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A DQ in Hell in a Cell just one dumb thing in bad Rollins/Fiend match #HIAC.

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YES! Best option is for WWE to turn Seth Rollins a heel!.

Farrel del 2019: Intentando entender que ocurrió entre Bray y Seth Rollins en #HellInACell2019 Wtf.

L’excellent baby face de WWE : Seth Rollins va tellement se faire huer ce soir à #RAW, il va rien comprendre le bougre..

Viendo el Seth Rollins Vs Bray Wyatt por el Título Universal. Impresionante la entrada de Wyatt al interior de la Hell in a Cell y llamativa y acertada decisión en la escenografía a la hora de decidir que toda la pelea se desarrollara en una sofocante y opresiva luz rojiza #HIAC.

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#MonthOfFindYourHappy - Day 7 - Becky and Sasha tore the house down. Great tornado tag. Kabuki Warriors are champs. Charlotte is now Char10tte. Chad Gable got a big win. Most likely, The Fiend and Seth Rollins is far from over. All in all, a good night of wrestling..

WWE fans left fuming and demand refunds after horrible ending to Hell In A Cell PPV #HIAC.

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Last night we saw two very different Hell in a Cell matches. After recently ranking all 40 HIAC matches from before last night, @patcheschance has now taken a look at where The Fiend vs. Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks would land on the list..

And how poetic of this: Seth Rollins was killed twice, both on the inside (mentally) and outside (physically) The Fiend killed him mentally INSIDE the Cell before physically killing him OUTSIDE the Cell. POETRY!!!.

the top or Shane jumped off and landed badly? This isn’t a way they should be booking their ppvs. Do you guys agree with me? I get it, at least Bray didn’t lose, but this is Vince is sucking off of Rollins for even longer now. Shame. *no hate to Seth or his fans*.

The Fiend vs Seth Rollins. Well then. I was legit saying the whole match the fact that they were using weapons yet DQ was an option. The ref said “you’re gonna kill the man!” Bruh, it’s the fiend. And it’s hell in a cell, did the ref stop the match when Mankind got threw off 1/2.

If it leads to heel Seth I’m sure the crowd will change its tune. Rollins is booed worse then Reigns..

I have so many questions after watching the @WWERollins vs @WWEBrayWyatt match at #HellInACell. My first being why did did the match have to take place in the dark (pointless) my second question is why were the morons in the audience booing Seth Rollins..

Wwe and Vince, in the great words of @CMPunk “YOU WILL APOLOGIZE AND YOUUU WILL LIKE IT” to Seth Rollins because he did NOT need this much heat.

Ok the fiend vs Seth Rollins hell in the cell match ending in DQ was some ol bullshit. Why in the hell would you stop a good ass match while actually inside the a cage made of steel. I thought any thing goes. But I guess the lie detector determined: that was a lie.

Well @WWE you taught every wrestling promotion out there tonight how to lose the crowd in a matter of seconds with your pathetic ending at hell in the cell between the fiend and Seth Rollins ..a dq inside hell in the cell you flopped lower than whale shit with that ending 🤦🏼‍♂️.

@SI_wrestling Would’ve been better if Mike Rotunda came out to beat up Seth Rollins for what he did that would’ve made my day.

#HellInACell was absolutely terrible! Besides Sasha vs Becky, but did U hear how the crowd completely BOO’d Seth Rollins and the it ends in a d’q! 3/10.

Just saw the Hell in the cell match between Seth Rollins and the Bad ending WWE is making the Fiend indestructible, but for how long? 🤦🏽‍♂️.

WWE Hell in a Cell results: Seth Rollins retains Universal title, but The Fiend stands tall in the main event READ:.

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As much as I don’t like Seth Rollins, I even feel bad for him for this ridiculous spot WWE has put him in. He will be despised now and he has to know it. My god, this is an all time booking disaster. Makes Russo look good. #HIAC.

Hey WWE fans blame yourselves for wanting “The Fiend” pushed so Rollins just won the title from Brock Lesnar,no way he was gonna lose it that quickly. #HIAC.

Dear @ProofOfValor, Thank you, I did what I had to do Your Universal Champion Yours Sincerely, SETH ROLLINS!!!.

@ItsMachoT Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, this is now a tag team match playa! 😂😂 #HIAC.

A DQ in Hell in a Cell just one dumb thing in bad Rollins/Fiend match #HIAC.

“Seth Rollins has called in a military airstrike on The Fiend. The arena is in ruins, thousands presumed dead, and you’ve gotta assume that’s it. Rollins is slowly crawling through the wreckage, makes the cover. One, t-NO!”.

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