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#NBAAllStar || @TheTraeYoung: “No te atreves a tirar desde el centro del campo, Luka”. @luka7doncic: “Sujétame el cubata”. Espectacular triple de Doncic en el #RisingStars. 🏀



Miss Linsey ()

Appreciation post for my little ones 💕 I love watching their eyes light up when learning. These kiddos consistently remind me of why I became a teacher 🥰 #LunchBunch #RisingStars


Gazette Sports ()

Bridges, Zion lead over World in #RisingStars Challenge


Rosa Cuevas ()

Ayer el equipo de Estados Unidos derrotó 151-131 al equipo del mundo en el #RisingStars. 🇺🇸 ⠀ El MVP del encuentro fue Miles Bridges, quien terminó con 20 puntos, 5 rebotes y 5 asistencias. 🙌🏻 Foto 📸:…

DanielAlazraki ()

That moment you see the server bringing the food out @luka7doncic @TheTraeYoung #RisingStars


Bronas Hoglund ()

One of the best things about the #RisingStars game last night was how much fun Luka has. Grinning ear to ear the whole time and the Bridges windmill dunk he is just standing there, front seat, huge smile. With Ja, Luka, Trae, #nba is in good hands

David L. Casey (He/Him/His) ()

#ZionWilliamson dunked so hard in the #RisingStars game that he bent the rim

Scoreboard.com ()

The full stats from last nights #RisingStars game at #NBAAllStar2020 RJ Barrett with 27 to lead all scorers.


Rubén Blanco ()

Así se quedó la canasta tras un mate de 😅 #NocheDeChavales #RisingStars


El área de Iván ()

#NBAAllStar || @TheTraeYoung: “No te atreves a tirar desde el centro del campo, Luka”. @luka7doncic: “Sujétame el cubata”. Espectacular triple de Doncic en el #RisingStars. 🏀

Giuseppe ()

#RisingStars @ZenoPisani Note positive Simon che fa attivitá di lobby con Zaione; Phil che prova a instillare la Mamba Mentality, partita non inguardabile. Poi il disastro dei due minuti finali, almeno avrebbe disapprovato.


TinyCamper ()

Wow. I have only seen a few twitter highlights of the #AllStarWeekend #RisingStars game but the scores plus the highlights plus the impromptu dunk contest make me think this was a tire fire that I’m glad I missed.

Rob ()

@rachelRACH10 Agree 100 percent and also @CobyWhite should have been on #RisingStars roster

Miami HEAT Spain (35-19) ()

🎥 Actuación destacada de nuestro Kendrick Nunn en la victoria del Team USA en el #RisingStars de anoche (151-131). 17 puntos con un más que decente 7-11 en tiros de campo.

Sanbasket ()

#RisingStars 🏀World 131. 🏀USA 151. Barrett 27-6-5, Clarke 22-8 y Sexton 21-5, Bridges 20-5-5, Paschall 23 Miles Bridges , Hornets, MVP

Runsselle Abueg ()

How about the Sexman @CollinSexton02 last night 21 pts 5 reb 3 ast 1 stl +/- +33 9-14 FG 3-6 3PT #nbaallstar #RisingStars 👀

Ribaund Basketbol ()

#NBAAllStar Yükselen Yıldızlar maçında kazanan ABD Karması oldu. Maçın özeti ve detaylı istatistiklerine bu linkten ulaşabilirsiniz: #RisingStars


Max ()

I really loved this years rising stars game, all these young players are so likeable and everyone has something special to offer in a game Really feel like this could be the next generation of superstars PS. That dunk that bent the basket was insane wtf #RisingStars #allstars

A place to relax, listen to good music, shop to your hearts content #RisingStars

(محمد)العبيط ()

#الأفراد29 ساسه على ساس حر ينكح جاريه يتبرون اهله منه ويعايرون قبيلته بها عيونه تطرح الطير من السماء ويتضوى على احول معناه ان في عقله خلل وهو الاحول #RisingStars نعيب ومتننا والعيب فينا وما لزماننا من عيب سوانا ن


🇳🇬Adason Joshua ()

@RisingStars_Ait @ProfOsinbajo 😅😅😅,I had to go check out your profile for the want of it and realised you’re a broadcast journalist,seriously???😂😂😂

Rimple Johal ()

Faster Than Usain Bolt? Karnataka Man Running With Buffaloes Covers 100 Metres in Just Seconds. I am sure India is having many more hidden talents. #RisingStars

Adeoye Kehinde David ()

@jayythedope If you ask me, I think you were actually heading for the EXCLUDING MONEY part🤣🤣

Greyson Knutson ()

There was a healthy stretch in the 3rd quarter of the #RISINGSTARS game when all 4 Canadians were on the floor with Luka, and man, I sure thought that was cool. It was like Adrian Griffin tailored the World lineup just for me haha

☚ Bernie #ABdocs4patients ☛
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