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I’d personally put up $100 towards the league fine if Shanny and Kyle both call Simmons a cunt..

“We’d love to make him a Leaf forever.” Shanny with the least surprising take on Auston Matthews 😋.

Shanny cracking up when asked if first round exits had put strain personal relationships in the front office: “You know, sleeping in separate bedrooms and all that.” Dubas with a grin, says a benefit of the friendship with Sheldon is he doesn’t mind getting mad/arguing with him..

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Shanny echos the team’s message of thanks to TPS for their handling of Mitch’s carjacking, repeats that he’s very thankful nothing more happened to Mitch than did..

@JDBunkis It’s a Country Club. Too many laughs and giggles after another first-round collapse. Dubas and Shanny Word Salad..

@TSN_Sports Shanny is a bum - team is 0-10 in elimination games under his management, time to move on him now before AM34 goes home in a few more years..

Dear Lord, never put me in the position to try and be the bigger person because me small bad..


So will Trey get shit on the same way Jimmy did since Shanny will make him be successful 🤔.

Shanny and Dubas said all the right things. This team is so close. No doubt in my mind. Also Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner will both be Leafs for life..

@Jermz13 @MapleLeafs Why should we care about any opinion outside of Shanny, Dubas, Keefe? Those opinions have the same relevance as BagHead 😄.

Now, we just need confirmation that Kerfoot, Nylander and Holl will all be back and then we can be assured of another early exit. FFS wake up, Shanny!.

@mirtle Good luck Shanny! I dont think advancing to RD2 should be a half decade long plan..

@lukefoxjukebox So basically only way anything will change is if Shanny is fired because this holding pattern will continue because there is zero accountability for losing in the leafs organization..

@3rdPeriodSuits @Ken_Campbell27 No, he and countless other fans want a change because this leafs team is dog shit and hasn’t won ANYTHING since Shanny got here. Get over yourself pal. Kyle Dubas doesn’t look at your tweets..

@MLarkinHockey They only change anything is when the ownership fires Shanny (which is getting very close to happening)..

Having a hard time balancing my contempt for the meek and lackluster press conference from Shanny and The Boy Wonder, and my happiness to see that at least they learned something from Lou.

#تكليفففف_الصيادلة_للمستشفياتتتت مدرسة في الصين تنشأ بنك الصف لتخفيف الضغط.

@reporterchris I find it hard to believe that a guy like Shanny, who played such a tough physical game, and managed to win cups this way, can’t see the problem here. You don’t have one guy on your team that will do Anything to win. You bottom guys misstep, pressbox, stars misstep, crickets..

#تكليفففف_الصيادلة_للمستشفياتتتت قد نموت ونحن أحياء، إذا مات ضمائرنا !.

#تكليفففف_الصيادلة_للمستشفياتتتت صورة تحمل الكثير من المعاني!.

@jtbourne @FAN590 Shanny and Co. know they have the most loyal fan base that will never turn on them. It seems the only way a big change will be made is whenever Rogers/Bell have had enough and don’t see that coming at least right now.

@markhmasters It’s safe to say shanny has lost it and should be relieved of his duties disgrace.

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@reporterchris This is so comical to watch every year. Mathews will never win a cup here and Neither will Dubas, Keefe or Shanny. Shanny plan is going to go to shambles. Book it..

@reporterchris The definition of insanity. How long can you hang your hat on tampa being good in previous years? Their entire 3rd line is gone, Point didn’t play in the 2nd or 3rd Keefe had last change in all 3 game 7’s and was out coached every single year. Maybe Shanny is gone?.

Players are great , Dubas is great , Shanny is great , Keefe is great .But no cup since 67 and no series win since 04. #popsiclesforall.

@Rick3428 @timandfriends But now fire them all? 😂 Btw, Shanny has full autonomy, nothing to do with Bell and Rogers but thanks for coming out.

Shanny Photo,Shanny Photo by C.D.,C.D. on twitter tweets Shanny Photo

@Sportsnet Good Call Shanny, Highest points in a season, most wins, shall I keep going… STFU all you 🤡🤡‘s out there that have no idea about hockey… why do you all continue to blame Coach and GM… they can’t score goals! Just chalk it up to better team won more games!.

Connecting with big groups of people could be rewarding for More for Gemini.

@WatchMyReview @AirOnBiggio Any other hot takes Mark? Admit Dufas is a clown, you’ll heal quicker. Admit Shanny is a failure and we need to throw any amount of money at Steve Yzerman and Barry Trotz.

Shanny says,” we will be persistent and endure because we are united. The country and the world are rooting for us!”.

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