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@jeff_rake Why do I have a feeling that Zeke’s mom is the #Manifest #RenewManifest.

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What is life anymore. The major the therapist, markers linked together, expiration deaths revealed, Grace pregnant (still don’t like her), Mic trying to “stop him”, my boy Ben just wants his family. WHAT IS LIFE ANYMORE! #RenewManifest 😭😭#Manifest.

Ahhh #Manifest timeee!! Also sad cause it’s the season finale 😭😭 #RenewManifest.

We need a season 2! Hopefully they #RenewManifest! I need to know if the doc that referred Saanvi to his therapist, actually spoke to the Major beforehand! Then Jared and Zeke, what happens? Who does Mick end up with? Or Grace being pregnant! So many questions!.

#Manifest just had a mind-blowing finale. We have so many questions before Season 2 (NBC, you must #RenewManifest so we get answers):.

@JR8Ramirez @Manifesters_ I need SEASON 2 now! Please. #Manifest #RenewManifest now.

(...cont) 6) Jared does need to lay off Zeek 7) 100% sure Grace’s baby isn’t Ben’s😭 (dammit Danny😒) 8) WHO TF GOT SHOT?! I need to know now! That concludes my #Manifest recap! WELL FREAKING DONE GUYS! We need a season 2!! @nbc @NBCManifest #RenewManifest.

This show literally brings me life. I love every character and the writing is amazing #RenewManifest.

@lunablaise @NBCManifest Can’t wait for next week! Most importantly, can’t wait for SEASON 2. 😉😉 #RenewManifest.

@NBCManifest is such an amazing show with a beautiful cast who I’ve grown to love! This show needs a season 2! The story can’t end yet. Pls @nbc #RenewManifest.

#Manifest season 1-16 finale promo: What is the answer? | CarterMatt #RenewManifest @NBCManifest.

@NBCManifest I just wanna watch the next 5 seasons today! I need to know what happens! I hate knowing there is only one episode of this season left! #RenewManifest #Please.

*After watching #Manifest* Mom: “I can’t believe there’s only one more episode!” Grandma: “Wait, what?! Like for the YEAR? What are we going to watch now?!” #RenewManifest.

#RenewManifest ugh such a good show! Everyone make sure to watch next week so the ratings are up..

65 minute warning until Manifest starts and I’m about ready to fall asleep 😩😩😩😩😩 but #RenewManifest.

@JR8Ramirez @NBCManifest #RenewManifest Tonight was great. Love your protectiveness but because she may feel smothered. Jealousy is not a pretty trait. Have faith in Michaela..

Facts!! I can already feel my Twitter tantrum brewing. #Manifest #RenewManifest.

I am not ready for #manifest to end. I need more episodes. #RenewManifest.

@lunablaise I’m ready ! But I want and need a Season 2 #RenewManifest @NBCManifest.

What an amazing show. @nbc better #RenewManifest because it is SO GOOD. #Manifest @NBCManifest.

So does the wolf and peacoock come together in the season finale? 👀 #manifest #RenewManifest @NBCManifest.

@whodatkpat They are going to need to hide out #manifest #RenewManifest.

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@jeff_rake #renewmanifest for second season asap. We fans need 10 seasons of manifest..

I really want more episodes on #Manifest 😩. #RenewManifest.

I need to stop looking at peoples #RenewManifest tweets because y’all is spoiling tonight’s episode for me..

@jeff_rake Why do I have a feeling that Zeke’s mom is the #Manifest #RenewManifest.

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