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7 year old Sammy Davis Jr singing in his film debut Rufus Jones for President, 1933.

🗣️ New to the Pro Football Hall of Fame  The jersey that @Titans rookie punter Ryan Stonehouse was wearing when he broke Hall of Famer Sammy Baugh’s 82-year-old, single-season NFL record of yards per punt with 📹: @NFLonCBS.

Sammy Photo,Sammy Photo by Pro Football Hall of Fame,Pro Football Hall of Fame on twitter tweets Sammy Photo

So Sammy Wilson is in favour of giving Gov the ability to sack striking workers, apparently in the name of protecting public services. If that’s the rule he thinks fit for nurses and fire fighters, should the same not apply to his striking MLA colleagues?.

Matt Murray: “I thought Sammy did a great job for us coming in cold” @TheHockeyNews.

Two man advantage, it was bound to happen. Sammy has played incredible and that’s obviously not on him. #LeafsForever.

SAMMY ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? The Leafs HAVE to find a way to get that puck out after he makes an unbelievable couple of saves like that. Help your goalie out, fellas. #LeafsForever.


i cried when sammy fabelman had that young spielberg-esque hair at the end of the film.

@__Sammy__xP Yea I’ve seen the improvement. Lowkey all of the ones I’ve seen you make are fire.

@ya_gurl_ade_ Thankkk you 💕 Ive been trying to get better and better as I make these! 💕💕.

@4astrnt Eu fico triste porquê jurava que ia vir um shutout pro Sammy, maldito powerplay. 🪚.

@MapleLeafs That’s what happens when you the bad sloppy penalties, Sammy comes up with a HUGE save and we don’t clear the zone #LeafsForever.


Eep! With a 2 man advantage that was probably going to happen ….. poor Sammy didn’t deserve that.

@Sammy190830 Sammyママさんたくさんご紹介ありがとうございます🥺全てAmazonみてみました!勉強になります☺️.

@JoeShedler @cshanny56 Sammy gets hot. That’s what he does. The key is not letting him get cold. That’s what he’s done. You really can’t let the recent results change the plan much..


@heath_buck @Jagga81 I wasn’t going to name names but yep, nail on head. Bloke sounds sloppy 😂 I feel bad for Sammy Edmund having to partner him. No footy doesn’t help of course….

@ota_IX たまに66%なはずなのに全然当たらない時ありますよね笑 Sammyなので北斗天昇みたいにゲーム数依存で何かやってるか疑いたくなる時があります....

@SF_Q46 I wouldn’t say the scheme. Some of it is personnel decisions. Like why are you trying to use Sammy Watkins for anything? Failed in Buffalo and Bmore…TWICE.

I was a HUGE Ryne Sandberg fan as a kid. He and Shawon Dunston were my GUYS. Just read his comments on Sammy Sosa not playing the game the right way. Ahem. Fuck Ryne Sandberg..


Get “checked”. Next time Sammy goes to clean up Kensington Ave, you should show up and help..

@SAMMY_BOT_ ネギもいいけどイチゴパフェも捨て難い・・・あ、ごめんなさい、何か言いました?.

making myself a turkey sammy for tomorrow but taking a bite out of the turkey which I’m sure will upset me later.

@Alejandro__vH Samsul=sammy Korpuk/krupuk=corvux Cara=cara Dipilih aja Lean✨😉Wkwk -corvux.

@thelilianajas Hello darling it is Sammy. love you Sammy.

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@sammy_mcsam @Cernovich Most prominent Ashkenazi rabbi of this century had about 1400, but I have even read of people with over 2000 descendants.

Sammy Photo,Sammy Photo by litvishhocker,litvishhocker on twitter tweets Sammy Photo

@Sammy_GiJiN ありがとうございます🥹気圧の影響確かに受けやすいのでそれもあるかもですね…😂 サマンサさんも手術お疲れ様でした💦.

あ、今日ローチケのキングダムハーツブラスバンドコンサート大阪公演当落くる(;・ω・) アポ中だから携帯開けへんな….

dean, Castiel e Sammy, os 3 são meu panic pq o denn tem cara de que vai me causar depressão gravíssima, o castiel é uma cópia minha e o sammy é o loirinho que trataria a mãe bem, eu chamaria todos eles pra assistir serie de serial killer comigo..

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