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#Canucks #ShotgunJake. Been saving this 1L for his best one yet..

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When I’m a responsible adult that goes to bed on time and I miss a # am sad 😩.

@HalfordTSN Looks like @edweeb got some unexpected competition for the best shotgunjake of the season award.

@Darren_S_1983 Did you just shotgun a grapefruit IPA??? Holy shit my stomach could not do that. #shittyLagerShotgun for life! #ShotgunJake.

It was great to see #shotgunjake get off the schneid tonight, and get a real goal after awhile. Good things will come if he gets hot down the stretch here..

I appreciate the dedication @SchulzePANow but the size of that knife really scares the shit out of me man #shotgunjake.

@HalfordTSN Surprised we havent seen #shotgunjake branded shotgun keychain tools..

#Canucks PVR’d game & what do I see? A #ShotgunJake G, making it 3-0. So, are you ready, go..

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Hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahhahaha #shotgunjake.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man i was about to be so impressed and freak out then it tunred out to be shit #shotgunjake.

#Canucks #ShotgunJake. Been saving this 1L for his best one yet..

Almost a shotgun fail. For sure a parenting fail. But goddammit I love my Canucks! #shotgunjake.

@mcletch Showing my boys your #shotgunjake technique. Consensus is - needs work..

@LoeppkyBen Haha love this. I just put my daughter to bed so didn’t get her in on this. She loves playing #shotgunjake.

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