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Ilya Samsonov remains unbeaten in regulation at home this season. He’s 11-0-1 in Toronto as a Leaf..

Ilya Samsonov remains unbeaten in regulation at home for the Leafs this season. Now 12-0-1 with a .938 save percentage..

Ilya Samsonov looks like he’s testing a new pair of skates after practice. The shorts might set a new fashion trend. #leafs.

Samsonov Photo,Samsonov Photo by Mike Zeisberger,Mike Zeisberger on twitter tweets Samsonov Photo

Ilya Samsonov on some playoff payback tonight against the Florida Panthers: For me, important win because we lost with Washington in playoffs ... It’s huge. Huge..

Ilya Samsonov said he wasn’t aware of the shots on goal after the first period. He says ever since he came to North America he doesn’t ever look at the scoreboard during games except to count down PK..

Ilya Samsonov: “This was a huge win. For the mantle. For the team.” @TheHockeyNews.

luke fox
Luke fox

Samsonov says he had no idea how many shots he faced in Period 1 because he only looks at the scoreboard to check time remaining on penalties..

#Leafs lines during warmup vs. FLA Jan. 17/23 Bunting-Matthews-Nylander Jarnkrok-Tavares-Marner McMann-Kampf-Engvall AstonReese-Kerfoot-Hunt Rielly-Liljegren Giordano-Holl Benn-Timmins Murray (starter) Samsonov @BodogCA @RinkWideTOR.

Matt Murray’s SV% in his last 6 appearances: .500 (pulled after 8 shots), .882, .970, .944, .808, .929 Ilya Samsonov’s SV% in his last 6 appearances: (in relief for Murray), .864, .957, .844, .882, .842 Still too early to run with either one of those guys as starter imo.

luke fox
Luke fox

Ilya Samsonov jokes that he was “playing with two blockers” tonight. Got a glove on ton of shots but didn’t always squeeze it..

Keefe on starting Samsonov tonight: In a case like this, the decision is quite easy. Sammy came in and did a terrific job for us (against FLA in relief of Murray). Murr is coming off playing two in a row. This was an easy one. #Leafs.


2-1 vs NSH: Timmins —> (Murray?)* - SV% *never officially confirmed 5-4 vs FLA: (Murray?) —> Samsonov - came in cold to replace Murray - no goals allowed on 11 shots 4-1 vs WPG: Samsonov —> Matthews - two goals, including the GWG - named “Last Man In” to the ASG.

Samsonov Photo,Samsonov Photo by kt,kt on twitter tweets Samsonov Photo

Samsonov says he tries not to look at the scoreboard during the game when he plays. Says it’s a rule he’s had ever since he came to North America. @TheHockeyNews.

Make a save challenge. Samsonov is 10-0-1 at home and you go back to Murray who let in a couple soft goals against Boston just a couple of nights ago. He’s let in 3 goals on 7 shots tonight. Not saying they’re all his fault, but that last one CAN’T go in… #LeafsForever.

Samsonov: “Felt like I was playing with two blockers today” Mentions there were a ton of hard shots from the Jets that bounced off his glove. @TheHockeyNews.

Ilya Samsonov is heading into the Leafs net after Matt Murray gives up 4 goals on 8 shots..

JD Bunkis
JD Bunkis

Samsonov was big and the Leafs were by far the better team, but you’ll never convince me the physical response in the second didn’t spark the comeback. Leafs Talk live now @SamAMcKee 💻📱:.

Samsonov Photo,Samsonov Photo by JD Bunkis,JD Bunkis on twitter tweets Samsonov Photo

Samsonov and Nylander save the day after Murray falters in the early going as the #leafs defeat the Panthers in a penalty-filled affair. @RobWong34 and I have your @RinkWideTOR postgame. ⤵️.

Samsonov some big stops on the power play, versus the team that cashed in his Caps last year in playoffs..

It’s obviously safe to say that was Matt Murray’s worst game as a Leaf thus far, despite only facing 8 shots. However, good job on Samsonov coming in cold & stopping all 11 shots from basically the beginning of the 2nd period to the final horn. #LeafsForever.

Samsonov was phenomenal on that penalty kill, a shame he surrendered a goal right at the end.

The Leafs 2nd period response and stability Samsonov has provided has been everything I’ve wanted to see from this team for the past 7 years. Let’s go Leafs are taking this one 5-4!!.


Matthews, Samsonov lead Leafs to impressive victory over Western Conference leading Jets: Muzzy’s Muzings.

Florida’s bench is livid. Toronto’s player played back a loose stick to Samsonov and then Bennett got a penalty seconds after. MAURICE is standing on top of the bench.

Samsonov Photo,Samsonov Photo by Alex Baumgartner,Alex Baumgartner on twitter tweets Samsonov Photo

@sheenzaw @spittinchiclets Murray had a bad game, Samsonov came in cold, gave up zero goals, and they got the job done. What are you even talking about?.

The three stars for the game are - ⭐️: William Nylander (TOR) ⭐️⭐️: Mitchell Marner (TOR) ⭐️⭐️⭐️: Ilya Samsonov (TOR).

Not about to blame Hellebuyck for this game yet, but Samsonov is the best goaltender on the ice tonight. #NHLJets.

Samsonov at home: 10-0-1 Samsonov on road: 2-4-0 Murray at home: 4-1-1 Murray on road: 7-4-1 Obviously it’s easier to say this now, but I honestly would’ve gone to Samsonov tonight. This is Murray’s 4th game in the teams last 5. Why not go to Samsonov tonight? #LeafsForever.

@TicTacTOmar So wild. If it’s a delayed penalty on the Leafs and Florida has the puck then the play is still live and Florida can technically score. So if Bennett knocks Samsonov’s stick away…then that’s also a penalty as the play is still going..

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