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The same SCOTUS that said yesterday that states don’t have the ability to regulate guns today gave states the power to regulate women’s bodies..


absolutely wild that the scotus said, no states rights for restricting gun sales and full states rights for restricting healthcare for women in a matter of 24 hours. its so transparent..

Don’t despair. Fight back!! Hold the House, add 2 seats to the Senate, kill the filibuster, codify Roe, and add seats to SCOTUS. 2022 will determine it all. VOTE!!!.

NEVER FORGET: US Senator Mitch McConnell BLOCKED President Obama from having nomination hearings for SCOTUS..

- 1 justice’s family (Thomas) was paid by right wing groups for years and he never disclosed it, violating Federal law - Same justice’s spouse participated in 1/6 and he used his SCOTUS seat to vote to keep potential info related to his wife from investigators in Congress….

SCOTUS gun decision is out and gave the gun lobby just what it paid for when its dark money stacked the Court..

The scope of this horrific SCOTUS decision is vast. But I keep thinking my daughter—all of our daughters are now second class citizens..

A lot of people, especially on days like yesterday’s SCOTUS rulings, ask me about hope. Now is the time to stick together. Some thoughts from last night’s Q&A:.

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They were all lying. The #SCOTUS process has been broken for a decade.

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SCOTUS is corrupt. It’s no less partisan than Congress. Everyday we continue to PRETEND that that’s not the case or that there’s no recourse, we’re making the conscious decision to hand extremist Republicans these wins. There IS recourse. When we can, we have to expand the Court..

Ken Olin
Ken Olin

So SCOTUS ruled that private religious institutions must be funded with public taxpayer dollars. So then private religious institutions who accept taxpayer money will be required to pay taxes. Right? RIGHT?.

The National Right to Life Committee released model legislation for states to adopt after SCOTUS overturns Roe. It would criminalize providing information on self-managed abortion over the telephone, the internet, or any other medium of communication It criminalizes speech..

Group behind Trump SCOTUS picks brought in nearly $50 million in secret money - CREW | Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

The entire American Southwest is facing a water & energy crisis as Lake Mead dries up & SCOTUS is about to end the government’s power to combat climate change. This case should be the A1 story, and yet it’s basically nowhere to be found in The Discourse..


Any day now, #SCOTUS is set to rule on NYSRPA v. Bruen, the first major Second Amendment case in over a decade. An extreme ruling could force New York to allow more guns into public spaces like crowded subways—and put more states at risk of the same fate..

SCOTUS watch: Fantasy land, Washington v Washington, and a big win for religious expression in education.

SCOTUS isn’t naive: its Roe decision could be a Friday news dump ahead of the holiday weekend, Rick says..

That was rough. Very very rough. Take a minute, breathe. Smoke it if ya got it. Suck it up, and then go and see what SCOTUS got up to with schools. 🙄.

@JoyceWhiteVance Lady Ruby was advised to leave her home for fear of threats but offered none of the protections being provided to SCOTUS justices from peaceful demonstrators..

Did you want a guy to shoot up a congressional baseball practice? Try to assassin a SCOTUS? Assault @RandPaul ? You are responsible for that so spare me your tears!.

@WesleyMenard1 I try very hard not lose any relationships over politics. I have to say .. it’s getting harder and not easier. Especially with the SCOTUS decisions..

Even if this is the beginning of the end for Trump, our war against fascists, christian nationalists and authoritarianism is far from over. Scotus #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica.

America should have no kings. But with no term limits, extreme power and no oversight, is that what SCOTUS justices are? 🤔.

@starsandstripes No. SCOTUS has upheld the Constitution by returning this decision, rightfully, to the citizens. If you don’t understand the Constitution, please shut down your account. You in no way are able to represent the Stars and Stripes..

@dev_decker @socialcapitali3 No, actually trust in SCOTUS is what was insane for 50 years as was electing any R or TFG in particular!.

@AOC @DecksLower In Short, a VAST MAJORITY of the #SCOTUS is “Unqualified”, and their actions should be taken into account… #ImpeachSCOTUS 🤬.

@Amy_Siskind @wm_tharp Since 2020, SIX MILLION young voters have come of age! Just ! That should be the goal, right there. And SCOTUS handed them to the Left on a silver platter..

Waiting to see if today is the day the SCOTUS decides to tell over 1/2 of the US population you no longer have the Human Right of bodily autonomy because you were born with a uterus..

@WyoQueenie The use of public funds for private schools, sectarian (religious) or not, is not equitable. It will inevitably lead to diminished educational opportunities and outcomes. With this decision, SCOTUS has shown itself to be the protector of elites..

Well, here we go. Everyone who cares about truly public education is going to have to fight for truly public education. #SCOTUS.

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