a criminal offence #cdnpoli.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer jumped on the latest news with a renewed attack on Trudeau’s handling of the scandal, demanding the prime minister waive cabinet confidence for any potential police investigation..

Just a reminder that the RCMP isn’t investigating this because nothing illegal happened. If you are sharing this crap, you are a woefully uninformed idiot. And I am being generous here. #elxn2019.

“The pivotal question remains: In the best interest of justice, should the RCMP go forward with an investigation? The answer is clear: Yes. No one is above the law.”.

I get this. But put up an NDP sign during the provincial elxn and will put up a Lib one now. Anyone vandalizes, I’ll take pics. Put ‘em up on the community FB page w a pic of me giving them the finger. Then call the RCMP cuz I know who’s a Nazi in my hamlet. #Elxn43 #ableg.

My understanding is that the RCMP have a policy of suspending politically sensitive investigations during an election. Anyone other than me wondering why Trudeau decided to suddenly call the election today?.

This is a transcript of Andrew Scheer’s opening statement to reporters. Globe and Mail story does not allege RCMP have launched an investigation into SNC-Lavalin affair. PMO denies cabinet confidence decision was made by PM or PMO (Scheer doesn’t believe that denial)..

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@jamesdifiore He’s not jogging, he’s running from the RCMP Investigation into liberal obstruction of justice on the SNC Lavalin case. #TrudeauMustGo.

@Manny70944327 No government can stop any real police investigation. Police can collect evidence, obtain witness statements, issue warrants & seizure orders to lay charges on anyone. The problem here is RCMP doesn’t want to investigate..

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Let’s be clear here. It’s not *Ottawa*blocking the RCMP. It’s Trudeau. Let’s not sugar coat what’s happening. We have a man who is using his power and position as PM of Canada to protect himself from investigation. It’s unprecedented in our history.

So we have it confirmed that the Mounties were looking into the Trudeau PMO for obstruction of justice but the government invoked cabinet confidence the RCMP investigation into obstruction. PMO could have waived cabinet confidence. #cdnpoli.

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