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Should you wear a fedora on a first date? @charli_xcx gives us her take. #SinglesAwarenessDay

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Kavin Fan Club - USA ()

#SinglesAwarenessDay Singles life : Pona thirumba varaathu 😂 vanthalum first madhiri irukaathu 🔥🔥 so nalla enjoy panunga 🥳

#HowToBeSingle ()

Happy #SinglesAwarenessDay to those who know how to be single 😉🍸.

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Bath & Body Works ()

To all the single wicks out there… we’re always here for you! 💓 Single Wick Awareness > #SinglesAwarenessDay

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Blaze Pizza ()

Single and ready create my masterpizza and enjoy it all by myself. Happy #SinglesAwarenessDay

Discovery ()

A spotted skunk does a handstand as its final spray warning. During cold winters, skunks seek communal dens for warmth but for the remainder of the year, they are generally solitary, living and foraging alone. #singlesawarenessday

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NationalDayCalendar ()

It is #SinglesAwarenessDay and we are curious to hear from the singles out there following along today. What do you enjoy best about being single?

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JetBlue Airways ()

One of the best times to be “single”? On vacation. Just saying. #SoloTravel #SinglesAwarenessDay

UN Environment Programme ()

When shopping, reduce your plastic waste by choosing food with no plastic packaging, carrying a reusable bag while shopping, only buying the food that you need & buying locally produced food products. #CleanSeas #SinglesAwarenessDay

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BBC Scotland ()

Single? Just get yerself a wee hobby! @r_jacz and @Susan_Riddell_ // #SinglesAwarenessDay

Warner Bros. UK ()

‘How To Be Single’ reminds us that you can soul-search any time. Oh, and that you should cherish every moment your best friends are by your side. Celebrate #SinglesAwarenessDay with this heartfelt, hilarious film - watch it instantly on digital now:

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It can suck to be single on the most romantic days of the year. But some people and animals much prefer to go it alone. For example, the platypus. Happy #singlesawarenessday! 📷: Laura Romin & Larry Dalton

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🦁🏐ㅣ💜 ()

skskks I love your humor B. 😂😂😂 #SinglesAwarenessDay

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News5 AKSYON ()

Huwag kalimutang mahalin ang sarili bago magmahal ng iba. Tell yourself, tara, samgyup! ❤️ #SinglesAwarenessDay

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MINI South Africa ()

The only long-distance relationship worth having. #SinglesAwarenessDay #CooperS

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Happy Singles Awareness Day! Here’s a playlist of nothing but the sweetest love jams to help you get out of the friend zone! We’ve asked the experts for their song suggestions and they’ve delivered! 😉 #SinglesAwarenessDay

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Ki woo ()

to die for is the single anthem of the year coming from sam smith, the legendary #SinglesAwarenessDay

🍭 Peppermint Mocha ☕️🎄 ()

Doggo is pouting. Evidently, she didn’t get enough attention today, despite the fact that we played before we left for dinner and came home immediately after we decided not to go to the movies. 🙄 Such a diva. 💔 #SinglesAwarenessDay #DramaticDog

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Rose 🥀 ()

I’ve got some new pics for y’all, hmu on my private snap for more info @xdaddysbitchx 🥀🥀🥀 Venmo/CashApp/ applepay 💰💰💰 #singlesawarenessday

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Logan Hoy Tucker ()

I was doing fine until a couple on the subway wouldn’t stop making happy #singlesawarenessday

JoelleThePoe ()

Happy #ValentinesDay2020 Everyone. Have a great day! For all those without a significant other, Happy #SinglesAwarenessDay and treat yourself to somethig nice. You deserve some self love.

Mjango_unchained ()

At least my coworkers love me and my mom thinks I’m cool. Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️ #SinglesAwarenessDay

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Nickelbv ()

@celinedion @GIPHY Thanx for remembering us that are single with All By Myself 🥰 #SinglesAwarenessDay

Bagged milk ()

#SinglesAwarenessDay being single isn’t even bad. Just enjoy it while you can honestly.

Kayleigh Osborne-Brown ()

If I live tweet our singles night could I use it for my uni portfolio? 🤔🤔 #SinglesAwarenessDay

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Henry. ()

#SinglesAwarenessDay why are people making it sound like being single is a bad thing lol.

Maddy ()

Yooo happy national singles awareness day to all my single peeps out there!! I’m celebrating 🥂 #SinglesAwarenessDay

La Vogue Divas ()

Happy Valentine TwitFam 👅 #ValentinesDay2020 #SinglesAwarenessDay

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Brian McNett ()

Thank you, Harry, for raising awareness. #SinglesAwarenessDay.


Celebrate #ValentinesDay or #SinglesAwarenessDay with this X-rated treats

Bud Light ()

Should you wear a fedora on a first date? @charli_xcx gives us her take. #SinglesAwarenessDay

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