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Updated: July 23rd, 2021 05:43 AM IST

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Shea Weber will not play next season. DETAILS ➡️

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@ShaneWilk41 Wonder what Shea Weber thinks about his GM and organization when he reads this.

No lie, I was broken up about the Shea Weber news ie. LTIR & possibly retirement. Truly, a sad day. #Habs #GoHabsGo

Shea Weber Photo,Shea Weber Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

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With the news that Shea Weber is likely done playing being confirmed by Marc Bergevin today, here’s a look back at what his peers said about him prior to his 1000th game this past season @Sportsnet

Weber with a - busted up ankle, tore up knee, wrecked thumb (all career ending)- played the best hockey since he came to the Habs in the playoff run. If anyone tells you a hockey player isnt the toughest athlete show them Shea Weber - the opposite of a soccer player

Extremely sad to hear this. Weber is an absolute wagon but his health and future with his family comes first. Get better Shea. Hope to see you on the ice again one day #GoHabsGo

@NHL 2003 legendary player eric staal was introduced to the nhl aswell as Elite hall of famer Shea Weber

@HabsLinks I am really sad 😢. He is a great captain and leader. Going to be difficult to replace. I wanted him to win so badly, but look how far they got. Shea Weber is amazing!!

@AdamVingan there is a very real chance they have something like 30M of the cap tied up in Duchene, Johansson, Josi, Shea Weber via recapture & Turris va buyout for the next 5 SEASONS. we are very close to being in an aneheim level of roster screwed, and thats on poile.

#CH | Shea Weber à la retraite? «Même s’il avait ralenti, la profondeur de la défensive du Canadien n’est pas suffisante pour ne pas combler la perte de Shea Weber.» 🗣️ - @CASinotteTVAS Écoutez la discussion ici 🤜

Shea Weber Photo,Shea Weber Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

#NHL: With Shea Weber officially out for the 2021-22 season, who do you think the #GoHabsGo should look to bring into the fold?

Shea Weber playing 25 minutes a night with a busted wrist, knee and ankle to lead the Canadiens to their first Stanley Cup Final in 28 years is some legendary shit. If this is it, what a way to go out.


Shea Weber will not play next season. DETAILS ➡️

Shea Weber Photo,Shea Weber Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Si jamais Shea Weber prend sa retraite, qui sera le prochain capitaine des Canadiens? On a trois suggestion (pas si surprenantes) pour vous ici :

i just wanna know, if shea weber is indeed forced to retire, does montreal explore going after OEL? one can only imagine what they’ll end up doing

But yet Shea Weber, with his legitimate injuries on LTIR is an issue with the league 🤔

Time to reiterate - opinions not allowed or welcomed on Shea Weber: 🔹Andrew Berkshire 🔹Showbiz Kelly

@Johnny_Herron @TSNSimmer Well this is true, but Shea Weber would also be facing some legal troubles for attacking a minor.

This is the first of my annual #Preds slander tweets. This years tweet is about Shea Weber, love the guy, but WOOF that cap hit is gonna be hefty on the Preds

Jonathan Drouin to return to Montreal Canadiens, Shea Weber to miss season

Tough news about Shea Weber today. Guy earned his C every game

Shea Weber Photo,Shea Weber Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@CanadiensMTL Je ne veux pas que ce soit la fin de la carrière de Shea Weber, ce serait vraiment trop triste!!😭

Marc Bergevin confirme qu’il recherche un défenseur pour remplacer les grosses minutes que faisaient Shea Weber, à voir un agent libre ou une échange. Montréal ont été relié au nom du défenseur des Sabres de Buffalo, Rasmus Ristolainen. #CH @CanadiensMTL

Montreal Canadiens expect Shea Weber to miss next season, Bergevin says

If this was the end of Shea Weber’s career, it was quite a good one. My most enduring memory of his play is the slap shot goal he scored in the Vancouver Olympics against Germany. It was so hard and fast it went through the webbing of the net. What a player.

Marc Bergevin também disse que Shea Weber teve várias lesões, no tornozelo, pé, joelho, polegar. Afirma que o defensor não deve voltar na próxima temporada e provavelmente terá de se aposentar. #BrasilTemNHL

Shea Weber singlehandedly changed the culture of the team. Gone were the days of the Smurfs / supposedly soft team.

Shea Weber salterà tutta la prossima stagione, la sua carriera potrebbe essere al capolinea -

Shea Weber Photo,Shea Weber Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Canadiensin GM vahvisti: Shea Weber ei pelaa ensi kaudella ja urakin on luultavasti ohi: #NHLfi #GoHabsGo

Hearing that Shea Weber may never play again in the NHL just sucks… fully embodies the warrior mentality, tons of grit, heart, soul, passion, whatever you use to describe him, he had “it”.

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