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My Halloween Fave Five 1. Reese PB Cups 2. Humpty Dumpty Cheesies 3. Smarties 4. Coffee Crisp 5. Mars

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luo 🌸🦇 | AUTOMATIC 🏁
Luo 🌸🦇 | AUTOMATIC 🏁 ()

@yerimspiss if you mean the candy shell covered chocolate smarties, then correct lmao the only american smarties are like those chalky tablets fjjdndksks

~✨coochie✨~ | HEEJIN DAY
~✨coochie✨~ | HEEJIN DAY ()

question to my american oomfs, is it true that you guys don’t have chocolate smarties in the US??

the drums in jumanji
The drums in jumanji ()

@bprongs @Arkofalltrades 👀👀👀👀👀 i wouldn’t say no to tryin some fake smarties

Lazy tk
Lazy tk ()

@JustEsBaraheni No coffee crisp is the least of their problems 😂but yah my American cousins would make me mail them coffee crisp and smarties ! Some states don’t have that either

Darryn ()

Note to self, eating a huge tube of orange smarties when you have to be up in a few hours is fucking stupid 🤦‍♂️#wired

Mary-Kate Anthony
Mary-Kate Anthony ()

@OfficialEGO @CoffeeCrispCA Don’t you dare say that about Smarties. I love Canadian Kit Kat cause it’s Nestle not Hersey chocolate.

🎃 Eddie Mundtster 😷
🎃 Eddie Mundtster 😷 ()

@TorontoUltra Coffee Crisp! Then Kit Kat. Aero is meh. Smarties are terrible (especially the new formulation).

✨Star Stuff✨ 🗳VOTE🗳
✨Star Stuff✨ 🗳VOTE🗳 ()

@SJDJ I’d choose Kit Kat! I’ve tried them all but the smarties. I remember liking coffee crisp a lot too!

Noah Scare! Ahhh!!!
Noah Scare! Ahhh!!! ()

@thebeesweaves @bprongs A vast cross-country network for exchanging American and Canadian smarties

patty ceo of chedric 🧚🏼‍♀️
Patty ceo of chedric 🧚🏼‍♀️ ()

#JasonDeruloIsOverParty jason result BTS eagles coffee crisp kit kat adele smarties nsfw 18+ adele

the drums in jumanji
The drums in jumanji ()

@bprongs @Arkofalltrades but do they make mini smarties bc mini m&ms are the God Candy

Kastle is ever so spooked.
Kastle is ever so spooked. ()

@cspotweet I see a lot of Coffee Crisp and Crispy Crunch (approved), and my third would be Smarties. They’re similar to, but oh so much better than, American M&M’s

Noah Scare! Ahhh!!!
Noah Scare! Ahhh!!! ()

@thebeesweaves @bprongs I will vouch for non-american smarties because they are like M&Ms that are better

Ana ()

@nasimali You understand the struggle. Not only do I not like the Smarties, but they’re gonna waste our time by putting three of them inside that wrapper? Pleeeeease.

Statue006 ()

@junotheleafs 1. Kit kat 2. Coffee crisp 3. Areo and smarties at the same #win

Gunny ()

@MonsterEnergy It’s not good, it tastes like you crushed up smarties in water 🤮!! Pacific Punch is hands down the best Monster and it is always out of stock in Columbus, Ohio 😢

Emily Bocking
Emily Bocking ()

TFW you emerge from grant-writing mode only to realize that smell is you and smarties and gin are not a well-balanced meal. #fundraisinglife.

Ami🦇 ()

I told myself I’d have an early night and yet here I am, eating smarties and sketching a portrait of mary magdelene, not a piece of uni work in sight

Tips Dad Says
Tips Dad Says ()

The only way my preschooler eats is to slowly move three smarties closer to her every time she takes a bite of food #tipsdadsays

TlharnoQ ()

We put the anamatronic jumping spider in the front yard with a box of smarties standing up on a plate in front of it.

A Zee
A Zee ()

@TorontoUltra My ultimate halloween candy choice is Crunchie. Second is a toss up between Smarties and Aero.

Andy Brooke
Andy Brooke ()

@denisebatters Smarties® Out of morbid interest and «For The Record» What a horrible, ghoulish choice to have to make ... Aero® sooooo very close, though.

Zee Ell
Zee Ell ()

That’s like asking me to pick my favorite child, but Smarties!

Caitlin ()

@Wendle__ @RawBeautyKristi 100% agree haha pparently smarties are completely different in the US too

Halifax ReTales
Halifax ReTales ()

My Halloween Fave Five 1. Reese PB Cups 2. Humpty Dumpty Cheesies 3. Smarties 4. Coffee Crisp 5. Mars

Darius Storms
Darius Storms ()

@OfficialEGO @CoffeeCrispCA Us Americans are gonna feel VERY differently about Smarties

🥮 ()

as a kid i was obsessed with coffee crisp and aero but nowadays i would pick kit kat 😌 and smarties do not deserve rights 🤪

CK🇨🇦Hall (🛡⚛️🌍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇨🇮)
CK🇨🇦Hall (🛡⚛️🌍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇨🇮) ()

So low energy this evening that I am eating Smarties without making a bar graph. Dark days.

Taylor ()

coffee crisp!!!! smarties are a runner up. i love aero but the halloween sized bars SUCK and kit kat is always a decent classic but it’s just decent

Ross Hamilton
Ross Hamilton ()

@DAndersson9 @PriceyJ97 When Snr branded Smarties stupendous confectionery was a highlight for me 😂

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