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West Bengal: Former cricketer Ashok Dinda joins BJP in presence of Union Minister Babul Supriyo and state BJP vice-president Arjun Singh at a public meeting in Kolkata.

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Ajey Rai
Ajey Rai ()

The CDR of Snake Singh proves that he was in touch with Meme Police investigating officer a day after SSR’s death? What was the reason? @ips_nupurprasad Awaiting SSR Justice

osman bayraktar
Osman bayraktar ()

Goomar (From Padmaavat) - Deepika Padukone - Ranveer Singh - Shahid Kapoor - Aditi Rao Hydari - Jim Sarbh - Shreya Ghoshal - Sanjay Leela Bhansali @FacebookWatch aracılığıyla

Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith ()

@DonDavies Breathtaking is the incompetence of Singh to expect to bypass PROVINCIAL JURISDICTION and Premiers. It was a grandstanding ploy with no chance of passing. Stop using Trumpian style tactics to mislead people.

Nancy Nicholls
Nancy Nicholls ()

@mrsmaris @jsinvr It would be tied up in the courts for ever. Once again Mr. Singh fails to know or knowingly pretends not to know how the provinces have rights.

Anita Singh
Anita Singh ()

हमने एक होकर रामायण देखी तो रिकॉर्ड बन गया, सोचो असल में एक हो गए तो हिंदुराष्ट्र क्यों नहीं बन सकता है। जय श्री राम 🙏🚩 शुभ प्रभात 🙏🙏

Roz Avanthay
Roz Avanthay ()

@NaheedD They didn’t vote against it. They voted against Singh’s proposal which is quite frankly, unconstitutional.

All India Radio News
All India Radio News ()

Union Minister @DrJitendraSingh addressed India-Maldives Workshop on Good Governance Practices in a pandemic

ANI ()

West Bengal: Former cricketer Ashok Dinda joins BJP in presence of Union Minister Babul Supriyo and state BJP vice-president Arjun Singh at a public meeting in Kolkata.

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Super Grover
Super Grover ()

@omid9 That Omid Singh, first time a comic and his indian tribute are on the same bill.

Joe Singh
Joe Singh ()

@joysamcyborg @amaanbali You honestly think Black people in America have been treated well by the USA? I can only imagine how sad, vile, and filled with hatred your life must be.

Indian Bureaucracy
Indian Bureaucracy ()

Chandrajyoti Singh IAS allocated to the Punjab Cadre | CSE 2019 -

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Irene B.
Irene B. ()

@DoubleDumas @DrJayDrNo I grew up in an NDP household, campaigned for them as a youth & always voted for them (up until “angry Tom”). I idolize Ed Broadbent, Paul Dewar and Megan Leslie. I had high hopes for Singh. But now, I’m just disappointed. This truly makes me sad.

Chris Struthers
Chris Struthers ()

@journo_dale Let me rethink that. Singh is no dummie. As a former MLa and a lawyer he very well knows the jurisdictional boundaries between feds and provinces. But he also knows that most voters do not understand the details and he exploits this this ignorance as much as possible

Sudarshan ()

It is quite clear that Congress & App party are macking base in other state throuh KISAN ANDOLEN ( Rakesh singh Tikat )

Roz Avanthay
Roz Avanthay ()

@smittycanada1 Thankfully our Liberal govt is smarter and therefore made sure they abstained from all this. I’m so disgusted by today’s politics & how it’s never about domestic politics anymore but always about staving off foreign influence . Singh is too inexperienced to catch the play

Joe Singh
Joe Singh ()

@joysamcyborg @amaanbali If Congress party disappeared today would the vile treatment of Sikhs in India stop all of a sudden? It was not merely partisan violence in 1984, the Sikh genocide was orchestrated by the Indian state. Modi is now otherizing and maligning all Sikhs no different than Indira.

Dinesh Sharma दिनेश शर्मा
Dinesh Sharma दिनेश शर्मा ()

Dr @Swamy39 ji Uttar Pradesh farmers to observe fast, send messages to PM till demands are met: Farmer leader V M Singh

Dr. Ajay Kumar
Dr. Ajay Kumar ()


Rickvir Singh
Rickvir Singh ()

@rumneekkk I fit all those categories however you have no evidence that she wrote that.

Dinesh Sharma दिनेश शर्मा
Dinesh Sharma दिनेश शर्मा ()

Dr @Swamy39 ji Pamela Goswami drugs case: Bengal BJP leader Rakesh Singh arrested

Flash Alert
Flash Alert ()

$SMMT [15s. delayed] filed SEC form 4: Director Soni Manmeet Singh: Transacted Derivative Securities on 2021-02-19.

Megan. ()

idk who needs to hear this PROGRESS IS STILL PROGRESS. Learn to appreciate your success even if it’s subtle.

स्वामी मकरंन्द।
स्वामी मकरंन्द। ()

@Singh_Anita00 @LaxmanS76520197 🚩भगवा हिन्द🚩 धन्यवाद जय श्री राम 🚩 जय हिन्द 🇮🇳 वंदेमातरम् 🌹🙏


Respected @capt_amarinder singh ji Your Govt Is Today Giving Minni Bus Permits To Unemployed Youth Of Punjab I am Post Graduate Unemployed And Physically Challanged young lady I apply two minni bus permits to RTA Bathida but RTA Bathinda not listed my name in permit grant list

Christian Hopkins
Christian Hopkins ()

“No, Christian. Dr Singh ” “Your current psychiatrist says I’m toxic? Hmmmmphhhh. I don’t believe it.”

the exDem and exRepub 🇺🇸🇮🇳
The exDem and exRepub 🇺🇸🇮🇳 ()

@Joe_Singh_ @amaanbali The BLM-Antifa are without doubt violent fascist and parallel cousins of Khalistanis in that regard. A lot of the new generation hipster Khalistanis in US, Canada are active members of BLM movement because their affinity for ideological extremism against the mainstream society.

永乐东 ()

問題は江ノ電と横浜市営地下鉄といったとこ 補充券、前者は発行可能な時がくるのか、後者は果たして存在するのかわからない

UpTake MN Coverage
UpTake MN Coverage ()

Singh also raises the issue of trauma and loneliness for individuals. Says gathering and monitoring data for telehealth infrastructure development is something DHS wants to explore

UpTake MN Coverage
UpTake MN Coverage ()

Singh explains limited resources, such as budget constraints, of study and that it can’t speak to the complete efficacy of Telemedicine when considering variables related to the impacts of public health emergency.

Deep Singh
Deep Singh ()

Punjabi Lehar- Taya Karam Singh Di yad 73 Waryan Bad V || Main Abdul Latif || via @YouTube

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