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You can frame this as: These idiots refuse to listen to government scientists. Or you can frame it as: People make travel plans for major holidays months in advance, and the country has no coordinated national pandemic plan, and the CDC released this guidance just days ago.

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howard G Kaplan
Howard G Kaplan ()

@realDonaldTrump No they will give the credit where it belongs, to the scientists and the companies that produced them.

IIT Roorkee
IIT Roorkee ()

Amid the rapid transmission of cases of #Covid19, a group of scientists from @iitroorkee has leveraged Artificial Intelligence #AI to predict 10 FDA approved commercial drugs available for the treatment of the disease.

Aditya ()

If wasting education had face . Waise Apni id hai . Usme doctor lagao ya scientists ya space researcher .

Roxee143 - President Elect Sassy Kraken Pants 🇺🇸
Roxee143 - President Elect Sassy Kraken Pants 🇺🇸 ()

LUNATICS - “A team of scientists in the US has developed a DIY-meal kit branded Ouroboros which allows a consumer to grow edible meat from their own human cells, in an attempt to question the ethics of eating meat of any kind.”

Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason ()

Meanwhile in England, all golf courses are closed by idiotic rules cooked up by socialist scientists on SAGE.

Nick DuCate
Nick DuCate ()

This is right up there with trying to convince us that food made from insect protein is the way of the future. Why do scientists hate us so much?

Prof. Gavin Yamey MD MPH
Prof. Gavin Yamey MD MPH ()

Superb piece about the anti-scientific, highly damaging antics of Carl Heneghan & Sunetra Gupta, who think they are brave Galileos challenging the status quo, but they really are not. “Academic freedom does not imply freedom to spread disinformation” 👏👏

Steven Pereira 🇺🇸
Steven Pereira 🇺🇸 ()

@realDonaldTrump You did not create the vaccines. All the scientists that u have been discrediting and saying they don’t know what they are talking about did. Thank God for science and Elections! Just leave the USA she will get over this and move forward. Good Bye ByDon2020

Natalie Silvey
Natalie Silvey ()

It is truly extraordinary that less than a year after this virus first entered our lives that scientists have developed these vaccines. A feat of scientific endeavour.

Snoodles ()

@YoureSoHumerus oh, thank you :o i think overall it was designed pretty intuitively, but i forgot what the scientists said sometimes and definitely had a few special moments x3 enjoyed a lot!

Gerry de Ruiter
Gerry de Ruiter ()

@BrianLIFE_EU @NewportFisherm1 Flyshoot ( Danish Seine ) is, according to scientists, the most harmful fishing technique available. They also do not allow observers on board

Roger Carter
Roger Carter ()

@realDonaldTrump I expect the scientists to get the credit, not some tosser like you.

The Divine Miss J
The Divine Miss J ()

@realDonaldTrump Nope, all praise to the scientists and the vaccine study participants. You get nothing and Biden gets nothing. Grow up.

Greg Knudsen
Greg Knudsen ()

@juscallmekirsty True indeed. But it would be naive to not recognise that women historically have had obstacles to face in certain fields, including STEM. That is happily changing of course.👍 Likewise I am fine with celebrations of “Black Scientists”. Positive role models are important ;)

alan johnson
Alan johnson ()

@EssexPR These scientists r also trying to sell a vaccine on behalf of Bill Gates & the big pharmaceutical companies, their track record 4 predicting the infection rates of previous virus outbreaks is at best very very poor which is y they r using the useless PCR test to push their agenda

david roberts
David roberts ()

@LUFCPATRIOT69 And so speaks the oracle. 1. If you have to swear so much to make your point are can’t express yourself very well & I don’t listen to you & 2. Conspiracy theorists everywhere, what exactly do you think the Government or Scientists have to gain by pretending there’s a pandemic? 🙄

Alison Grand
Alison Grand ()

@ronnytodgers All I know is scientists took 100+ years to prove Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Viruses are more demanding.

Mike Titchard
Mike Titchard ()

@realDonaldTrump Nope. The credit will go where it firmly .to the SCIENTISTS

Mario Muco
Mario Muco ()

@realDonaldTrump Credit goes to the scientists. Not u or Joe! Dont forget if it was up to you we would be injecting bleach right now!

Alexander Hansen
Alexander Hansen ()

Japanese Nuclear Scientists were in Halden to see their pieces of Metal inside a reactor being Exposed to Radioactive Radiation and High Temperatures Tests would make the Japanese Nuclear Power Plants safer #Fukushima #Japan Japan were deceived

Scientists Photo,Scientists Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Laura Piddock
Laura Piddock ()

Read this👇 ‘The moral of this sorry tale? Trust science, not the scientists. They are only human, subject to the same cognitive biases, the same whims of ego, as the rest of us’ ⁦@soniasodha⁩

Jim Walters
Jim Walters ()

@realDonaldTrump Gee people give the credit to THE SCIENTISTS WHO ACTUALLY DID THE WORK DEVELOPING THE VACCINES while you were out there Playing Golf and Tweeting Bullshit!

Kindly Outspoken
Kindly Outspoken ()

@realDonaldTrump Credit goes to the scientists who did of who was in charge it was going to be done as fast they could

Ann Marcial #Socialist
Ann Marcial #Socialist ()

@chezzy51 Fantastic, about time the Cuban health workers received recognition. They travel all over the world where help is needed with out fanfare or favour. One of Fidel Castro’s little known initiatives. Well done doctors. Now give a big clap of recognition to their scientists too 👋👋

Charlie Ledezma
Charlie Ledezma ()

@SariArhoHavren 1) Chinese scientists would say anything CCP tells them to, 2) speak to virologists that have experience with these types of pathogens. 3) see #1.

🧪 ()

You really think the hundreds of thousands of scientists are in some conspiracy cult destined to keep the cure of cancer under wraps for monetary gain? Surely you can’t be that narrowminded

Selin Nasi
Selin Nasi ()

🤞🤞🤞With new ‘elegant chemo,’ Israeli scientists edit genome to destroy cancer DNA via @timesofisrael

The New York Times
The New York Times ()

Many people consider a negative coronavirus test to be a ticket to freely socialize without precautions. But scientists and doctors say this is a dangerous misconception.

Derek Thompson
Derek Thompson ()

You can frame this as: These idiots refuse to listen to government scientists. Or you can frame it as: People make travel plans for major holidays months in advance, and the country has no coordinated national pandemic plan, and the CDC released this guidance just days ago.

AJ+ ()

Microplastic pollution has been found near Mount Everest’s peak. Scientists found microplastics in every single snow sample, likely from clothing and tents. Humans have now polluted from the deepest point on Earth (the Mariana Trench) to the highest point.

Scientists Photo,Scientists Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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