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Roses are red but that’s implicit actively fight oppression or else you’re complicit

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Grace guess ()

@kaateee_10 ‘s boyfriend called her a few minutes ago & told her that he actually had to work until 10:30 tonight and she facetimed to tell me how mad she was and then he waLKS IN MID FACETIME WITH ROSES I MEAN HOW STINKING CUTE

Blackburn Rovers ()

🌹 Roses are Red 👕 #Rovers in grey ⚽️ Bucko and ✅ Made it six wins away! #CHAvROV 🔵⚪️

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♡ jinsoultitties is locked ()

damn. I rlly saw someone say “I think bts should d*sband” bc someone else said “I think got7 should d*sband” I think you both should deactivate and go smell the roses

Harkins Theatres ()

Roses are red. Sonic is blue. Earth needs a hero. A hedgehog will do! Enter for your chance to win a Sonic the Hedgehog prize pack!

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Mamacita 💋 ()

I never thought I’d be in a hotel room filled with roses petals, balloons, candles, bears, chocolate allat aghhhh 😭

CHAMPIONS 🏆🏆🇩🇿🇩🇿 ()

J’ai dit à ma mère qu’on m’avait khtob elle m’a dit « ouais c ça t’es partie à la marche pour la mosquée la » (ils distribués des roses) meme elle sait que ...

𝑥𝑖𝑢𝑤𝑒𝑛 ♬ d-2 ()

omg. i cant believe this! so he approached me with roses in his hand. at first i thought he was going to give it to someone else but then it was clear that he was walking towards me with a sweet smile. as he handed me the roses, he shyly asked me out. i replied of course, jyp💞

Devin Reaves ()

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, February is Black History Month, You forget about us all year I expect it this month too!

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EvolvingWild ()

Roses are red I need a flask Nino Niederreiter for Victor Rask

College Democrats of Nebraska ()

Roses are red Dems are blue You registered to vote yet? What you waiting for boo?

G. ()

I hope someone loves me enough to set up a hotel room with roses everywhere, candles lit, etc. I atleast want to experience that ONCE 😍 & of course I want to do it for someone as well. Soon!

Flow 💎 ()

Woke up to mcdonalds breakfast and these beautiful roses. Thank you @LTZONDA and happy valentines day ❤

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OurDUFC ()

Roses are red Violets are blue Dundee United Six Dundee FC Two

The Spurs Web ⚪️ ()

😂 Tottenham fans away to Slavia Prague in 2008 on Valentines day: You can stick your red roses up your arse, I love Totenham more than you! #THFC #COYS

PayetEuro2020 🇷🇪 ()

Pourquoi vous avez besoin d’un jour spécial pour prouver votre amour à quelqu’un ? Genre des roses et un cadeau, on en trouve que pour le 14 février ! Il faut vraiment être con pour tomber dans ce piège !

The Kathmandu Post ()

Every February 14, people celebrate love. Red roses, chocolates, and presents are bestowed by lovers who leave no stone unturned to make this day special. To mark this special day, we bring to you a few stories of love. — by @ankitkhadgi

Super Duper Rigo 🎈 ()

“Roses are red, you left me on man fuck all this I need to go to ” 😔💔 - @TrevWall


Roses are red, Violets are blue, Kill 1 enemy using the FG42 ❤️ Playing BFV today @EA_Australia @Battlefield

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Natasha Faith ()

Best valentines day ever was at work and he gave me chocolates and roses from the krogers next door and surprised me in the break room

GennaRose Nethercott ()

@haszombiesinit Roses are red lilacs are fragrant a crossroads book deal with the devil might save it

Evan Daniel ()

Roses are red Violets are blue Two bangs on a trash can And a changeup coming for you 2017 Astros dugout, probably.

Nagina Khan, PhD ()

@MaggieKeresteci Roses are Red, Violets are blue There just isn’t enough #HealthCareForAll, Someone needs to pick up the pieces, So that patient’s can get the #healthcare they deserve.

.baby.mark. ()

Aventura tickets Reservations at Kirbys Reservations at Westin Woodlands Teddy bear made of roses Reservations at Morton’s Massages Pedis And gym sometimes i don’t mind why i tried w his dumbass. All this and I’m solo this weekend.

Archris ()

roses are red, violets are blue, your smile makes me wonder if i can have you. - happy hearts day.

Truffle 🕸 Kayleigh ()

Roses are red, and before push comes to shove, stop mistaking your trauma bonding for love.

B R Y C E ()

tomorrow rlly boutta be 6 years since dead roses was released @iamblackbear

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4 time oscar winner parasite ()

my school did a rose sale to benefit a womans shelter and i got four roses im🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

Austin ()

Don’t forget to get your significant other some roses and a little something from Tiffany’s

Trump War Room - Text WOKE to 88022 ()

Elizabeth Warren: Roses are red, my selfies are fake, when I raise taxes it’s your money I’ll take.

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Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg ()

Roses are red but that’s implicit actively fight oppression or else you’re complicit

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