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“Mr. Scheer disqualified himself from constructive discussions with his unacceptable speech earlier today,” said @JustinTrudeau when asked why he didn’t invite @AndrewScheer to a meeting of party leaders to discuss a resolution to the protests and blockades. #cdnpoli

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Nancy Crouse ()

...a bitter, uncooperative, pouty and pathetic person, ignorant of the history of Indigenous peoples, their disposition with law enforcement on their territory. Andrew Scheer Said “Wet’suwet’en Protestors Are Radical, A Mob & Wants The RCMP To Get Involved

Sandra ()

@MrStache9 Could be when Scheer brought the non-confidence vote against the Libs. Or when he said @CPC_HQ stands with the elected indigenous leaders as opposed to the hereditary chiefs. Or when Scheer suggested following the rule of law. Liberals find common sense confusing.

Dan Harmer ()

The shooting of Dudley George came a day after newly elected Ontario Conservative premier Mike Harris told the OPP I want the fucking Indians out of the park. This is what Scheer, MacKay, O’Toole and other Cons want. More dead indigenous people and supporters.

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Andrew Thomson ()

Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett calls the CPC motion divisive and follows the inflammatory rhetoric of Andrew Scheer and Peter MacKay.

Concerned🇨🇦Granny/ Support for Resistors ()

@PeterMacKay Every time Trudeau tries to answer a question the conservatives hoot and holler to drown him out. How is that mature governing. The speaker has to reprimand them every ten minutes. Decorum means nothing to scheer and minions.

Monica Henry Chevanel : Proud CDN... ()

A little political honesty would go a long way. Andrew Scheer is finally posing as Opposition but in reality CPC have signed on to UN Agenda 21 2030, are in bed with SNC & had been all thru Harper govt, & Scheer is courting the same Quebec Crony Capitalists as Trudeau 👉#PPC

~Cheryl~© ()

@NinjaSocialist @SmithfieldJack This is the 2nd time in a matter of months that CN has had a problem, and Scheer has held Trudeau responsible. I find that a bit odd

James Wooten ()

Save this tweet and reflect upon how utterly inappropriate it is for a potential leader of a political party to be promoting vigilante action. Save it for when MacKay tries to replace that other bumbling dolt, Scheer, or for the next federal election. #cdnpoli

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Vicki Campbell 🇨🇦 ()

Spin master Scheer. Who knows better than him that there are radical protesters? Maybe because he’s funding them? Then he goes back to the HoC, makes hateful disgusting comments & then uses the blockades against the PM. Con 101: Create a problem then use it against your enemy.

True North ()

Enforcing the law is racist, Andrew Scheer gives the speech of his career, Conservatives are not welcome in the democratic process and a Liberal buys ads to shut down jobs in Alberta. This is The @CandiceMalcolm Show! #cdnpoli

Mayday ()

I’m seeing some Canadians are starting to rally behind Scheer again because he’s saying some big boy words Did they forget he -Was caught on video submitting to Islamist’s -Hired lying leftist smear campaigner Warren “the prince of darkness” Kinsella -Was defeated by blackface

FAZ Feuilleton ()

Satyrspiele im Vatikan: In der Serie „The New Pope“ zieht Paolo Sorrentino alle Register. Es geht um Dekadenz, Macht, Prunk und Sex. Aber dann doch auch um das Göttliche. Mittendrin schürzt ein großartiger John Malkovich die Lippen (von Ursula Scheer)

Littledan ()

You know, Trudeau may very well have inflicted unrecoverable damage to himself with this little foray into incoherency. Canadians across the country are feeling the effects of Trudeau gone mad. His speech in the HoC vs that of Scheer was night and day. #CarryOnYouCrazyLiberals

Cynthia w Nelson ()

Canadians like Andrew Scheer and anyone else who believes that this should be resolved through force should check their privilege. — Grand Chief William (Billy) Morin

Arthur Atkinson 🇨🇦 🏳️‍🌈 ()

#AlbertaStrong ? Right. the most insecure, petulant province in confederation. They think Andrew Scheer is a tough guy! ooooooh! lol.

Jagmeet Singh ()

Federal solutions to growing national crisis: Mr. Scheer: Call an election! PM Trudeau: 0 Our proposal: De-esclation 1) PM should meet with the Wet’suwet’en hereditary Chiefs 2) PM should appoint a special mediator to facilitate discussion 3) The police need to stand down

Man of the Night ()

@DJChocolateMLK @gtlem Theory: Scheer is trying to save his own skin. This is his peak. Everything else is downhill for him. He thinks if he can win and he’ll hold onto the leadership. This would be in line with his sense of entitlement and hubris. Frankly, I think he delusional.

ℳatt ()

when Andrew Scheer tries to make a Simpsons joke

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♥️💙Motomom ()

There’s only ONE person in Canada that can defeat Trudeau! That’s @AndrewScheer!! Canada needs you! We fought for you!! Fight for us! @CPC_HQ We want Scheer!! Without him the CPC is over and so is Canada!!

Vicki Campbell 🇨🇦 ()

This is what you get from a sore loser. This what you get from Andrew Scheer when he gets rejected by 3 other parties. You get cartoons. And he’s probably still wondering why he wasn’t invited. Honestly, the childish behaviour conservatives display is astounding.

Alex Luck ()

Wow, #Bundeswehr will rename some of their household #DeutscheMarine infrastructure, including Tirpitz-harbour & Scheer-mole. Most interestingly the Scheer-mole will be renamed as Fletcher-mole, after first (ex USN) DD in FRG service. Via @KielDolphin

Ezra Levant 🍁 ()

Trudeau isn’t banning Andrew Scheer in his private capacity. He’s banning Scheer in his public capacity — as the democratic representative of millions of Canadians, especially from the west and the oil & gas industry. Trudeau is telling those millions that they’re “unacceptable”.

Stephen Taylor ()

People Justin Trudeau will meet with: ✅ The Iranian regime ✅ Joshua Boyle ❌ Andrew Scheer

Cristina ()

You’re lying, Rachel. Trudeau very clearly stated that Andrew Scheer disqualified himself from attending the meeting because of his speech in the House of Commons where he called Trudeau out on the carpet and asked valid questions about the state of Canada as a nation. #cdnpoli

Power & Politics ()

“Mr. Scheer disqualified himself from constructive discussions with his unacceptable speech earlier today,” said @JustinTrudeau when asked why he didn’t invite @AndrewScheer to a meeting of party leaders to discuss a resolution to the protests and blockades. #cdnpoli

HaveWeAllGoneMad ()

Scheer RIPS Trudeau for pipeline inaction Calls for action Now excluded from talks Trudeau is afraid of Scheer may have solutions #TrudeauMustResign

Sarah Sears ()

Singh equates Andrew Scheer’s comments in the House of Commons this morning to racism. Says he has no interest in working to bring Canadians together and is only speaking to a small group of people to flame tensions. #cdnpoli

22Minutes ()

The Conservative Fund is refusing to share details of Andrew Scheer’s $700,000 over-budget expenses. So we’ll take a guess: Dimple Botox?

Althia Raj ()

Generally speaking there should be more transparency with how parties spend members’ money (and taxpayers‘ generous tax breaks). Senior Conservatives seething over Conservative Fund’s refusal to share Scheer’s $700,000 over-budget expenses

Vicky mochama ()

The party had set an expense budget of $200,000 for Mr. Scheer, but the claimed expenses turned out to be $925,000, leaving the party’s national councillors wondering why they were almost five times over budget.

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