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  • Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA, will become our new Secretary of State. He will do a fantastic job! Thank you to Rex Tillerson for his service! Gina Haspel will become the new Director of the CIA, and the first woman so chosen. Congratulations to all!.

  • JUST IN: Under Secretary of State Steve Goldstein is being fired for contradicting the account of Rex Tillerson’s dismissal, White House official tells @PeterAlexander.

  • BREAKING: Trump ousts Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, will replace him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo

  • Rex Tillerson is unlikely to work for Big Oil again

  • #US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s sacking shows that Washington is set on quitting the nuclear deal between #Tehran and world powers, #Iran’s deputy foreign minister says.

    Rex Tillerson twitter.
  • @Tony_Artza And furthermore, Trump has refused to implement #RussianSanctions voted *almost unanimously by both parties in both houses of Congress.* He FIRED Tillerson for blaming Russia for attacking British citizens with NERVE GAS.

  • Jerome Corsi Show (Mar 14, 2018) - QANON DECODE Rex Tillerson, Gary Cohn... via @YouTube.

  • #BoycottNRA Betsy DeVos Stormy Daniels #SXSW #ThisIsUs House Republicans Rex Tillerson #Curse Elon Musk Drake Cabinet Wings #MarchMadness Keep America Great Big Sean Devin Nunes Sandy Hook Parkland State Department #SpaceForce County Conor Lamb #ToysRUs

    Rex Tillerson twitter.

  • Unemployment rate is so high in Kenya that Rex Tillerson came to Kenya and lost his job #NairobiRains.

  • BBC News - Trump fires Rex Tillerson as secretary of state

  • Here’s how Rex Tillerson’s exit could move oil prices

  • @CNN Now Mr. Tillerson will be able to return to the world of civilized behavior now that he has parted ways with our fucking moron on chief. Welcome back Rex. Thwe adult world has missed you..

  • Trump despidió a su secretario de Estado Rex Tillerson

  • @Acosta What a fucking moron. Said Rex Tillerson. And 68% of America..

  • Interesting details here. Objection: Palestinians dismiss the Trump team because they are settlers, not because they are Jews- "Palestinians pin hopes on Pompeo" via @AlMonitor.

  • Rex Tillerson: I Hope Trump Finds Out He’s Impeached on Twitter


  • @Amy_Siskind Rex Tillerson said it best!.

  • Rex Tillerson: I Hope Trump Finds Out He’s Impeached on Twitter 对不起我笑坏了哈哈哈哈哈😂

  • Hungry To Leave Power Games: Rex Tillerson via @YouTube.

  • @SenBobCorker Rex Tillerson spoke out against Russia releasing a concentrated nerve toxin in the UK and Trump fired him the next day. Is that what you mean by getting stronger? Dumbass.

  • Rex Tillerson diz que nada é possível sem aliados e parceiros

  • Rex Tillerson Slinks Home After His Wild Affair With Trump Inevitably Crashes And Burns - For Tillerson, the big question is, of course, what next? He made arrangements before moving to Washington to be able to return to ExxonMobil. But would they wan...

  • Trituradora Trump - ¿Quién será el siguiente? Rex Tillerson estaba en la lista al menos desde que llamo imbécil al presidente en una reunión con el gabinete de Seguridad de la Casa Blanca el pasado julio. Tillerson no supo contenerse ante la propuesta...

  • Retweeted George Takei (@GeorgeTakei): For the record, now former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson did not call...

  • @realDonaldTrump fires his subordinate Rex Tillerson for insubordination. Can President @MBuhari apply this same method on the IG of Police?.

  • @JimWest99034852 @ABC The news cycle has passed over Parkland and on to Rex Tillerson. The conversation, the longer it goes on, will slowly lose emotion and all that’s left will be the hard and fast logic of gun control protocols already mentioned. The walkouts today continue the conversation..

  • This is the president of the USA Trump. #ITMFA ‘Ordered’ Rex Tillerson to Eat Caesar Salad in China via @grubstreet.

  • I liked a @YouTube video Rex Tillerson FIRED, Conor Lamb Wins Special Election, Netflix’s Problems, Brianna.

  • @LurieforHouston Tillerson ran one of the largest companies in the history of the world. His experience and diplomacy spans all borders and disputes. His loss is incalculable. Sorry, Congressman, but I think firing Rex was a huge error..

  • Rex Tillerson: I Hope Trump Finds Out He’s Impeached on Twitter

  • Rex Tillerson just won the internet

  • Uncertainty rattles White House as Trump mulls further r shake-up Dr. Ben Carson should be fire too or at least ask him to step down, he is not be trust, who need a dinner set in a HUD or any other office, I do not bite his low heftiness, hi is a vulgar....