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I’ve witnessed @WWEUsos break records and take their rightful place at the top of the @WWE tag team division. Our work, our blood makes this business run. They are the best tag team ever. Tomorrow just makes it official. #Smackdown ☝🏽.

In a 20+ year career @WWE, I’ve done a LOT. The time spent w @SuperKingofBros has been up there among my favorite. Aside from the jokes , he’s a serious competitor and athlete & a future world champion. But before that happens, we’re unifying those tag team titles on #Smackdown.


TONIGHT on #SmackDown @RaquelWWE gets another opportunity at @RondaRousey in a Championship Contenders Match!.

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Was that really necessary @FightOwensFight?! #SmackDown @SamiZayn.

KO and Sami can make anything work that is handed to them They are doing some of their best work right now #SmackDown.

Max Dupri (LA Knight) Makes WWE SmackDown Debut During 5/20 Episode.

Inconmensurable la puesta en escena de Roman Reigns y el drama que se vivió anoche en #SmackDown Hoy resumen en el #Patreon 🎙️ de @Solo_Wrestling Suscríbete 👉.

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Ich habe es schon vor Wochen geschrieben und bin weiter der Meinung . Naomi zu der Bloodline und die 2 Frauen Titel gewinnen lassen und Reigns noch den US /IC Titel gewinnen lassen . Dann ist Vinny glücklich und Reigns arbeitet auch nicht mehr als jetzt . #SmackDown.

Raquel está pavimentando su propio camino y el roster femenino de #SmackDown, al igual que Adam Pierce, la tienen en la mira..

I’m happy @LAKnightWWE Is in the main roster now #SmackDown.

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clash at the castle tickets still available just sell all your orgns, or wait for Mania and travel, the price is the same! #SmackDown.

Quando o nome de Eli Drake mudou para LA Knight todo mundo reclamou por mudar Agora que mudou de novo, todo mundo está reclamando, sendo que teoricamente não gostavam do antigo nome Ninguém vai ficar satisfeito nunca. Cabe a Max Dupri fazer as pessoas gostarem dele #SmackDown.

Was kinda hoping that Ronda would be doing open challenges every week but I guess not. Bummer. #SmackDown.

Sasha Banks & Naomi Situation To Be Addressed On Smackdown, Possibly via @YouTube.

@wwe Women’s tag team tournament? Let’s put some superstars in teams cuz we can’t write storyline for them & wk later have one of the women turn on the other? At this point, retire the belts til you can form a legit women’s tag team division then reintroduce them #SmackDown #Raw.

Damn Sasha and Naomi have been placed on indefinite suspension. I swear I was enjoying them as a tag team. #Smackdown.

🏆 𝗨𝗡𝗗𝗜𝗦𝗣𝗨𝗧𝗘𝗗 🏆 @WWEUsos are the unified WWE RAW and SmackDown Tag Team Championships! ☝️ #SmackDown.

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SMACKDOWN ・WWE世界王座 ・ユニバーサル王座 ・SMACKDOWN女子王座 ・RAWタッグ王座 ・SMACKDOWNタッグ王座 ・WWE女子タッグ王座(どちらの管轄にも参戦できるが2人ともSMACKDOWN所属の為) ・インターコンチネンタル王座 RAW ・RAW女子王座 ・US王座 ・24/7王座 ベルトがSMACKDOWNに傾いている…。.

Определились неоспоримые командные чемпионы WWE в мейн-ивенте SmackDown.

So when Ricochet, the Intercontinental Champion, had his last match on TV? #SmackDown.

*Kyle: “Are you watching Smackdown in the background of us recording”* *Me: “I’m trying to get an update for something later in the show😂😭” Check it out on Patreon🥰.

LA Knight Gets New Name, Makes WWE SmackDown Debut - Wrestling Inc.

They’re having a tournament for the tag team titles yet they didn’t announce the teams because there are none. man wwe creative is complete joke🤣 #SmackDown.

Hablando de luchas con los pareceros. Únanse mi gente #SmackDown.

Can’t say it wasn’t expected. Sasha & Naomi still those girls for fighting for the respect that they deserve & in a way they just pushed WWE to do something with the tag division now that all the eyes are on the tag titles #smackdown.

Tonight on #SmackDown, the Sasha Banks/Naomi situation was addressed. Michael Cole said that Banks and Naomi “let us all down” when they walked out of #WWERaw before the main event. Cole stated that they walked out of the building after leaving the titles on John Laurinaitis’....

@PepsWrestling They absolutely slandered the fuck out of Sasha and Naomi tonight on smackdown and then pulled all their merch off the shop, while still refusing to release either..

@kinky_horror Speaking of just checked trending and beating Smackdown. Not too shabby.

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What Tag Team Tournament. you dont have enough teams for it. unless you bring NXT roster #SmackDown.

SmackDown results, May 20, 2022: Reigns’ interference allows The Usos to best RK-Bro and become the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions via @wwe.

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