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I vote that we only cast ScarJo as trees or animals from here on..

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@CinematicVenom Please let this be trolling to make fun of people who are mad about ariel but defend scarjo.

Can ScarJo come here and play the role of f&b purchaser so I can go home and sleep?.

eu vi na tml e resolvi fazer só agora, respondem de acordo com o seu fandom pra mim criar as listinhas e ser mutual de vocês com mais frequência ❤ now united 💜 marvel 💙 camila cabello 💚 scarjo/cevans/rdj/lizzie 🧡 the walking dead/the 100 🖤 katelyn nacon/karol sevilla.

@tinystardustt @bangoxxbango66 Justin Chatwin jadi Son Go Ku? Gue tumbuh dengan mengenal goku sebagai orang asia Mayor Kusanagi jadi orang eropa(ScarJo)? Shit😂 Ancient one(pribumi tibet) cewe british kulit putih? Lol😂 Final joke : Avatar racebender🤣.

@_FullMetalWitch And one tree, who is perfect for those moody moments where ScarJo stares at something..

The only way you can make this leap is if you don’t recognize the humanity of trans folk and how the ScarJo casting aid in their erasure and continue to elevate heteronormativity and Whiteness. It’s much easier to just say you don’t care and go than to make false equivalences..

Marvel can be a true pain in the ass right scarjo? cLoWnErY.

Last year ScarJo was the highest paid female actor in Hollywood, making $ million. The fact that she still feels she deserves to take up space and jobs away from trans/PoC actors is a microcosm of how people still don’t really understand how “allyship” works..

Last week: Anyone should be able to play Ariel! This week: ScarJo wants to play someone else? Cancelled!!! You guys are funny..

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I vote that we only cast ScarJo as trees or animals from here on..

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