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Lamar Jackson and the Ravens have beaten ... ✅ Seahawks ✅ Patriots ✅ Texans ✅ 49ers Those teams have a combined 36-9 record on the season 😱.

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That was a rough loss for the #Seahawks, but at 10-3, they know that “everything we want to do is still ahead of us.”.

@qdiggs6 is picks in his first 4 games for the Seahawks. Atta baby Q!.

ICYMI 👇 @dkm14 cleared the 10 foot crossbar and then some #GoHawks.

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Best lose game and lose RB-Rashaad Penny-signifcant knee ligament sprain on hyperextension..

Bobby Wagner said Seahawks needed to get lined up more quickly in first half. Rams no huddle caught them off guard a little..

@seahawksnerd75 I will say - I’m doing some film study, I found some info. Bear with me here. The Seahawks scored 12 points tonight. If you add 1 and 2 get 3, the same amount of points the Rams scored in the Super Bowl. We are going to the super bowl..

This is a reminder that the defense has scored the same amount of points as the offense so far #Seahawks.

I hope the #49ers are taking copious notes of how the Rams are stopping the Seahawks! #GoNiners.

[email protected] PICK-6! Quandre Diggs takes it to the house! @qdiggs6 📺: #SEAvsLAR on NBC 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app Watch free on mobile:.

Updated NFC standings: 1) San Francisco 2) Green Bay 3) New Orleans 4) Dallas 5) Seattle 6) Minnesota SF and Seattle will filp positions if the Seahawks beat the Rams tonight..

The fake punt! 😱 Listen in on the @BittrexExchange Raible Call of the Game for our huge fourth-down conversion. ».

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do you think the seahawks twitter account is like ok but how long do we have to keep this dumb frog for.

Fake punt gives #Seahawks rookie Travis Homer his first career carry | Seahawks Wire via @theseahawkswire.

WATCH: Some quick post-game thoughts from CenturyLink Field after the #Seahawks wild 37-30 win over Vikings..

And a big fuck you to Russell Wilson mix’s up shit was boring as fuck espn was blowing Seahawks cock all night.

Dalvin Cooks walks off very slowly, holding left shoulder, upper arm limply. #Seahawks offense has it at the MIN 26, with chance to take the lead.

@ESPNBooger talk about the Seahawks on defense. Talk about the Seahawks on offense. One sided much? #cmonman.

@truly_NTR I’m a massive Seahawks fan and this is a fact. He’s a great QB but kind of a poser. This is also why Sherman is a niner..

In the other NFC Wild card the @Seahawks crushed the @dallascowboys by a score of 34-9.

@hawkblogger Seahawks should give out free pancakes every time Pete wins a challenge. #BigIdea.

Never forget the Seahawks traded Nick Vannett for Quandre Diggs and a 7th Rounder.

@IanFurnessSea That “easy” conversion really was something the Seahawks first drive.

As a @RamsNFL fan, it feels dirty to be rooting for the @Seahawks. But I guess that’s the world I live in now..

With the Ravens win today, they officially swept the NFC West, which with a 10-2 49ers team, a 9-2 Seahawks team and a soon-to-be 7-5 Rams team, is probably the best division in football. The Ravens outscored the four NFC West teams, 118-56..

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens have beaten ... ✅ Seahawks ✅ Patriots ✅ Texans ✅ 49ers Those teams have a combined 36-9 record on the season 😱.

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