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My latest trade deadline Rumblings notebook. Items on Kovalchuk, Trochek, Simmonds, the DeMelo and Dillon trades plus more:

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Sam Carchidi ()

Tyler Pitlick’s gritty play quietly helping #Flyers’ playoff drive. Read about him, and more, in our latest (free) On the Fly newsletter.

Rickus ()

To Devils fans shitting on Simmonds Wood Severson and begging teams to take

Philadelphia Inquirer Sports ()

Tyler Pitlick’s gritty play quietly helping Flyers’ playoff drive | On the Fly

The CrossFit Games ()

Luminary Third-Fittest Woman on Earth in 2019 Jamie Simmonds 🇳🇿

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W ()

One last thing to say tonight: @SatiarShah said everything I wanted to say during second intermission. Canucks should stop the focus on Simmonds and if they want to contend, focus on fixing the back end first.

Dylan Nicholson ()

@BlakePriceTSN Bruins are next. You know the Canucks are going to trade for Simmonds tomorrow.

Taj ()

If Canucks are set on trading for Simmonds, they need to do it before the Bruins game.

Wyatt Arndt ()

@petbugs13 And with the fifth overall pick in the 2016 NHL draft, the Canucks are proud to select 3 months of Wayne Simmonds.

Matt Simmonds ()

Wow @CPC_HQ, I dare you to push for a non confidence vote now, double dare

Matt Simmonds ()

Please @AndrewScheer just go away already, Canadian’s didn’t want you, @CPC_HQ doesn’t want you. It’s over.

Alexis - Canucks afficiando ()

Hearing rumours from a source Stecher is being dealt to the NJ Devils for Simmonds Who’s the source? The source is this random burner account I saw on #Canucks twitter So don’t pay it much mind lol #WatchOutForFakeRumoursSeason

Alex Chauvancy ()

Woo is the Canucks’ 7th-best prospect, per Scott Wheeler. That’d be a hell of a return for Simmonds

Travis Lee ()

Boys AA/A/B South Sr. All-Stars Zach Maturo BE Michael Simmonds Falmouth Logan Bagshaw Greely Max Murray Kennebunk Cole Morin Leavitt Leyton Bickford Sanford Brian Austin Scar Geremi Baez SP Pamba Pamba SP Jack Bryant, Brandon Frey Spruce Will MacDonald York

Seamus Collins ()

Miles Wood costs more but if you are sold on the window, he would make 100% more sense than picking Simmonds up.

Thicco hischier ()

you can’t put a price on what wayne simmonds brings to a team. you just can’t. it’s not possible. but it’s nils hoglander.

Kyle Cannillo ()

#NJDevils Wayne Simmonds rumors continuing as the Canucks seem to be willing to move a B defensive prospect.

Tommi Seppälä ()

Vancouverissa edelleen kiertää jutut, että Canucks olisi Wayne Simmondsin perässä. Pidän tätä silkkana hulluutena, katselee sitä sitten ihan mistä kulmasta tahansa. Eikä se Simmonds sieltä NJ ilmaiseksi liiku, sinne menisi taas pala huomista. #NHLfi

Krufrank ()

Lots of worries tweets today from VAN fans worried about Woo being shipped to NJD for Simmonds- even though no one said that was the rumour. That said, I’ve seen Woo play a lot this season in the Dub - was not effective nor noticeable in any of the games I saw. Was disappointed

TSN Radio Vancouver ()

@DhaliwalSports [email protected] Miles Wood, cheaper, faster than Simmonds, another guy #Canucks could be looking at

TSN Radio Vancouver ()

[email protected] hearing #Canucks are still very much in mix for Wayne Simmonds, D prospect could be going back to New Jersey

Jeff Paterson ()

not only is the Wayne Simmonds chatter not dying down. It seems to be getting louder. Will be interesting to see how physical these final two games before deadline are for #Canucks vs MIN & BOS

Pierre LeBrun ()

My latest trade deadline Rumblings notebook. Items on Kovalchuk, Trochek, Simmonds, the DeMelo and Dillon trades plus more:

Tayyab ()

Whats with all this Simmonds and CGY stuff. Offcourse Treliving looking to add a player at the end of his career. We definitely need another Brouwer on this team

InsideSource ()

I’m told the #Canucks are not the only Western Canadian team to inquire about Wayne Simmonds. Add the #Flames on that list as well.

CanucksArmy ()

News and Notes: Markstrom contract talks stall, Ferland injury update, and interest in Simmonds #Canucks #NHL

山口歩夢@国試✍️まで毎日5ツイート発信‼️理学療法学生🦴 ()

【国試メモ📝】 ○よく出る『足』の特殊テスト💪 ✅アキレス腱断裂 ・Thompson test ・Simmonds test ✅内反捻挫(外側靭帯) ・前方引き出しテスト ・内反ストレステスト ✅外反捻挫(内側靭帯) ・外反ストレステスト #国試 #理学療法士

Mr.Jatt ()

@DJSkead @Canucks Better to just have Zack MacEwen play. He is younger, tough, and can score. Does everything Simmonds would do but for cheaper.

Abbey Mastracco ()

#NJDevils warmup lines in Carolina Bratt-Hughes-Palmieri Coleman-Zajac-Gusev Wood-Zacha-Simmonds Merkley-Rooney-Anderson Greene-Subban Butcher-Severson Mueller-White

Daniel Finkelstein ()

Peter Thomas (Con) John Marshall (Con) Hartley Booth (Con) Rudi Vis (Lab) Gareth Thomas (Lab) Nick Hurd (Con) David Simmonds (Con)

Adalbéron Palatnīk ()

• Benjamin, Written on Skin [George Benjamin, Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France — Ross Ramgobin, Georgia Jarman, Tim Mead, Victoria Simmonds, Nicholas Sharratt] @philharmonie

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