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“Mr. Scheer, that may be the worst idea in your whole non-platform” is Elizabeth May’s best line, perhaps the best line in the history of Canadian politics..

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If your rationale for voting in this upcoming federal election is *anything* but I will do everything I can to keep Andrew Scheer away from a position of power, you need to go lay down in a ditch and wonder how you ended up this stupid..

His election tour is taking him to Hemmingford, Que., on the border, where Roxham Road on the Canadian side is separated from a road on the American side by just a few metres of scrub..

If dual citizenship’s no big deal, why did he attack Michaëlle Jean over it while not mentioning his own? No big deal’s the kind of thing Trump says, Rick Salutin says..

Remember folks, that Andrew Scheer choose to defend the interests of Antifa above that of his own citizens. How polarizing and divisive! This, coming from a so called conservative. Beyond frustrating, this country is lost!.

@GodlessWomanOne Scheer never stood up for the couple that was shouted down and harassed trying to attend the Freedom of Speech rally. The problem with his selective pandering is that it shows his true colours..

@WBrettWilson @AndrewScheer Good fathers teach their kids that it’s not OK to cheat, prey upon the poor, bear false witness and break the Lord’s commandments just to get a promotion. Scheer is a terrible Christian and a poor example for his own children..

It’s no break up. Doug Fraud was asked not to make any stupid remarks or appear together with Scheer to combat any comparison or links to the failed Conservative government in Ontario.

@CTVNews scheer is looking in a mirror when he says this right?!!! Give me a break, he lied about his job, about where he got his degree, about citizenship, etc..

@KopunF @TorontoStar Trudeau got knocked on his ass. Singh & Scheer clearly won that debate.

“He has learned nothing. He still believes he was right, and that, as Scheer said, the rules about prosecutorial independence and lobbying an AG, like so many other rules, don’t apply to him.”.

I give credit where credit is due. Scheer as a political actor is good with zingers. I even laughed when he suggested Justin’s provincial obsession run for Ontario’s liberal party..

El candidato conservador a gobernar #Canada Andrew Scheer, se dedicó a atacar al primer ministro, Justin Trudeau, durante el debate de líderes políticos de cara a los comicios parlamentarios del 21 de octubre.

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“The role of the PM is to stand up for Canadian jobs.” Scheer snapped, reminded him “you said the allegations in the Globe and Mail were false,” and Trudeau seriously responded, “They were false.” No, sir, they weren’t. #cdnpoli #elxn43.

BREAKING NEWS🚨🚨🚨🚨Andrew Scheer is Canada’s PM 2019 winning with a huge Conservative majority .. he is giving Canadians back Our Canada .. thank you Andrew Scheer .. thank you Jesus ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Canada Strong and Free.

Why is the last tweet from Andrew Scheer’s account from *before* the debate began?! @JustinTrudeau ‘s team supplied real time fact checking — in both official languages. Is this not a night to connect with voters?! #leaderdebate2019 #ScheerDisaster.

@CanadianGreens @ElizabethMay In tonight’s debate, you called Scheer “selfish” for promising to focus on Canadians to put more money in their pockets rather than sending it to other countries. You DEFINITELY won’t win. You don’t think the entire world is allowed to vote do you? #moron.

i cannot believe i spelled scheer i’m but not as embarrassed as your mom will be of you if you vote conservative.

@TheTorontoSun Let me know if you’re going to run a pro Scheer story on the front page tomorrow. Save me from having to go out to buy some tp in the morning..

Watching this debate, the only solution is for western Canada to seperate. All other leaders other than Scheer are so pro East #cdnpoli.

@keithbaldrey I disagree, Scheer did well. Singh also did well - probably won, which is a loss for Trudeau. At times I forgot Justin Trudeau was on the stage. Not a big showing imo..

Andrew Scheer fought hard in the leaders’ debate, but the night belonged to Jagmeet Singh.

The format and talking over each other didn’t allow for what could be called a “good debate” - ultimately people will decide what kind of government they want. Mr Scheer’s opening comment was nasty in the extreme, and Mr Trudeau successfully withstood the attacks from all sides..

“Mr. Scheer, that may be the worst idea in your whole non-platform” is Elizabeth May’s best line, perhaps the best line in the history of Canadian politics..

It has been 869 days since Andrew Scheer was elected leader of his party. There are barely two weeks until election day. Still no platform. What is he hiding? #CutsCutsCuts #elxn43.

When I was a journalist, you couldn’t call someone a liar if they only lied once. You could only call them a liar if they did it repeatedly. See my response to Andrew Scheer’s deliberately misleading letter that he mailed to thousands of Canadians:.

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