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Y’all don’t glaze y’all ham with coca-cola. Y’all cook ur turkey for 5+ hours. I can’t eat at y’all house no shade..

@SusieusMaximus This is a late summer onion harvest from Indiana, which (like most states!) does not have heat or shade requirements. Harvesting means 12 hour days..

Only #SKINfolk like @RJonesNews would think ANY Black face works. We see what you’re still trying to do over at @msnbc. No shade to the new sister. Though it IS a shame you’re putting her in this terrible position — that’s another #Skinfolk move. Rashida don’t care about us..

Savour the fleeting colours of autumn before the hazy shade of winter sets in! The fall season sadly eludes most of India, gracing only parts of Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Autumn Aerial by Triloke Kaul shows the beautiful valley aflame in a riot of autumnal colours..

Shade Photo,Shade Photo by National Gallery of Modern Art New Delhi,National Gallery of Modern Art New Delhi on twitter tweets Shade Photo

بث مباشر قطر ضد السنغال اليوم كاس العالم ⚽️ #قطر_الًسنغال رتويت الجمال ♥.

Just to be clear phyna was not throwing any shade that is her normal slangs she has been using from the house if shukura is in pains and caught sub she should go and blame article 18 and small preeq !!.

1/3の純情な感情 (v2) / SIAM SHADE by ほんだちる #nanamusic 懐かしの.

@_helvina_ @itsSh0la No shade but as a grown up and a sane human being why would you bill or put your finances on other people’s neck?.

when artists make hisokas eyes glow in shade/darkness >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

The Bangles - “Hazy Shade Of Winter” - From “Less Than Zero: Soundtrack”(1987) OriginalはSimon & Garfunkel♫ 映画”Less Than Zero”のサントラ収録のこのVer.も大Hitしましたね。 冬にはまだ少し早いけど、毎年枯れ木並樹を歩くとこの曲を思い出します🍁 名曲だね♫.

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The sad thing is to see you fighting for your life to try to shade a recognized visual then ... we look at your pfp 💀... at least keep it cute you look pitiful 😭😭.

thanksgiving look ft @rembeauty princepessa eyeshadow palette & matte lipstick in the shade bubbly ☽ 🫧.

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What’s up with that Normani shade… why u say it like that..

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No shade to my transplant friends but LA is so empty today and it feels fucking fantastic.

off já perceberam que sempre que uma pessoa preta questiona ou manda shade pra alguém a primeira coisa que usam pra rebater é a nossa aparência?.

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The crowd goes wild and the students are clapping and screaming But most importantly, Wonwoo has turned a beautiful shade of red and is too stunned to speak, his stern exterior melting into an expression of love “Mingyu,” he breathes out as Mingyu presents him the ring..


@MisaBank @SakuraBank Excuse the shade but the fact that she has no rl pics posted and is calling someone else out? Lmao. PROJECTION. Couldn’t thrive in rl findom so she had to come steal from 2D AI girls. 🤣.

@0fruit_basket0 I love LOVE how you shade!!! it’s so soft and smooth looking, very satisfying to look at :D.

@macfloyd53 @mazmcm We like to use ‘caramelised’ when referring to food which has taken on a new shade! 😁 Sounds more exotic 🤣.

@Zazamyodor No shade at all she is very beautiful commend the natural woman n the ones proude of there God given blessing #teamGLOWrilla.

ㄷㅍ님이 먐 불렀는데 꼽이랑 쾅 다 가는거 개겹다.

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#ToweringTreeThursday The high crowns of the older CODEP trees are wonderful shade for younger plants below to grow. The Haitian sun can be so harsh..

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On Welsh mountains, trees often have to bend with the prevailing wind. But they can still offer shade to grateful sheep. #WALES.

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@PIayTimeOva No shade this her without a filter, still pretty but different.

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No shade mais j’ai tjrs trouvé leur repas bordélique, mon ventre peut pas supporter tout ça.

@Courtne08241586 Look closely, it’s sand with a darker shade and what seem like shadows, are little pools that remain after the waves..

[Vtuber] PS2 Kung Fu Panda put modern videogames in the shade and I can prove it.

𝗦𝗽𝗶𝗿𝗶𝘁 𝗖𝗵𝗮𝘀𝗲 Determined to save their loved ones, an incubus and a shade girl must work together to overcome death. @Anderland_Books.

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@CybernetxViking nah from me fam. that kind of behavior involving children is just as bad as having them at drag shows..


@kevinnxx @CheerAnalyst What about “let’s play catch I’ll throw the shade y’all girls can’t drink my lemonade 🍹”.

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