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Updated: July 23rd, 2021 03:41 PM IST

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5 years of development down the drain due to 5 years of overvaluing Rasmus Ristolainen.

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This guy has called me clueless multiple times for saying Ethan Bear is a top 4 d man yet he compares Ristolainen to fucking Chris Pronger. Who’s the delusional one now?

Ristolainen Photo,Ristolainen Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

He’s referring to Rasmus Ristolainen and dead serious: you can’t make this stuff #LetsGoBuffalo

Ristolainen Photo,Ristolainen Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Nurse-Barrie Keith-Ristolainen Russell-Bouchard Do it. Please. I want to see you guys all fired.

I’ve been getting DM’s recently from other fanbases in regards to what my honest opinion is of Ristolainen. I’ll just lay it out here. Tell your team’s scouts he’s big, underrated, scores goals like this on a nightly basis. Get him while you can #Sabres

@DKingBH Counterpoints: - They could trade Bear for Ristolainen AND sign Barrie - They’ll play with Nurse and Keith and goals against will be blamed on Puljujarvi anyways - Tippett and Holland will stay until their contracts are done & then be replaced by New Random Coach & Keith Gretzky

- Traded for Keith - Traded away Jones - Gave Nurse a massive bridge contract which will ensure he gets overpaid next yr. - Wants to trade Ethan Bear - Wants to sign Barrie - Wants to sign Ristolainen - Drafted Broberg. Ken Holland does NOT know how to evaluate defencemen.

I’m starting to think that Justin Mahe has been working on a project that predicted massive increases in effectiveness with lower TOI and QoC in defenders that play huge minutes. It’s the only way to explain going after Keith & Ristolainen

What I’m saying is don’t acquire Ristolainen. If you want to take a flyer on him, you can do it when his cap hit is much lower but don’t count on him in a top 4 role. He’s been crushed in Buffalo & fed minutes he hasn’t earned based on performance because Buffalo.

@JeffVeillette they’re screwed anyway. as a Sabres fan I see all the signs. 3 years of disappointment/denial, expexting flawed prospects to save you. Myers as Ristolainen. Pettersson trade in 3 years.

In other words, goal differential has been more than twice as bad with Ristolainen on the ice. Shot differential goes from almost break-even to minus-6 per hour.

Ristolainen has played 1st pairing minutes since he was 21 and has been lit up every single year. He’s never had a positive impact at any point in his career. Maybe he’d be better in a reduced role away from Buffalo. Maybe. Or maybe not. He’s already 27.

Ristolainen makes $ and is a year away from free agency. Sabres 5v5 shot/goal difference with and without Ristolainen the last three years: With: shots/hour goals/hour W/O: shots/hour goals/hour In his defence, the TOI tends to be tough.

Oilers continue to push a 3 year deal. Barrie prefers 4. Also, Oilers have kicked tires on Ristolainen.

5 years of development down the drain due to 5 years of overvaluing Rasmus Ristolainen.

@TopDownHockey Can’t wait to see a Morrissey, Stanley, and Ristolainen defensive corp

How great would it be if the Jets iced this D corps next year: Morrissey-Ristolainen Stanley-Pionk Beaulieu-Gudbranson 😈

if the sabres get a first round pick for rasmus ristolainen i’ll never complain again

On parle que le CH a également ajouté John Klingberg a sa liste de magasinage. Plusieurs RD sur cette liste dont Ristolainen. On veut un top 4 du coté de MB.

Which team will make a move on Rasmus Ristolainen? 👀

Ristolainen Photo,Ristolainen Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

According to Pierre LeBrun, #Habs have interest in Rasmus Ristolainen, but he believes there are a few other D that Bergevin has shortlisted as targets, ahead of the Buffalo defenseman.

@xJDMMAx @NHL_Watcher Ristolainen is untouchable, as far as I’m concerned. Maybe Okposo and Eakin. If we must toss in a 6th rounder in 2031, I can be convinced. McDavid hasn’t won anything, definitely a locker room cancer.

Ça fait juste 6 mois que je vous en parle que le CH est intéressé a Ristolainen.

Lots of good info in here, including Montreal’s interest in Rasmus Ristolainen. However: “the Habs have a few other defencemen on their shortlist slotted ahead of Ristolainen.”

I will eat sand if Ristolainen fetches a first round pick. I’m pinning the tweet and everything.

.@PierreVLeBrun reports that the Jets and Canadiens are among several teams to express interest in Ristolainen.

“The Sabres have some pretty solid interest from teams on Rasmus Ristolainen.” @PierreVLeBrun with the who, where and why.

From @PierreVLeBrun latest article: The #Sabres general asking price for Rasmus Ristolainen is a first-round pick and a prospect. The Jets and Canadiens are among those who have expressed interest.

Ristolainen Photo,Ristolainen Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

jets are gonna lose demelo and sign ristolainen this is so sad

Further to what I discussed on Insider Trading, updates on Price, Landeskog, Kaprizov, Ristolainen and Stralman in my latest Rumblings for ⁦@TheAthletic⁩ ⤵️

The latest on the Price/Seattle saga. Kraken talking to Larsson and Hamilton among other pending UFA’s. Ristolainen trade talk in connections to the Habs and much more. ⁦@TSNHockey⁩

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