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Sheldon Keefe spent time chatting with Auston Matthews and Morgan Rielly before starting the morning skate..

Matthews, Marner, Rielly and Tavares played their asses off and I feel terrible for them. I hope we trade them to a team Bettman approves of so they can actually have a real chance of success..

Two periods in the books and the #Leafs are down 2-1. Nick Paul with two goals. Morgan Rielly the lone tally for Toronto..


@Chris_Krenn 🤣 what does the rule book say about crosschecks to the head and cross checks to the back where 5 strides were taken before contact? Asking for Rielly & Tavares respectively absolutely no way any Tampa fan or reporter can be complaining about the officiating this series.

Přislo mi, že Morgan Rielly odehrál svoji nejlepší #StanleyCup Playoff sérii v životě. I tak to nestačilo. #LeafsForever.

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so far getting a rielly tattoo and booking another trip to amsterdam.

RIELLY scoring and Teoscar hitting a home run at the exact same moment? Come on now that’s gotta mean something right?.

I love watching leafs in public and referring to morgan rielly as “Tessa Virtue’s boyfriend” to people and not telling them his actual name.

I think if you really wanted to galaxy brain the Leafs, you make Rielly a winger..

Matthews, Marner, Tavares, Nylander and Rielly led that comeback while every other player did their job. That’s the type of game they needed. Now play a full 60 on Thursday..

@ShutdownLine Tavares rolled 2 guys and Rielly ended up alone in the slot. TBL would like that one back for sure..


@twistedleafs I can’t decide what goal I like better. The rielly one or the willy one. So. Much. Hype.💙😫.

@Buds_All_Day So was I. And yeah, I mean they all did you’re right. Rielly with the huge tying goal but the pass from Tavares was a thing of beauty. Amazing play. And Willy with the huge 3rd goal and 3 Pt night. Marner the pass on the GWG. JACK with more heroics in net after the stinky 1st per.

@laurkelly24 @Steve_Dangle If the Leafs get Vasy they’d likely have been good enough to hold onto their old, terrible management and not end up with Matthews, Marner, or Nylander. With that hindsight I’d stick with the Rielly pick..

Morgan Rielly scored that winning goal purely because of and for @mo_gardiner in attendance. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

Rajiv Menon QC representing Tariq Ali, Piers Corbyn & Ernest Tate (who has now passed away) tells the inquiry that there is something fundamentally wrong and unfair about a public inquiry holding closed hearings.


@twistedleafs He had 2 great shifts before JT’s goal. That led to the sick play for Rielly’s. When Nylander FINALLY got his own G, he was rightfully fired tf up! He and Tavares literally took back control of the series.

@__JamesWood__ Blocked by Mikey Stephens?? haha how but it says: Rielly on the officiating: “I don’t know the rules, really”.

“On any sensible view, closed hearings should have no place in a public Inquiry into secret, political policing, particularly when the evidence concerns events that took place 40 or more years ago Why are anonymity and screens not sufficient safeguards?.

Menon questions how campaigners spied on can participate fully in the inquiry when the witness statements of the police who spied on them are withheld & they are denied the chance to ask qs.

Several spycops have given evidence behind closed doors to the inquiry with only their police lawyers present, excluding the public, campaigners & their lawyers.


@tom3_106 曇り時々(o^o^)o ウンウン♪ 良きことおこるねぇ〜きっと.

@WillCollie13 On a different note, good lord, Rielly was as clear as day on that tying goal. Nobody was on him and he got the shot he wanted..

@ThomasDrance @ThomasDrance the comeback today was a beauty, no matter how many haters try downplaying Matthews, Marner,Nylander, Rielly, Tavares we’re outstanding just need to carry it over #LeafsNation.


Three minutes after Morgan Rielly gets the Maple Leafs on the board, Nick Paul scores his second of the night to give the Lightning (+114 ML) a 2-1 lead. 😲 Live ML odds via @FanDuelCanada: Tampa Bay -245, Toronto +186.

@jkamckenzie Try to resign those you can at a reasonable price, bring in another goalie if you can’t bring back Campbell on a reasonable deal (he deserves to get paid), confirm the defense core around Rielly and get the youth developing in the system in case of cap issues..

@KevinRandhawa I think Rielly is ok but the team has to accept what he is and isn’t. I don’t think he can run a powerplay, and he’s not a franchise defenceman. But I think he’s still elite.

@__JamesWood__ mostly just wanted to tee you up to dunk on Rielly, it’s one of my fav James-isms ahah.

Jokes aside, I think that is about as far as the #LeafsForever can get until they quit acting like those great forwards can overcome a brutal defense unit and goalie tandem. I think Morgan Rielly is overrated and I think you could improve ALL 5 other Dmen with a 2nd rd.

@JFreshHockey How would you compare Rielly and Letang? I feel like they’re similar offensively skilled defensemen with flaws and the Pens won with Letang as their #1.

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