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#Game7 it is for the @EdmontonOilers and @LAKings! Tyson Barrie put Edmonton ahead with 5:10 remaining to fend off elimination and force one final showdown at Rogers Place. #NHLStats:.

Rogers Place Photo,Rogers Place Photo by NHL Public Relations,NHL Public Relations on twitter tweets Rogers Place Photo

The Edmonton Oilers are moving on to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs after a 2-0 win over the Kings Saturday night at Rogers Place..

For round 2, hope the Oilers learn from their mistake of the first round. For away games, pack the plaza not getting people inside Rogers Place. #MossPit.


The Edmonton Oilers are moving on to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs after a 2-0 win over the Kings Saturday night at Rogers Place..


I saw about 50 cops already outside of Rogers Place ready to party of this period goes well. #LetsGoOilers.

this country would be a much better place if we had a 1984-like daily ritual where everyone had to watch an episode of mr. rogers’ neighborhood.

Mikko Koskinen and the Edmonton Oilers vs Los Angeles Kings 🏟 Rogers Place #NHL #StanleyCup.

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Photos: Edmonton Oilers vs Los Angeles Kings, Game 7 at Rogers Place.

@AzorcanGlobal As much as BOA would be amazing and nail-bitting all at just want more games at Rogers Place. Fans were amazing this series!.

@LAKings Make sure Connor mcdavid gets this before he walks out of rogers place.

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Wow. The volume of fans at Rogers Place is just incredible Smith has been outstanding. Connor… no words. That guy is just astounding. #LetsGoOilers THIS is how to play to win the cup..

McJesus at 3:54 to make it 2-0. Every community from Rogers Place south has just guaranteed themselves a skullbusting hangover. Looking at you Whyte Ave.

LETS GO. Oilers with a goal at 6:45 left in the 2nd. Everyone in Rogers Place just got a little bit more throttled.

Oilers tem mais disparos ao gol, toma conta das ações ofensivas, mas tá faltando a finalização em dia. Pressiona, pressiona e não consegue balançar o gol de Jonathan Quick. Fim do 1°Q, segue 0 a 0 no Rogers Place. #BrasilTemNHL #LetsGoOilers.

0-0 after 20 minutes in game 7 between #LetsGoOilers and #GKG from Rogers Place. LISTEN:.

Watch warmups live as the Oilers host the Kings in Round 1 Game 7 from Rogers Place in the Stanley Cup Playoffs..

Rogers Place fans > ... I’m sorry but leafs fans just don’t know how act in these situations and Edmonton has been quite cursed as well.

This is no time to be attempting to get The Wave going at Rogers Place. Worst fan participation activity in sports. #LetsGoOilers #LAvsEdm.

On an industrial estate in south Wales sits a once-groovy building designed by Richard Rogers. When it was built in 1982 for Inmos, a government-owned tech company, Britain was a big noise in tech.

@Ravermah @matthewiwanyk But they are and that’s the point. Every away game there is a watch party in Rogers Place that they sell tickets to. They shut down the outdoor area on those nights so people will go into Rogers..

@nielsonTSN1260 What an amazing atmosphere both at Rogers Place and downtown Edmonton tonight.

@EdmontonOilers He will have his ears checked out once hitting LA after hearing the deafening noise at Rogers Place.

BARK ANDRE FURRY. The Stelter family is the gift that keeps on giving. Cannot wait to see Ben and Connor together again, in Edmonton. Give me Dallas, so we can see Ben at more games at Rogers Place!!!!!!!!.

APENAS. PLAY LA BAMBA! EXPLODE O TORCEDOR NO ROGERS PLACE! Os Oilers vencem por 2 a 0, fecham a série em 4 a 3 e avançam pra segunda rodada dos playoffs da NHL. Foi no sufoco, mas foi. Vamos pra cima! #BrasilTemNHL #LetsGoOilers.

#LetsGoOilers are the third team to ever win a #StanleyCup Playoffs Game 7 at Rogers Place in Edmonton. This was their first ever Game 7 in Rogers Place history..

@EdmontonOilers please Play #LaBamba for Mike Smith and the epic Crowd at Rogers Place.

Those Oilers! #StanleyCup Playoffs Very happy for them, I love Rogers Place for some reason… #GoBolts.

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