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“She hit you like how you hit Shannon? Or she hit you hard?” 🤔🤔 but I thought I DID hit Shannon hard? At least that’s what you’re now trying to claim months interesting how the story #RHOC.

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Old people’s entitlement to the “respecting your elders” is bull shit. Respect isn’t just given it’s earned and Braunwyn’s mom using that card was so fucking annoying. She looks like a pill popper who I definitely wouldn’t want as my physician #RHOC.

The woman that was on the side of the security guard was right, all the way until she got And then she got a little crazy. #RHOC.

We didn’t see the gentleman grab at Dr. Deb, but we sure as Efff saw Dr. Deb actually grab the gentleman in an aggressive ! #RHOC.

Why is this gigantor scumbag Ryan again on my television screen? #RHOC #ihopethatlaserhurts.

The girl Cathy owned brawn and kelly. She would rock this show and turn it upside down. She would own all of them quick like. #rhoc @bravotv @Andy.

Ryan has serious incel, angry entitled white man vibes going on. He is the perfect embodiment of the Trump supporter who is angry that he is not, in fact, going to inherit the earth just for being a white man. #RHOC.

Do you guys sometimes feel like Emily is just a figment of Gina’s imagination that no one else can see? #rhoc #bravo.

Braunwyn and Kelly met their match ass is always inserting herself in shit then plays victim! These bitches are clowns 🙄 #RHOC.

The origin story of Gina’s confessional look on tonight’s #RHOC was more compelling than The J*ker..

@RHOC_KellyDodd When you’re going thru a divorce, ladies, you don’t change your hair bc u have low self esteem. After a divorce & u try to make ur self feel better but what u really end up doing is making yourself really ugly. Case in point, Gina. Exhibit A 😂😂😂💯 #RHOC.

“She hit you like how you hit Shannon? Or she hit you hard?” 🤔🤔 but I thought I DID hit Shannon hard? At least that’s what you’re now trying to claim months interesting how the story #RHOC.

Just some advice for @BravoTV moving forward. We don’t need a little title card saying “Vicki”. We know when our queen walks into the room. But thanks anyway. Everyone knows the OG of the OC #RHOC.

@Realitytea I think the way she acted at her daughters fashion show speaks volumes, she cares about no one but herself. Causing drama to stick up for her mom but in the van she was acting like she was sticking up for her kids. She almost ruined her daughters event! Sociopath? #RHOC.

Omg can y’all imagine if Heather Dubrow was at Shannon’s birthday celebration? She had a meltdown when Kelly called Shannon a c*nt at that dinner party in season 11. What would she have done here? The yelling, rolling around on the floor, Tamra and #RHOC #BravoTV.

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I’d be doing the exact same thing as this lady. No shame either lmao. #RHOC #BravoTV.

Is Shannon really complaining about someone screaming in a public place? Really Shannon? #rhoc.

At this point I don’t even know why I’m watching this fucking shit 🤷🏼‍♀️ Can’t stand anyone except Kelly and Emily #RHOC.

A Cancer Scammer who bought a mouth full of dentures for a toothless hillbilly calling Braunwyn classless. Ok Vicki #RHOC.

Wait I thought Gina couldn’t go to Vegas #RHOC 🤔.

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#RHOC is so entertaining this season. I look forward to it. Mostly bc @RHOC_KellyDodd and @RealOCEmily are holding the whole show. Kelly with her slick mouth and one-liners and Emily with her warmth and transparency. The rest of the women can be recast for all I care. 👋🏼.

Gina shows up to EVERYTHING looking like the last crack whore leaving the #RHOC.

The damn train hasn’t been mentioned by anybody on the cast besides Tamra 🍊👀 It’s only come out of her lips #RHOC.

What in the name of drunk white women was going on at that dinner table tonight on #RHOC.

I’m so embarrassed for all these old ladies & I’m 50 & I go out a lot but this is horrific #RHOC.

Don’t forget to tune in tonight on @bravotv as we celebrate @shannonbeador birthday taking a train to San Diego. #rhoc #season14.

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