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@petermansbridge @RosieBarton #rosiemustgo my tax dollars aren’t for you anymore.

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@CBCNews Ghostbusters security deflects from #defundthecbc #RosieMustGo storyline.

@christoaivalis Hey man are you going to cover the whole #defundthecbc and #RosieMustGo on your youtube? Love your vids, Keep up the fight against the salt miners lol.

@CBCPolitics The Trudeau liberals are as credible as #DefundCBC and #RosieMustGo . Just another one of his theatrics to get votes. Any real threat would have shut that place down..

The CBC is paid for by the public and ergo owned by the public. Their content is public, to be used by all Canadians. Their staff are our employees. Rosie, you’re fired. #RosieMustGo #DefundCBC.

@SpencerFernando Yep. #defundthecbc and #RosieMustGo . Unethical ‘journalism’ at its worst..

#RosieMustGo #DefundCBC What Was the CBC Thinking?: A Closer Look at the Video Clips in its Copyright Lawsuit Against the Conservative Party via @mgeist.

@Pauls_Musings wrong. I am a very educated woman. 8 years post secondary education in Chemistry, paralegal diploma, licensed paralegal, and I think #RosieMustGo . she is so biased. she drools over Trudeau.

@bmyska @bcbluecon #DefundCBC How can she do ANY political broadcasts on air with the lawsuit happening? #RosieMustGo.

@colbycosh @ezralevant It could be worse Colby, you could wake up and find out you are suing yourself! #DefundTheCBC #RosieMustGo.

To be clear #RosieMustGo only boosts her market value. The con trolls & bots attacking @RosieBarton are only giving her contract leverage. This alt-right, Trumpian style attempt to smear a real journalist (rewatch English debate) is pathetic. At me for a block trolls..

@petermansbridge @RosieBarton She clearly signed up for it & has a very obvious bias seen by all. This is long before the clips in the ad or this lawsuit was filed. She attacks Scheer past the point of tough questions, while not only giving Trudeau a pass, but actively defending him. #RosieMustGo #DefundCBC.

@petermansbridge @RosieBarton Not Trolls! Cdns sick of being used as ATMs to fund the CBC’s bullshit partisan opinion pieces. The lawyers engineering this lawsuit are working for the benefit of the corrupt LPC who are once again using taxpayer dollars to benefit their campaign #DefundCBC #RosieMustGo ✈️✈️.

@davidakin #RosieMustGo is not that smart. This is proof! Let’s hope we never have to watch her on any TV in the #DefundCBC.

@petermansbridge @RosieBarton #rosiemustgo my tax dollars aren’t for you anymore.

@RosieBarton @salimah_shivji Will you reply to the question has the liberal party been given a pass on identical situations? BC we know they have. Get yojr meaty little hands on your phone and reply. #defundthecbc #RosieMustGo i hope u lose your funding. Partisan journalism is a joke..

@RosieBarton @salimah_shivji Your just a complete fatce of a journalist. Your a sellout and far to lazy to search ojt real news u just re barf the liberal agenda. #defundthecbc #RosieMustGo.

I’m a rare conservative who always supported the @CBC I felt it was important for smaller communities and Canadian identity, not anymore #DefundCBC #RosieMustGo.

@reicurran @itsTim_eh #DefundCBC and Scheer’s budget will be even better. #RosieMustGo.

@RosieBarton This is corrupt. The liberal government has bribed you with millions and you are using a tax payer platform for your own liberal agenda. You are trying to get the liberals elected but what you have done is make millions of Canadians vote against liberals. #DefundCBC #RosieMustGo.

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