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Anyone who doesn’t understand how iconic this room is can kick rocks #RHONY.

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Laurie is my spirit animal. Replace all of MDLNY with her. #RHONY.

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Nothing about Tinsley or her supposed relationship makes sense. #RHONY.

@GigiDuplechien @BravoTV RIGHT!? Having #RHOBH and #RHONY back to back was a big it makes puppy gate look even worse than It already is which I didn’t know was possible.

@tonihtown And Scott is so basic. Tinsley needs to find someone who loves her and preferably one who looks like B’s ex. 🤭 #RHONY.

is anyone surprised Tinsley is putting a man’s needs ahead of her own? we’ve met her mother. #RHONY.

So, has anyone made a gif of the flower shop owner’s facial reaction after Ramona and Sonja left? 😂 #RHONY.

Really Tinsley?? You’re tripping over this McDonald’s wrapper?? Girl fuck him. He is NOT worth your tears!! #RHONY.

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Real Housewives of New York has to be the best show on television right now. If you disagree please let me know. I am 100% confident I will the argument. #RHONY.

I get what Tinsley means. She doesn’t want to call him and have the girls giggling in the background. I wouldn’t want a joke call from my boyfriend with guys sitting around on the call laughing at me. #rhony.

Luanne is a shit person, her attitude is so gross. The scene with Sonja & Ramona, where they are getting their hair & makeup done, is so cringy 😬 her manic self-obsessed mean girl laugh, it’s bizarre. #RHONY.

I only hope I can drop shade and one-liners as well as @DorindaMedley when I grow up. #RHONY.

I am aaaaalllll about this Bethenny hot ex boyfriend, IV, glam squad scene right now. #RHONY.

I would like to remind everyone that #RHONY is the reason every housewife has a that’s all. @BravoTV.

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i can literally feel serotonin leaving my body every time #rhony goes on commercial.

My my my Ramona. The best possible outcome following the Morgan letters breakdown #RHONY.

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The fancy outfits, dinner parties, extravagant vacations, and beautiful homes would be amazing and all, but I’m always really thankful for my incredibly boring middle class life after watching the housewives lol #RHONY.

@TinsleyMortimer you are way too pretty and seem like such a nice girl. You deserve someone who treats you like gold & that you can be yourself with! Don’t settle! #RHONY.

Luann is so unlikeable this season. This arrest is going to her head instead of making her realize she needs to get her sh*t together #RHONY.

“Meet me at Home Depot” [email protected] 😂 #RHONY.

The women need to leave Tinsley alone. All of them are divorced so what do they know about relationships? #RHONY.

RHOBH is to RHONY like Donald Trump is to Barack Obama. There. I said it. #RHONY #RHOBH.

Dorinda Has A Sexy Deep Voice. She Should Have Used It With Her Man, John. But Didnt We See This On #RHOA?! The Bus Ride. #RHONY.

Your in for a dazzling treat! ✨ Are you ready? Tune in TONIGHT @ 9/8c for a new episode of #RHONY @BravoTV.

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You could say keeping up with the Housewives is a full time job. Tune in TONIGHT @ 9/8c for a new episode of #RHONY.

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Anyone who doesn’t understand how iconic this room is can kick rocks #RHONY.

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