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  • Our world has gone digital, and our rights follow us into those digital spaces. At #RightsCon Toronto, we are very excited to convene a diverse community from 115 countries to explore the many intersections of #humanrights and #technology..

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  • #NetNeutrality live from #RightsCon, today at 3:30 pm ET. Our friends @freepress will be talking about the importance of defending these principles, which keep the internet open to *all speakers,* not only those who can pay for a fast lane. #FoE.

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  • Today at @rightscon, : Biometrics! I will discuss the problems, challenges and dangers of a national biometric ID without proper privacy and data protection safeguards..

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  • Our friends @freepress are streaming live from #RightsCon to fight for #NetNeutrality tomorrow & you can sign up to follow along here:.

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  • #RIghtsCon Toronto is here! Tune in for the live stream of opening ceremonies at 9am ET via @PsiphonInc:.

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  • Starting now - join @OpenObservatory to gain a technical understanding of how internet blackouts happen, why they happen through a contextual analysis, and who are most affected by them -- Shedding Light on Internet Blackouts #RightsCon room 201B.

  • Feeling that buzz of anticipation of hanging out with people who give a damn and are actually trying to fix things in the digital age. #RightsCon starts tomorrow..

  • At @rightscon? Join the “My first transparency report” panel and hear about TunnelBear and other organizations efforts in transparent reporting - 206A at 1030am read about our public audit here.

  • Excited to join #RightsCon tomorrow. Talking about who owns data and who should interpret it. Hint: the people studied, the people with lived experience and the people most impacted. With @AmiraElghawaby @biancawylie @justinwiebe @OntHumanRights #TorontoDeclaration.

  • Both @malachybrowne & myself will be at #RightsCon this week - find us if you fancy talking visual and open source investigations!.

  • Our @webfoundation schedule is packed for @rightscon but we hope we can share the work and vision of our founder @timberners_lee and our amazing 30+ team mission: Delivering Digital Equality..

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  • oh my gosh we thought you’d never ask do we got a blog post for you or what @citizenlab.

  • The coloniality of the algorithm: "New Toronto Declaration calls on algorithms to respect human rights".

  • Good morning from Toronto, at #RightsCon. Morning poll: Mark Zuckerberg has disputed that Facebook is a media company. Is Facebook a media company?.

  • A #Rightscon panel I want to see: “Old White Men Talk About The Future of the Internet” but it’s actually women and people of color doing satirical impressions of old white dude internet thinkfluencers..

  • Thank you EVERYONE for an amazing #RightsCon Toronto. Walking through the halls and seeing all the new connections was so inspiring. This community continues to grow and continues to fight for human rights in the digital age — for that I am grateful. See you soon Tunis :).

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  • A nice piece in the Toronto Star about my #RightsCon Ally Skills workshop by @ShreeParadkar:.

  • I am honored to lead the #RightsCon Translation Lab 2018, and looking forward to collaborate in translation using @speakbridge, with the amazing translators of @GVlingua and a shout out to @L10nLab volunteers joining us this year. More in Arabic, Spanish, and French tomorrow!.

  • 40 executive directors from digital rights organizations across the world met today to share experiences and map out future plans to protect our rights online. Day zero #RightsCon.

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  • As a first gen kid of immigrants, I really appreciate the discussion on the parallels between online (corporate, state) surveillance and offline (familial, community, patriarchal) surveillance on this gendered surveillance panel at #rightscon.

  • #RightsCon कोई विपक्ष को भी समझाये ? जीत एक ऐसी चीज़ है जो खुद चलकर तुम्हारे पास नाही आएगी .उसे लड़कर हासिल करना पड़ता है #BSYeddyurappa #RightsCon #DekhoChhattisgarhSeekhoVikas @RahulGandhi @yadavakhilesh @MamataOfficial @yadavtejashwi @divyaspandana @ArvindKejriwal.

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  • We are grateful for the work of these incredible people and delighted to use #RightsCon as a platform to showcase their efforts to defend digital rights. Find out more at:.

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  • Now at #RightsCon: Are biometrics in governance the next big thing? or a ticking time-bomb? @avilarenata joins the discussion. More details at:.

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  • Join us tomorrow @RightsCon "Effective 21st Century Organising: Learning From the Past, Building the Future" at RightsCon Toronto 2018. #RightsCon.

  • How can AI Ethics, Open Data, and Privacy communities work together to make progress on data rights? I look forward to moderating this #rightscon panel, with fabulous panelists @F_Kaltheuner @caffsouza @timdavies, Thursday May 17th at 10:30am in 206C..

  • Nueva publicación: "Mapa Centroamericano de Actores y Temas emergentes sobre la Libertad de Internet en Centroamérica" La presentamos comentada a las en @rightscon.

  • Having some great conversations at #Rightscon! It’s amazing and heartwarming to see so many Muslims here and have an official Iftar set up today..

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  • Thank you @CIVICUSalliance @accessnow @rightscon for giving @ArtLordsWorld of #Afghanistan the platform to talk about our innovation - the story of our team in the frontlines. #RightsCon2018.

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  • Loving this session on using sci-fi prototyping to imagine different digital futures. Q in room- do we need more utopian visions to counter all the dystopia? I think yes, and I would add more inclusive (think Black Panther) Useful tools in thread below #RightsCon @ODIHQ.

  • My fear is that the lack of nuance in Western discourse on information disorder lays the groundwork for free speech repression in many global contexts. #RightsCon.

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