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Serena Williams: Change came “not because we were welcomed, but because we wouldn’t stop winning.”.

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Serena Williams vows to fight for equality until the grave.

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somebody: hey serena what’s the best compliment you’ve received me: well i’ve been told i look like edwin burgos before which technically means im beautiful so yeah probably that.

@Teresio_Boccia Buongiorno Teresio, grazie. Sia una serena domenica per Te 😋☕️☕️🐞🌻.

#Wimbledon: Since returning last year, #SerenaWilliams has struggled with her movement. She knows the game; she may just need a little more time to re-learn how to win on the biggest stage, writes @deeps_30.

¡TODO CAMBIÓ! 😱 Halep: Serena siempre me había intimidado pero hoy he pensado más en mí🎾 👉.

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And why should she? Others would be praised for using their platform for good. Why has Serena been targeted in this way? What could it possibly be🤔.

And for those commenting, @BillieJeanKing did not suggest Serena “stick to Tennis,” etc. This is what she *actually* said..

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@WTATea The positive side is we will Serena come back and focus to attain her goals like she has been since she was a child.

I’m a terrible tennis player who would likely lose to Serena and a lot of amateur women 6-0, 6-0, and doubt I could ever win a volley against Serena, but Serena did once hit four consecutive double-faults, so I could see answering “yes” to this poorly phrased ambiguous question..

Really hope Serena wins today. One of the greatest athletes of all time. #SerenaWilliams #Wimbledon.

@all_serena I just want her to bring the calmness she brought in her semis, when she’s calm she thinks clearly, knows where to direct her shots, she’s got this.

I have things I need to do today, urgent things, and all I can think about is Serena. Heh.

I know this tweet is looking for those sweet anti-man RT’s, but say it’s a best of three sets, but what are the odds of Serena binning just one into the net out of the 48 points required to win 6-0, 6-0 🤔.

@POhukainen @MarkusVinnari Ja kai siinä joku aikaraja olisi? Tuskin kysymyksellä tarkoitetaan, että kentällä ollaan niin pitkään, että Serena tekee virheen?.

Comment ça va ? Ça ira bien après vous être délecté de notre plateau riche en actu sportive :.

Ημερά τελικού σήμερα στο #Wimbledon Ανάλυση και 2 bets από τον @KalogirosThanos 🎾.

今日のモーニングは10ヶ月ぶりのニューライフ千城で。 千葉から埼玉戻ってからなかなか来れなくなってしまったけど、味も雰囲気もお店の人もいい人で好きな場所です😊.

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as vezes, eu penso não ser o bastante por causa do meu peso, as vezes eu fico feliz por causa que me acho linda.

@bmf1314 @darrenrovell She could serve a lot safer though in this scenario. I tried to back of the napkin calculate it using completely arbitrary assumptions with her career df stats. I’d say 1% could if Serena is serving..

@KayandNnn Yes! My fantasy would be Serena challenging Trump to a match, with the proceeds going to a legal fund for asylum seekers..

11 months strong of breastfeeding Serena, & I’m honestly supper proud of myself ♥️.

37-year-olds Serena Williams and Roger Federer look to make history in Wimbledon finals.

A Serena Williams🎾 win FedExpress🎾 win And most importantly a @NGSuperEagles🦅 win will surely make my weekend a remarkable God please 🙏 make it happen!.

Serena Williams: Change came “not because we were welcomed, but because we wouldn’t stop winning.”.

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