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At home sipping ) ) ) ( ) ( ) ) ) _(___(____)____(___(_____ / RESIGN / | LISA /__ | MACLEOD. / \____________ / #ResignLisaMacLeod.

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@MacLeodLisa Parents can not or ever stop fighting for their children You know that as a parent @timporter_ONT surprised by the attack Really? #ResignLisaMacLeod.

In the cold light of a morning in which we’re mourning a child murdered in this province, remember that Lisa Macleod used women’s shelters as hostage for her agenda. #ResignLisaMacLeod.

@timporter_ONT @MacLeodLisa #ResignLisaMacLeod #AutismDoesntEndAtFord The more painfull it is the backstab from someone the community trusted! If she cared she wouldnt put this Sham of a plan into place! She cares as much as the 1000% behind autism person. All empty at the actions.

@MacLeodLisa How about placing a call to @fordnation to resign? #ResignLisaMacLeod.

#ResignLisaMacLeod you either leave or revise the OAP to be a program to meet the needs of ALL ONTARIO CHILDREN. All children with #disabilities deserve adequate treatment..

#ResignLisaMacLeod We are all United! We are all determined! We do this out of LOVE!.

Sounds like someone like @fordnation and the @OntarioPCParty should #ResignLisaMacLeod #ONpoli.

@Mikeggibbs Too busy striking a pose. Smh. There’s a punchline here to be had but we would just be called bullies now, wouldn’t we? #ResignLisaMacLeod.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha bok bok bok bok bok bok #resignlisamacleod RESIGN @MacLeodLisa.

Even before I read about why #ResignLisaMacLeod was trending, I supported that statement..

How about adding #ResignDougFord to this Twitter campaign #ResignLisaMacLeod.

At home sipping ) ) ) ( ) ( ) ) ) _(___(____)____(___(_____ / RESIGN / | LISA /__ | MACLEOD. / \____________ / #ResignLisaMacLeod.

Oh, how I long for the halcyon days of a simple gas plant scandal. #ResignLisaMacLeod.

@MacLeodLisa Your resignation will put you in the cover of much more 😏 #ResignLisaMacLeod.

@MacLeodLisa Are you excited to be all over the news for your ignorant and insensitive comments? #ResignLisaMacLeod.

Lisa MacLeod has insulted parents and threatened health professionals. She isn’t listening to families about the destructive impact of her autism services changes. It’s time for her to do the honourable thing and resign. #ResignLisaMacLeod.

This is why discussions around #ResignLisaMacLeod need to avoid reinforcing the idea that the interests of a professional organization representing ABA are synonymous with the interests of autistic people..

She never would have been in his cabinet! Hence, the hatchet job #ResignLisaMacLeod.

finally a hashtag I can get behind. #ResignLisaMacLeod you have proven to be far from “for the people” and don’t deserve the attention you’ve been getting. Let’s find someone more competent..

Not to mention she made oppressive changes to OW/ODSP , which will make it harder for ppl with conditions like Post-Concussion Syndrome to be accepted. This will increase homelessness, not decrease it. @MacLeodLisa is an abject horror of a human being.#ResignLisaMacleod #ONPoli.

@fordnation @MacLeodLisa Why government has no business making changes to the education system. #ResignLisaMacLeod.

From our most vulnerable children& youth, to women & families fleeing violence, Minister Lisa MacLeod has consistently made decisions that cause them harm. As we head back to Queen’s Park next week, I’m hoping she does the right thing: #ResignLisaMacLeod.

Dr. Julie Koudys of @ONTABA1 joins me at 10:35 on @AM980News to tell us why #resignlisamacleod is trending..

“more akin to meeting with a mob boss than an elected official.” #ResignLisaMacLeod.

#resignlisamacleod is now trending in #Ottawa.

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